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    02:43, February 13, 2019

    I know this is a vote, but I haven't put it in votes because it's not a Steven Universe vote.

    Almost everyone who knows me on this wiki knows how much I hate Teen Titans Go!. And in case your wondering how I know I hate it or ask why I watch it, I have three nephews who like the show so when I'm visiting my sister, It's hard not to watch it. (of course I don't tell my nephews I hate it, I just leave them be)

    From what I hear from the movie, it's not that bad. I have seen the trailer and it does look promising. IT even has Slade in full person (yes, I have seen the infamous "The Return of Slade" episode).

    So should I watch the movie?

    Symbol support vote Support yes

    Symbol oppose vote Oppose no

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