• Okay, I'm desperate here.

    I live in Australia, and I can't watch SU Future at all. Our Cartoon Network has only just shown the end of season 5 last month, several months behind everyone else. Their website is mainly shorts from the early seasons, and games. I can't watch on the American site because of autoredirects, which happens despite trying several add-ons to counter it.

    My usual site for watching SU without waiting six months was World of Steven Universe, but it hasn't updated since the movie. There's only two sites that are remotely reliable. One isn't updating, and the other has lousy bandwidth, and I can never get in.

    I did manage to see the first four episodes on youtube, but they had been altered to appear more like sketches to get around the copyrights. Watching the ones cut into multiple parts never works for me, because there's almost always something mising between the videos. So I end up missing out on several small but still watchable parts as each video cuts to the next.

    PLEASE! Does anyone have any valid links to somewhere I can watch this show without having to

    A: live in America;

    B: hack anything to make the sites think I live in America, because my computer skills stop at figuring out that the cat put mum's laptop into flight mode again;

    C: sell what's left of my soul to some ancient eldritch god;

    D: send a glitter bomb threat to CN Australia demanding that they air SU Future immediately, or deal with glitter everywhere forever;

    E: sign up for an account to a website that's going to leave me venerable to hackers/viruses/fill my inbox with spam/porn; OR

    F: Watch a poor quality video with bad sound that's chopped up into two minute chunks that missing bits in between the videos because of copyright.

    Because those are honestly my options. I cannot find a decent place to watch these!

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    • The Episode Policy is the best bet, though Australians can see Steven Universe, but not Future, on Stan. If I recall, Australians are delayed Future until December 21st. You may want to do your own research regarding that.

      I wish you the best with finding a legitimate worldwide source, or at least one in Australia. As of now, there are very few options.

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