• So I've attempted to edit the section that states that the large form Steven callibrates the Gems into (not the Diamond setting) is in fact the Topaz setting, but it's listed here as it being possible it could be the Bismuth or the Quartz setting, which I personally disagree with; we've seen Amethyst shapeshift into a "normal" Quartz before (pic 1), as well as into Jasper (pic 2),

    and her body proportions then look nothing like what her body looks like in this episode
    (pic 3),

    which look just like a Topaz (pic 4).   If I'm missing something then please tell me, but I just believe it makes sense to say that that setting is for Topazes, and not for Quartzes or Bismuths, which have a different bodytype. Otherwise, why is the small setting attributed to Aquamarine, when it could be any other small type?



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    • who knows, so unless it's specifically confirmed we won't put a definite.

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    • @CrystalMomSquad That's fair, I just thought it would fall under the category similar to how the silhouette of Lapis in the Answer is definitely Lapis, where this is, in my opinion based on the images above, definitely not a quartz, but if I'm being too overbearing then I'll stop going on about this >,<

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