1. Stevonnie is my #1 favorite fusion in Steven Universe because of not only how Garnet describes Stevonnie in the Guide of the Crystal Gems which goes as the following “Perfect. A spontaneous fusion of love, as impossible as it was inevitable. Even I could not have guessed it. Steven is capable of fusing with human beings. I could not be prouder of Steven and Connie.’ and because Stevonnie is not only Steven’s first fusion, but the name Stevonnie is the perfect couple name for Steven and Connie, and the name, look, and voice are perfect from a fusion of Steven and Connie

    2. Smoky Quartz is my 2nd favorite fusion in Steven Universe because the 5 or 4 episodes  (it really depends on if you count Bismuth (the episode) as 1 episode or 2 episodes) leading up to Somky’s debuting episode everything that their compuntins go through is a lot for both, and the fact that Steven’s and Amethyst’s bound is so strong, that all they have to do to fuse is touch hands to fuse and the way the came up with their name is really cool, here is how it went Jasper: “Huh? Who are you supposed to be?!” Unnamed Fusion: Oh yeah, who am I now? I feel like Amethyst knows this. I think a Rose Quartz, and an Amethyst... make a......Smoky Quartz.”, and the name, look, and voice are perfect from a fusion of Steven and Amethyst.

    3. Sunstone is my 3rd favorite fusion in Steven Universe because of the way Garnet (who I will get to next) and Steven interact show the perfect comb for a fusion, and their relationship and the bound between the 2 of them makes for an awesome fusion and the line leading up their 1st line is this Steven: “Almost. Garnet, we're up against a giant robot. We need your help. Please come out. I'm here! I love you!”, and the name, look, and voice are perfect from a fusion of Steven and Garnet

    4. Garnet is my 4th favorite fusion in Steven Universe because Garnet is pretty much a fusion made of love, the gems Ruby and Sapphire love each other so much that they can not stand to be separated, and when Ruby and Sapphire 1st debuted the were mainly focused on finding each other, and not blowing the planted surprise birthday reveal for Steven, I feel like the stronger the bound that Ruby and Sapphire have with each other, each time they fuse into Garnet, that is how much stronger she is, and Garnet is one of the perfect relationships in the entire cast of characters in Steven Universe.

    5. Alexandrite is my 5th favorite fusion in Steven Universe because she has the most appearances out of all of the Crystal Gem fusion aside from Garnet, but I am not going to talk about her anymore, Alexandrite’s debuting episode is NOT the best episode ever made, but moving away from that, aside from Obsidian (both Rose Quartz andSteven version),  Alexandrite is the most powerful fusion in the show, her weapons that she has are Sardonyx's war hammer, Sugilite's flail, and Opal's recurve bow, that is because she is made of the gems Garnet (who is a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire), Pearl, and Amethyst.

    6. Sardonyx is my 6th favorite fusion in Steven Universe because she is kind of showboaty at times and her last appearance, she kinda took over the episode, but as the episode progresses she realizes it and than unfuses, but she is a great fusion if she is a bit less showboaty she would be higher up on the list, and she is a fusion of the gem Garnet (who is a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire) and Pearl.

    7. Opal is my 7th favorite fusion in Steven Universe because like ½ of the time her components Amethyst and Pearl rarely ever get along, but when they do Opal is a really powerful fusion and her weapon is the perfect comb of Amethyst’s whip and Pearl’s spear, I like this fusion a lot the reason why she is so low on the list is because only 2 of her 5 appearances she talks/sings.

    8. Sugilite is my 8th favorite fusion in Steven Universe because she is so uncontrollable, I say this because in her 1st appearance in Steven Universe she went berserk, Garnet even says this herself in Cry for Help “Last time was a disaster. Last time we fused, Sugilite went berserk. It's because of her that we can't even warp here anymore.” if she was more controllable she would be higher up on the list.

    9. Obsidian (Steven version) is my 9th favorite fusion in Steven Universe, they are here on this list it’s not because of how they look, how they sound, or because of how their weapon looks, it is because of how long it took for a name revarvel in the show

    10. Rainbow Quartz 2.0 is my 11th favorite fusion in Steven Universe because of their voice, I DO NOT HATE their look, or their weapon the only thing that I HATE about this fusion is their voice, that is why they are soooooooooooooo low on the list.

    11. Steg is my 11th favorite fusion in Steven Universe because this fusion is way toooooooooo muscular  for a fusion of Steven and Greg.

      12. Malachite is my less favorite fusion because I HATE her, and do not HATE Lapis Lazuli (she is one of my favorite members of the Crystal Gem) or Jasper it just their fusion.

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    • please have the fusion names be from the main series and the movie

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    • I’m gonna do a list, but don’t expect me to get into the gooey details-

      12- Giant Ruby fusion from Hit the Diamond. I just find them so goofy and I live for it.

      11- Stevonnie. I live for their voice, but I think they’ve decreased for me due to a certain character becoming one of my least favourites. But, their intersex representation is awesome.

      10- Rainbow Quartz. Ever since I saw them I thought they were so cool! I just wish we could’ve got to hear their voice.

      9- Malachite. I love their character design, but the fusion was extremely abusive on BOTH ends. But, they can fight. Like, seriously.

      8- A tie between Mega Pearl and the new fusion in Bluebird! I know Aquaball (I’m calling them that for the meantime) is yet to make an appearance, but I already love them. As for Mega Pearl, everything’s great, except that weak sauce name.

      7- Sunstone. I’ve said before I think the CYM fusions were rushed, but they’re all so quirky! Sunstone is just, hilarious.

      6- Obsidian. What do I need to say?

      5- Sardonyx. I love fourth wall breaks and Sardonyx is just full of them. A true comedian.

      4- I know it’s weird, but Zebra Jasper. They’re just so interesting.

      3- Alexandrite. That fight scene between her and Malachite gives me chills to this day! Alexandrite is just so cool!

      2- Smoky Quartz! I just love Smoky, okay? She’s punny (get it?) and she’s relatable enough! Her rollercoaster line from Future has me cackling like a witch every time.

      And my number one pick is...

      1- Garnet! I’m sorry, but Garnet has one of the best arcs, imo. How she goes from being what Rose told her she was, to being a fusion who thinks for herself! Also, she’s like, so savage and an amazing fighter. Do I even need to mention Stronger Than You?

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