• I have an idea. I've come up in my mind that, since Pink's gone she's the first Great Diamond of the past, so I'll called the new settlement "Temple of the Great Diamonds of the Past" would be on Earth or Gem Homeworld. And also when White, Yellow, and Blue Diamond come to Earth with Steven, I think that the other Gems with the Crystal Gems, and Uncorrupted Gems build another palace near Beach City that I called the "Diamond Vacation Palace" and also the new event called "Era 3 Day" at the same place that White announces the Gems and citizens of Beach City to celebrate the day of peaceful era began 2 years ago as Gems and humans became friends. Also during this peaceful Era 3, Gems will make friends to the humans and give them the Warp Whistles so they can play while standing on the Warp pads to travel anywhere, just like Greg did on the episode "House Guest".

    What do you think? Do you think that Gems will make friends with the humans? Will people can travel anywhere when they're near the Warp pads with the Warp Whistle?

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    • Alas, I am far too cyncial to think that human would use any technology the Gems give them wisely. I know the ppl of Beach City are friends and all with the Gems, but the rest of the world...


      I'm still waiting for a SHIELD-esque group to come by and start kidnapping Gems for experimentation and whatnot.

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