• This fusion physically hurts to look at. Why is he uncomfortably hot? How many armpits does he have? Is this a magical form of incest? GET IT OFF MY SCREEN RIGHT NOW I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS

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    • (I really hope your post was a joke, otherwise I wrote this rant for nothing)

      I’ll assume you’re talking about Steg, but you know, it’d be nice if you stated the topic of your entire post. Also, magical form of incest? I can’t tell if you’re being dead serious, or if this is a joke. If you are being serious, oh god. Fusion is a character bond/relationship given form, it’s not anything inappropriate. Finally, if Steg bothers you, then don’t look at him. It’s that simple.

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    • Answers for your questions (in order):

      1) Adult Steven (seen in "So Many Birthdays") is hot, Greg is hot...this shouldn't be surprising.

      2) Four

      3) No, don't be stupid.

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    • yes they did what they did with designing him and his purpose and if your mad then just don't look at him simple

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    • A FANDOM user
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