• Hello.

    I'm doing something a lot different. I'm going to go through an entire episode and list reasons why I hate it.

    Most people don't like the Beach City episodes. Some even call them filler. I'll admit, I too resented them, but I think the reason was because there was so much that needed to happen in the series with so little episodes per season to show them. Of course as of "Change Your Mind" all these problems have been resolved, so with that we can sit back and really enjoy those nice slice-of-life episodes of Steven Universe.

    But there is one episode I simple can not stand. The worst part is, it can't even be considered filler! It's actually important! That episode is "Fusion Cuisine". Seriously, everyone in that episode is eaither stupid or out of character. The only way I can watch it is to delude myself that everyone took stupid-pills before it aired.

    Want to know what I mean? I'll go though it.

    1) In the beginning, Connie reveals that she told her parents Steven lived with both his parents to make him sound "normal". Why? Aren't single parent families normal? What about the Frymans or Pizzas? Why not just tell your parents Stevens Mom is dead?

    2) Later on. Connie's Mom wants to see Stevens parents. Steven can't decide which Gem should pretend to be his Mom. Earlier on Garnet was pretending to be his Mom on the phone, which I'll admit was hilarious and the only good part of the episode, so you'd think he'd stick with her, right? But because he's been taking stupid-pills, he forgets and decides all three Gems should fuse into a giant six-armed monster.

    3) Speaking of which. Alexandrite was wasted in this episode. The strongest fusion at the time, and she is only used for playing mommy. Thankfully this point was redeemed by having her fight Malachite in "Super Watermelon Island" but that was two seasons later.

    4) Afterwards, when things inevitably go wrong, Connie confronts Steven by asking the question almost every viewer was probebly asking themselves "Why didn't you just take one of the Gems?" Apparently Connie's stupid-pills have worn off, but not Steven's, he answers is "That would be lying". Hello? You've been lying for hours. Alexandrite is not your mom! Non of the current Crystal Gems are your mom. If you wanted to bring your whole family, why not say two of them are your aunties/cousins?

    5) Now, this is the part that riles me up the most. After the ruse fails, Connie and Steven decide to run away from home together. Connie I can understand, her parents are controlling to the point of borderline child abuse, but Steven? I know you like Connie, but shouldn't your own family be higher on your list of priorities?! What about your destiny?! Was Steven replaced by an imposter that episode? Cause it's realy out of character for him.

    6) Eventually, the Gems and Greg ground him from T.V. for 1000 years. (not for abandoning them, mind, but rather for putting himself in danger) 1000 years? Seriously? Greg, your human. You know 1000 years is too long. Heck, 1000 years is long even for the Gems. Thankfully this was undid in "Joy Ride", I remember seeing Steven stopping himself watching T.V. in "Maximum Capacity" and thinking to myself "Oh gravy, this is going to be a running gag from know on isn't it?" Thankfully it wasn't.

    Other things I'd like to point out that aren't complaints:

    Many people don't like this episode revealing Pearls hatred for eating saying it contradicts previous episodes. I actually think this is a good idea for giving variety to the characters. We have Steven who needs food to live, Amethyst who loves eating for pleasure, and Garnet who will eat if Steven invites to, but otherwise doesn't because she doesn't need to. Then we have Pearl, who completes the set but not eating at all.

    When the Gems are bringing up all the bad thing that could happen to him, Amethyst says he could have got "thrown in prison". This is surprising coming from her. Was she once arrested for doing something similar to what Steven and Connie did? That would be a story I'd like to here.

    One thing that get's me though. Garnet says that Steven could have been "Mangled in traffic". I can't tell if that's meant to be a joke like "They're bleeding, oh know they are dead" or if we as an audience are supposed to take it seriously. If it's the later then what gives? I mean, yes accidents do happen, but how would that be Steven and Connie's fault? There not driving the bus, and it not like having an adult with you will decrease the chances of bus crash.

    So that's what I think. If you like this episode that's not a problem, but I for one hate it.

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    • I don't really like that episode either. The ending was terrible. In fact, I pretend this episode never happened. And are Connie's parents really THAT closed-minded to believe that single-parent families aren't normal?

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    • Glad you agree. By the way I've finished my thread.

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    • was not one of the best for pretty much the reasons you stated and I don't watch it if it comes on TV.

      It was like a "Three's Company" episode, you can google that if you don't know the show. Suffice it to day it was sitcom where every episode involved a 'misunderstanding' between the players and hilarity (but not really) ensued.

      This EP of SU was just one big misunderstanding, which could have been avoided if the players acted with a modicum of common sense.

      Ah well...not every episode can be gold. :D :D

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    • Someone else who agrees.

      And yes, I know not every episode can be perfect, I just wanted to get this of my chest.

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    • D :D

      And another thing: This site really needs emojis!!!

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    • A FANDOM user
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