• I really wish that the Gem would be restored from Yellow diamond Attacks.

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    • I wish the crystal gem can be better😭😭😭😭

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    • And see them in new outfits.

      Pearl had the same outfit for a long time since Season 1.

      Garnet had the same outfit since Season 1 finale.

      Amethyst just specifically wore her outfit since Season 3 after replacing her previous outfit. She has wore that outfit for two freaking seasons and now she getting another one. How many times does she keep getting poofed? This was referenced in Steven the Sword Fighter when she said "usually to me" and evidence of that was in the Extended Theme Song and Three Gems and a Baby with her wearing a long sleeve top.

      And Lapis and Peridot will finally get stars since they’ve been wearing the same outfit for a long time since they’re debuts.

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    • Don't cry Pindia they'll be fine

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    • A FANDOM user
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