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    I think he would be in a harder way out and he and the gems would have gotten back home differently. But the again, it could be the same, but without BD.

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    • I’d say it would be the same but it would take longer because they have to wait for Blue Diamond to reform, so that means Steven would most likely not have to fuse with all the other poofed gems cause they have to wait for Blue to reform, and the other gems are still poofed, so they now have to wait for both blue and the Crystal Gems to reform

      (I just copied this from the old version, so I placed it here instead)

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    • Well if BD was poofed, she might just regenerate quickly (diamond power?) or YD would just throw Steven back in the Prison Tower...

      If he was thrown back in the tower he and Connie would probably starve or something so yeah that would definitely be a different ending

      Or if that happened maybe Bismuth would show up, save Steven with the help of BD, then change YD's mind and rescue the gems. Then it would continue as it happened

      Just what I think!

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    • Here's One way I see it: Steven's shield missed Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond got poofed. Steven and Connie are sent back to the Prision Tower and BD's gem is placed there as well. Then, the Diamond armships arrive and rescue Steven and Connie. They bring the gemstones of Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Pearl, and Blue Diamond. Steven, Connie, Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot fight White and Yellow, and manage to defeat Yellow. However, White decides to mine control Yellow and push off everyone else except Steven and Connie. The rest of the scene in White Diamond's ship is the same, except there's no Crystal Gems under White's control, no new Steven Fusions (Instead, Its Lapidot, Bisdot, Lapismuth, and Lapismuthdot), and no Blue Diamond. At the end, though, When Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot arrive, there's also Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Blue Diamond in shapeshift mode. Blue defects and they all leave homeworld with Pink Pearl and the mecaship, just leaving White and Yellow Diamond on the launch pad, confused. They arrive home, and the ending is slightly different with no uncorruption of gems, and the house is 2x it's size. I have other scenarios, but whats yours?

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    • Heres another way: Same as above, but Blue Diamond doesnt shapeshift and defect. Instead, she and her fellow diamonds have a talk, then the Crystal Gems and the Diamonds head to earth and the rest of the ending is the same.

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    • Anyone else?

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