• So since you've posted a lot in these kinda disscussions and soon we're getting an episode that may or may not shed more light on this

    What do you think happened to Pink Diamond?

    Though also if you know any leaks that say something about please don't mention them

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    • Hello,

      Yes, these are my favorite discussions on the wiki as of late.  However, since we don't have much evidence but a whole lot of ambiguity, I can't say with confidence what I think happened.

      My pet theory is that Pink Diamond was shattered, and Rose Quartz was there, but not to shatter her.  The tricky thing about RQ is that alot of witnesses and Gems from both sides claim she shattered PD, though circumstantial evidence (i.e., the sword and opportunity) would suggest otherwise.  Some fans take this to mean she poofed rather than shattered Pink, and the fact that we are unaware of the fate of the shards supports this.  However, it is just as likely someone else shapeshifted to appear as RQ and shattered PD, or RQ was present (as I believe), but wasn't the one to shatter PD.  Perhaps RQ was present to poof PD and negotiate with the remaining Diamonds, but something went wrong.

      Pearl is a prime alternative for the shatterer.  Pearl has a lot going for her to make her suspicious, but I'm wary of Pearl because:

      • She is depicted in The Answer as having ambushed Blue Diamond along with Rose.  Shapeshifting could explain why it appeared as though Rose was present, but still fails to account for the opportunity (evading the entourage).
      • A lot of theories involve Pearl using Rose's sword, but the sword was not meant to shatter Gems.  The sword witnesses remember or accounts claim seem to suggest the one Bismuth made, rather than a sword Pearl might've had.  Even the promo suggests it, though promos have included information that hasn't been resolved in the episodes they feature.  Could it have been a replica that could shatter?  Maybe, but I think the story is going in a different direction.

      I think another CG shattered Pink Diamond: one that Bismuth mentioned (twice) and we may have seen her if she was one of the corrupted Quartzes Jasper was keeping.  One of the Gems Bismuth mentioned is an Agate, which according to the Defense is the cut of Pink's guard, and thus in a prime position to get close to Pink.  Who's to say Bismuth is the only radical comrade Rose had whose fate she kept a secret?  I don't think anyone else believes another CG did it, which makes this scenario more interesting, and few would suspect it.  With that said, I don't discount the Defense Zircon's statement about "supreme Authortiy" involvement.

      I also think Pink Diamond was left vulnerable, and this contributed to her demise.  On her end, Pink Diamond Gems are shown to be scrappy, and they rarely if ever back down: even when they should.  We know Pink had a chip on her shoulder from Jungle Moon, and it may have compromised her support from the other Diamonds near the time of her shattering; how could she prove her competence if the other Diamonds were calling the shots?  We know the Rebellion had high casualties on both sides, which could explain the resource shortage of Era 2: what if one of the other Diamonds made a "desperate" attempt to remove an obstinate Pink Diamond from the situation, but her plan was altered by and even facilitated the shattering?

      But enough about my tin foil conspiracies, what are your thoughts?

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    • Oh. My. God.

      Well, forget about any of that...

      My heart is bleeding right now, brb.

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    • awkward 

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    • Tell me about it.  It's like I don't even know the show anymore.

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    • Would you drop the series?

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    • It's definitely possible.  I dropped Suits when Jessica Pearson left.  That departure was not handled much better.

      I'm going to hold out for the episodes coming this summer.  Maybe I'll feel better about it.  My disappointment comes from several directions, not just the invalidation of my theory, but my least "liked" theory becoming a reality.

      I kinda feel like a moron now for defending Rose for her indiscretions, haha.  All this time I reasoned that Rose had poor foresight, but her struggle and intentions made her noble.  She was supposed to be an ordinary Gem who dared to achieve something extraordinary, and had to make a few sacrifices to get there because that's reality.  When she bubbled Bismuth it sounded almost altruistic, since she was essentially sparing not just Homeworld Gems like her but the Diamonds; now that she was revealed to be a Diamond, she could've been covering her own ass.  I'm sure I don't need to explain how this revelation sparks a cruel irony in her followers' motivations, and I'll spare you a rant about Pearl.  I swear, Garnet's got nothing on me.

      There are just so many things "wrong" here that I'm wondering why I didn't have the foresight to give more credence to the RQ/PD theory.  I guess when I heard "murder mystery", I got carried away with an elaborate scheme that you typically see in shows geared toward adults.  Maybe I should've been clued in at the trial and the abundance "townie" episodes interspersed that they weren't invested in an actual murder mystery, but trying to "wow" a young audience that would suddenly have sympathy for Pink Diamond.

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    • Its funny, I actually believed the RQ is PD theory but then changed my mind and bought what the show said with "Earthlings" on ward, how naive of me. Sorry for the late reply

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    • No problem, I've been trying to give myself some breathing room for the past few days.  It is a really old theory, but there is so much ambiguity in the show that you can never actually rule most things out completely.  After, this theory does provide the opportunity and means, albeit in a rather contrived way.

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    • Also since you asked before my perosnal theory I hoped for before the reveal was that it was indeed RQ that shattered PD but she only got access because a higher authoirty like a diamond get her in. And prehaps Pearl could of still been involved somehow, like shapeshifiting into another pink court Pearl

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