• From what I've seen in the wiki it looks like gems are summoned with weapons, but is that the reality? Most I'm wondering that because Bismuth said she made all the weapons of the crystal gem army here, and she makes a sword if gems automatically had weapons then why would she make a sword?

    Plus if they always had these weapons why aren't gems using them when they are attacked, this could go from ruby and Saphire to the off colors, wouldn't it make more sense for all gems to start with no weapons and have to have their weapons crafted and stored in their gem.

    Plus talks about how certain gems have weapons and certain gems don't because of their gem also doesn't make sense due to a few reasons, one being what blue diamond said, "Your pets are chasing the pearls up and down the halls." if they had weapons to defend themselves wouldn't they just be able to attack them and fend them off?.

    Mostly though this is just a small working theory but wouldn't it make more sense to say no gems have weapons, but weapons can be made for gems?

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    • Summoned weapons are innate to each individual Gem like personalitity traits, evidence when Bismuth commented that not all Quartzes can make whips like what Amethyst has.
      Some have weapons and some don't.

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