• In Change Your Mind, not only Diamonds made peace with Steven and CGs but they also healed all corrupted gems and it’s likely Homeworld won’t antagonistic our heroes anymore after Diamonds left the earth on good term.

    It’s also prevent potential Second Gem War since Homeworld and Diamonds are on Steven’s side and that war will never happens thank to this event.

    So how do you feel about Steven and CGs not dealing with any antagonists for Season 6 or any future seasons cause Homeworld are no longer their enemies and most of Corrupted Gems are healed up.

    The earth is finally at peace! What could possibly go wrong?

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    • Vin13ish wrote: What could possibly go wrong?

      Famous last words :P

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    • well, there's the movie. Maybe some rouge gems?

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    • I might say, among the healed gems, might have some that doesn't liked how the war ended, since they will discover that pink and rose are the same person, and that steven is part of rose

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    • Why not find White Diamond's flaws/essenses. She implies that somehow the other Diamonds are just literal split personalities of herself that she removed because she resented these personality flaws that make up who the others are. Who knows there might be a Red, Orange, Green, Violet, Black Diamond or the movie antagonist is one of her essenses.

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    • The next antagonist might be sneople or something

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    • Let's see...

      First of all, the corrupted Gems that were healed were the ones that were bubbled. There still might be some that are out in the wild. Might be a material for a few one-off episodes.

      Next, all the time White was ranting about how she is supposed to be flawless, the question in my mind was "supposed by who?" How DID Gems first arise? How did White Diamond happen? Is she a natural creature or was she created by someone else?

      We might get more stories about various Gems visiting Earth and/or learning to live there, particularly the Off-Colors.

      Then there's the Human Zoo. What is going to happen to it? Will the humans there be released on Earth? Would they even want to?

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    • The earth is finally at peace! What could possibly go wrong?


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    • When stevens says that the gems should be who they are to WD, I believe in means that they will have peace and just a society in peace.

      But some gems think "who they are" is a soldier. a organic-destroying puppet for the diamond to use. They dont care if Steven is PD. He RUINED their perfect life. They will get revenge

      Im looking at you Eyeball and Emerald

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    • Nicki minaj is the scary villain

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    • I agree with Fulgur14: Even the gem in the local lighthouse (apparently) wasn't discovered until Steven found it. That was RIGHT ABOVE THE TEMPLE. There's still a LOT of work left to do on Earth.

      And how about the Cluster? Can it be healed?

      Why is Homeworld broken in half?

      Where did the Heart of the Crystal Temple come from? Does somebody want it back?

      Why didn't Jasper unfuse from the corrupted green critter? Does she still have more healing to do?Are they permanently fused now?

      I still want Cookie Cat to be a real character, but maybe he's just been foreshadowing all along.

      Kittenwolfie wrote:
      Maybe some rouge gems?

      Why do they have to be red? ;)

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    • You're confusing villain and antagonist, an easy yet very avoidable mistake.

      A villain is someone who takes pleasure in hurting others. They see that it's wrong, they know that it's wrong, but they do it anyways.

      An antagonist isn't someone evil or even always a person, just an obstacle the main characters must overcome.

      To not have a villain is fine plenty of good shows and movies don't have those, to not have an antagonist means no conflict which only bad stories have. If what people are thinking, that White somehow forced her emotions out of herself and into physical beings, is true then they can be our antagonists.

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    • Snake People

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    • White Diamond may have her resolve, but that doesn't mean there isn't any mroe antagonists. Let's remember, Homeworld is not going to change entirely just because White Diamond has turned good. We still have Agates, Morganites, and Emeralds that have likely enslaved Pearl's and Rubies and wouldn't want to give up their position for "equality". We can't have the mindset that "White Diamond turned good so everyone else will too", since this show relies more on a society rather than one mortal enemy. 

      We also can't think "White Diamond will just shatter or bubble gems that are against her new way of living", because we know that Obsidian, a fusion consisting of merely only 5 gems (with "common" gems such as Pearls, Rubies, and Amethysts), and only 1 tall gem (Pearl), was able to form such a powerful fusion that was basically the size of White Diamond. There are millions and possibly even billions of gems at this point, and it would be so easy to find 10 gems that will rebel and fuse together to overthrow White Diamond or the other Diamonds because of their new rules. Find 100 and basically the Diamonds are goners. You could argue that Pearl's and Rubies would start fighting back to overthrow those gems that overthrows the Diamonds if that time arises since they're more common in Homeworld, but that would lead to another war where nothing is resolved. 

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