• From this video:, and during the dissolution of the zoo for the humans, and when Steven, the Diamonds and the Crystal Gems pop all bubbled Rose Quartzes, and besides the look of Pink Diamond's public persona Rose Quartz in "Now We're Only Falling Apart", what do you think what all of these Rose Quartzes look like? Think about it

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    • well since jaspers and amythests and carnelians seem to look pretty similar based on what we've seen, and rose must have based her appearance off of a rose quartz (why else would she have ringlets?), i'd say they look like amythests with curly hair?

      edit: i made an edit of what i think one would look like (i apologize for the thicker lining on the hair, my pen wouldnt go small enough)

      basically just the same but with no lipstick and a less upturned nose, and without pink diamond's hair bumps >>

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