• I have an another idea.

    When Steven's birthday comes, Connie secretly contact Blue, Yellow, and White Diamond about his birthday. The Diamonds surprised agreed with Connie for their invitation and come for his birthday and Blue gave him a present then the Pebbles come out and says "Hi Steven, happy birthday!" and Steven felt surprised and happy and another gift the Pink Diamond's clothes in his sizes and happy and his father will surprised that he's the son of Pink Diamond. The Pebbles met with Pink's husband and Steven's father Greg and he likes them. And the Pebbles stay with Steven and the Crystal Gems and the others stay with Connie and her parents.

    What do you think? Do you think that the Pebbles stay with Steven, Greg, Lion and the Crystal Gems, and the others stay with Connie? Do you think Greg and the rest of his friends at Beach City will be surprised that Steven wears his mother's clothes in his sizes?

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