• I have figured out and proposed some dates of the rebellion. Here is my proposed war dates:
    April 9, 3984 BC: Homeworld declare the Earth as a colony under Pink Diamond's rule, creating many Gem structures and installations, including the Prime Kindergarten and the Moon Base.
    July 2, 3734 BC: Pink Diamond, at the suggestion of her Pearl, disguises herself as a Quartz soldier to experience the birth of her first soldiers. During this venture, she begins to take notice of the life around her colony. She gains an immediate fondness for the life on Earth and over time, eventually comes to value it as well.
    July 3, 3734 BC: Pink realises if the colonization of Earth continues then the Earth and everything on it will die.
    Between July 3, 3734 BC and August 15, 3734 BC: Pink begins pleading with Blue and Yellow Diamond to allow her to abandon the colonization effort and leave Earth alone, a discussion she would continue to have with them for several years. She tries different approaches with each Diamond, only for all of them to fail.
    Blue creates the zoo and abducts thousands of humans as a result of Pink's pleas to let the human race live.
    As time goes on, believing all life is precious and that the other Diamonds did not respect or care about her enough to listen to her, Pink decides to create an alter ego with her Quartz disguise, later becoming known as Rose Quartz, and rebels against her own kind. Destroying an injector in the Prime Kindegarten, she calls upon her fellow gems to assist her, forming the Crystal Gems with her Pearl to scare the Homeworld Gems off the planet. This action signifies the start of the Rebellion.
    Rose's message begins to resonate quickly around the colony and the Crystal Gems' numbers begins to swell. Fearing that their fellow Diamond's colony would completely fall apart, Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond come to help Pink suppress the rebel forces.
    August 15, 3734 BC: Blue Diamond establishes her court on the Cloud Arena with the singular goal of putting an end to Rose's rebellion. She summons Sapphire in order to learn what will happen next regarding the rebels.
    Sapphire arrives with three Ruby guards and informs Blue Diamond that the rebels will attack the Cloud Arena, but will be captured and the rebellion will end.
    Rose Quartz and Pearl lead a direct attack on the Cloud Arena as predicted, but one of Sapphire's Ruby guards changes the future by saving her; she was supposed to be poofed. Instead, Ruby and Sapphire accidentally fuse into Garnet.
    Disgusted by the fusion, Blue Diamond and her court close in on Ruby and Sapphire, which allows time for Rose and Pearl to escape unharmed. Ruby is ordered to be shattered by Blue Diamond, but Sapphire saves her and the two escape. Now outcasts, Garnet is formed once again, and she joins Rose's rebellion.
    Completely fascinated about Garnet and the nature of her fusion, and Pearl's emerging independence, Pink changes her goal for the war to making Earth a safe haven for Gems who don't fall under Homeworld's ideals.
    Between August 15, 3734 BC and April 9, 3484 BC: Rose, unable to stand for the continuing destruction of Earth, convinced portions of Pink Diamond's colony to side with her. Rose would also gain allies of Gems who were cast out for being wrong to Pink Diamond, and they would ultimately gather to become the Crystal Gems.
    April 9, 3484 BC: The Crystal Gems amass an army and wage open war against Homeworld. The Rebellion officially begins.
    May 19, 3284 BC: Lapis Lazuli arrives on Earth and is caught up in one of the battles. She is poofed by a Gem that resembles Bismuth and is later mistaken by a Homeworld Gem for a Crystal Gem. She is placed in a mirror to be used as a tool by Homeworld Gems in order to find out more about the Crystal Gems and their base.
    May 6, 2984 BC: After a final, fruitless discussion with Yellow and Blue Diamond on abandoning the Earth to the Crystal Gems, Pink comes to the conclusion that her fellow Diamonds do not care about her nor care what she has to say. She thus devises a plan to fake her assassination at the hands of her alter ego Rose Quartz as a final measure to both cut her ties from Homeworld and end the Rebellion once and for all.
    May 7, 2984 BC: In (South) Korea, Pink Diamond enacts her plan to fake her shattering, as a message to the other Diamonds, and decides to live on Earth as Rose with the Crystal Gems forever.
    May 8, 2984 BC: Following the "death" of Pink Diamond, Earth is no longer deemed fit to be a colony. Shifting tactics, Homeworld begins collecting the shattered remains of Crystal Gems and forcing them to fuse together in a series of experiments for a geo-weapon named the Cluster, which is planned to be inserted into the Earth and eventually rip the planet apart inside-out when it forms.
    August 8, 2984 BC: The Beta Kindergarten is constructed in order for Homeworld Gems to quickly get more soldiers on the ground.
    Jasper is produced in the Beta Kindergarten and is able to take out 80 Crystal Gems on her first day of fighting.
    October 1, 2984 BC: The Cluster is inserted into the Earth's crust at the Beta Kindergarten.
    April 9, 2484 BC: The Diamonds, furious at the death of Pink Diamond, enact their own final measure to end the Rebellion. Homeworld commanders order their troops to begin a mass retreat from the Earth as the Diamonds combined their powers to launch one final attack in the form of the Corrupting Light, hoping to obliterate every Crystal Gem on Earth.
    Rose Quartz is able to protect Garnet and Pearl with her shield, but every other Gem exposed to the light became corrupted (the attack was mainly directed at the Crystal Gems, though some Homeworld Gems, like Nephrite, got affected by it as well). This event marks the end of the Rebellion as a pyrrhic victory for the Crystal Gems.

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