• What do you think will happen in the next episodes?

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    • That's a good question.  I thought we would've seen White Diamond by now, but we haven't, and it might be a while before we even hear her name in canon.  I really hope Pink Diamond is addressed in the next episode, but I have a feeling the Crewniverse has some Lars/Off Colors resolve before the Diamonds are mentioned again.  I'm not sure how many episodes will air in April, but if it's anything less than four, I'm guessing we won't get much more on Pink Diamond.  I'm hoping "Pearl's Past" could give us more insight about Rose, the Rebellion, and Pink Diamond.  Mentioning White Diamond in the same episode may be pushing it though.

      How about you?

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    • Well, the last episode ended without untied knots, so we can safely asume the next episodes are rather the off colours going to earth or something weird in space unables them

      I don't see anything special happening in the april episodes

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    • Yeah, that's probably what will happen, and then Beach City will react to Lars' "transformation".  Do you suppose they will become "Crystal Gems"?  At some point they'll have to send them to a limbo like the barn to keep them from appearing in most episodes.

      It's also possible that one or more of them will have a past connected with Pink Diamond, which would be even more insight to her character.  A lot of fans are rooting for Padparadscha, though Rhodonite's Morganite might've been a subordinate to Pink Diamond, since that's a peach/pink beryl.  And we still don't know for certain who Fluorite's components are.

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