• Ello. Thanks for the high-res image earlier. I did revert the image back to 3000x3000, but that doesn't mean I'm trying to find another way to incorporate the higher resolution. I just have a few concerns:

    1. Where was your 6000x6000 version found? I found my version from iTunes, and I'm curious where yours came from.

    2. Your version is 6 megabytes, and I'm trying FileOptimizer to see if this size can be reduced to below 5.5MB or lower. Meanwhile, my version is 1.3-1.5 megabytes large. This is a concern due to data caps present on internet plans, since not everyone has unlimited data. Is there a way you know how to make it smaller without going JPG or lossy?

    Those are all my concerns at the moment. Thanks again, and good to hear you soon!

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    • 1. My source is from an upscaled image using waifu2x which is an upscaling tool that resizes your images using a GPU, CPU or CUDA, I find most of the end results from the program to be very high quality, so I thought I would upscale the image so you can have a higher resolution cover.

      2. Not sure about what could be used to compress the image as I don't really compress images, so you're on your own with that one with that as the only time I used compression was so I could fit a video file on Discord, hope you have a good day and bye!

      UPDATE: I was able to compress it down to 4.41 MB with a bit of lossiness mostly visible when zoomed in, but I don't think that's good enough for you.

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    • 1. Oh, there's no need, then. Tampering with images would let go of its original authenticity, even if the modified version is perceivably better (mainly the outlines of the characters are a bit sharper, from what I see, nothing else is much different). I am familiar with waifu2x, though, and that tool is extremely useful for increasing the resolution of promising PNG work submitted by users. I thank you for that.

      2. I use FileOptimizer for PNG compression and RIOT for JPG compression. They're both very useful tools for optimisation purposes, though be weary that FileOptimizer takes a very long time after the first 4 tools of 16 are used (when set to best compression). JPG is much faster, though.

      3. Oh no, lossy is perfectly fine, though preferably with RIOT and in JPG. See, PNG is used because it losslessly compresses an image into a Raster format, that is, it doesn't generate blocks of artefacts that reduce the number of used colors in an image. This is why the character page images are in PNG, as they are meant to be full-quality models. Meanwhile, JPG is purely for those who don't mind quality differences when zooming in but really mind users not having their limited data be eaten up, have images break upon loading, images taking a very long time to load, and so on. PNG and JPG have two different purposes, and I'm happy with both being used to the best extent they can be.

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