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    2 of the rubies that appeared Together Alone look like the same rubies from The Answer, just aged. Should we give them a page?

    Ruby right shoulder from The Answer


    Ruby right shoulder from Together Alone


    Ruby right hand from The Answer


    Ruby right hand from Together Alone

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      1. Can we prove they're the same Ruby?
      2. How much of a part do they have in those two episodes?
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    • In the Caste System page under Rubies, "Garnet describes them as 'common', seeing as they are all originally identical to one another." Believing what Garnet said is true, there's just multiple rubies out there that can be exactly near each other even the same gem placements. I doubt they're the exact same Ruby from "The Answer". Even if they are same, their roles are too minor and probably not sufficient info to quality for a page in my opinion. Just giving my two cents in the case.

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    • If anything, I'd put my money on them not being the same Rubies, as they have slightly different colors and uniforms and belong to different Diamonds.

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    • They have different skin tones from the answer because they aged. 5750 years after Garnet first joined the Crystal Gems, their skin tone lighten just like Eyeball. It's still the same gem, even though their skin tone has faded somewhat.

      Also, they may have different insignia because they most likely switch Diamonds. After Pink's subordinates were split between the 3 remaining diamonds, Blue and Yellow may have also swapped some gems. Also, some might belong to one diamond while under control of another diamond. Emerald had both Blue and Yellow insignia because while she was created for Blue Diamond, she is operated by Yellow Diamond. Also seeing Blue's sadistic state, it's really likely some gems voluntarily switched to Yellow Diamond.

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    • I mean you can just say you don't have any clear proof its okay

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    • Symbol oppose vote Oppose We don't know for sure if they are the same Rubies. We know gems of the same kind can have their gems in the same place, and Rubies are supposedly common. Even if they were, they don't have enough relevance to have their own pages. They appeared at the beggining of the answer for about 2 or 3 minutes, then only ever (supposedly) appeared again for a quick cameo.

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    • Their gemstones are in the same location and they have nearly identical skin tones with the Crystal Gem Ruby.

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    • Symbol oppose vote Oppose

      As much as I want to do this, we don't have proof that they are the same gems, and even if they were, I doubt there would be enough info for a page.

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    • Half support.

      Although it's unlikely the Rubies from "Alone Together" are the same ones from "The Answer". I do think the Answer Rubies should have a page. Not two separate pages, mind you, but one page, similar The Famethyst or the Jades.

      Those Rubies may have only been in it for a short time, but they did have a big impact, or rather their fusion did. She was the first example of a legal same-Gem fusion and was used as an example to compare the difference between same-Gem and mixed-Gem Fusions.

      So, to summarises. The two Rubies don't need two separate pages. But it would be good if they and the Triple Ruby fusion shared one page to themselves.

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    • Symbol strong support vote Strongly support Yes, I am voting on my own thread.

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    • Symbol oppose vote oversat Strongly oppose 1. How do we know they're the same? "Because they've got the same gem placements"?  And what about Blue Diamond's Topaz guards? They have the same gem placement, yet they're seen together, but not the same,

      2. Can gems actually age? They're made of light, and does light age? I doubt so.

      3. Just because the shading COULD of changed, doesn't exactly mean it HAS.

      4. Yes, the Answer rubies are shown in full red, so it's unknown that they're colours are alike.

      5. Voting on your thread seems a bit half sided, but meh, who am I to say otherwise?

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    • What about my idea?

      Giving the two Rubies and the Triple Fusion a single page to share, like the Jades and the Famethyst, but ignoring the possibility of them being the same Rubies from "Together Alone"?

      I've explained why I think they're important in my above comment already.

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    • How about this instead: Let's just give them a section on the minor character page, like how we did with the ruby squad until later episodes.

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    • They already have a section.

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    • Hmm, why not make Gem type pages instead? Make an overall Rubies Page, an aquamarine PAge and so on instead of just one mass Minor Gems page?

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    • That might work, as there are probably about 6 unknown Rubies as of now.

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    • No. They've never spoken, or done anything that's important enough to warrant a page.

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    • CharmcasterX wrote: Hmm, why not make Gem type pages instead? Make an overall Rubies Page, an Aquamarine Page and so on instead of just one mass Minor Gems page?

      This sounds really good actually.

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    • CharmcasterX wrote: Hmm, why not make Gem type pages instead? Make an overall Rubies Page, an aquamarine PAge and so on instead of just one mass Minor Gems page?

      We already have the caste system page having decent info for that

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    • Can someone please close this thread.

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