• IMPORTANT: This is only for people how can't watch the Movie or certain episodes (uncensored). Also, please don't ask what free websites you can watch Steven Univse on. The wiki doesn't allow it, so just look them up yourselves.

    Do you want to watch the Movie before it's available in your country? Or maybe you want to watch uncensored episodes of Steven Universe? You can watch them online for free, the only problem is you are stealing well deserved money from the crewniverse.

    Well there is a way to fix this.

    Watch the Movie online and then watch it again when it becomes available. That way you wont be "stealing" you will be "borrowing". I mean, it's not your fault the movies not available in your country yet, why should you have to be locked out of the loop for who know how many mouths?

    As for episodes. Watch the episode, only if you can't watch it "legally", online and then watch a rerun or two from a legal source. It can be any rerun, but watching it does give the Crewniverse the money it needs to keep making good (and some not so good) Steven Universe episodes.

    Any Questions?

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