• As we know, some corrupted gems like Centipeetle, the Cave Gem Monster, and the Crab Monster can create tiny gemless versions of themselves or in the CGM's case, tiny gemless beings.


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    Now, I wonder if the ability will remain after these gems get healed or it's just corrpution-exclusive. Well, I think it will remain after these gems get healed. And I also wonder how the Crewniverse will handle the healed version of this ability....

    Well, I know this is unlikely but it's still possible and cute to imagine, I think when the "mothers" get healed, these beings they create will look like infant and gemless versions of their "mothers". And they will behave and have mind of a human baby too, like they can't even walk and would just lay there and would desire to be picked up, held, cuddled, and cared for, they would babble, gurgle, coo, giggle, and make those baby noises, suck on objects and their body parts, and crying when they need things and get fussy. But, unlike human babies but like gems, they don't need to be fed, burped, changed, cleaned, and put to sleep, they just need love, care, to be played with, attention, to be nurtured, and held. Also, the gemless "babies" will have a weaker version of their "mothers'" powers (like their powers won't cause as much damage as their "mothers'" powers).

    Like they would be gemlings and would be almost like actual babies.

    The concept can be illustrated with this fanart.

    Nephrite Babies

    Art by JF14-DV

    I also made a post about it on Tumblr !

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you guys about this! What do you think? How you think the Crewniverse will handle these beings?

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    • Offspring they do.

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    • Maybe it has to do with the status of some Gems? Like Centi was a captain who had a crew of other Gems like her so maybe it has to do with if a Gem type is typically assigned with others of the same type? I'd like it if after being cured they could create some mini versions of themselves as drones or extra muscle

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    • We have already seen this in uncorrupted gems, specifically Pearl's holo-pearls. It seems likely that the corrupted gem "babies" are a version of that.

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    • I agree that they're probably similar to holo-pearls. The alternates made usually aren't as powerful and are made for a use, with protection being a valid reason in the case of corrupted Gems. Not to mention both the holo-pearls and mini centippedles poof in the same way when damaged.

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