• Like from "Lars of the Stars" that the Destiny Destroyer's lasers missed the Sun Incinerator when their shields lowered, so after Pink Diamond resurrected and join the Crystal Gems and form the Crystal Diamond Authority by Pink and Steven, her ship and palaquin back online and have new power to uncorrupt the planet for other Gems. Steven has a new mission that how to get more armies that Homeworld will get back to Earth. So Pink decides to go to her zoo where her entourages: other Rose Quartzes and Famethyst and free the humans. After that they bring the zoo with the Roaming Eyes to nearby planet of Earth. Then the others prepare to build a base under the hill near Beach City and fighters for the entire rebel fleet. Meanwhile, Holly Blue Agate report the Diamonds that Pink has resurect and with the rebels. The Diamonds are shocked and prepare for the another war. Back at the Crystal Base in Beach City, Rhodonite report Steven that Homeworld are back. In space the Homeworld Fleet has arrived. One of the former Zooman says "Incoming message from the Diamond ships." and Steven said, "I'll neogotiate with them. On screen." the Diamonds tell the rebels to surrender but he refused and order them to light up their corrution power and they agreed. After their neogociate, Steven order "Now! Start up the defense shields, so we'll never be corruted again!" Rhodonite put up the defense shields around the Earth then the Diamonds prepare to attack. They fired the light and bounced off the shield and saved. Like from 4,500 years ago that the Earth is unprotected when the light hit on the planet for the Gems. The Gem pilot report that the rebels have the defense shields and the Diamonds were angry.

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    • Looks like they're preparing for another fight

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