Fluf59001 wrote:

PeriThePlatypus wrote:

Fluf59001 wrote: IDK why I even posted this. 

It just seems cool if you see someone with the same birthday as you.

Also, you need to be like, active for 2 weeks on the wiki to change your profile pic (I think). You can also change it on a different wiki so it will appear here.

Heres how you do it

1. Click on "Edit Avatar" on your profile

2. Click "Upload an Avatar"

3. Choose a picture file

4. Once you have decided, click Save, I'm done

More info here

I tried that, and I read the detailed one, but it won't work. I chose a picture and it doesn't say anything but it doesn't change.

Hmm... Odd... Some wikis have image locks, but others don't. You can try on a minor wiki. 

Also, are you using a smartphone or a computer? It sometimes doesn't work on a smartphone.

Ohh okay I'm doing this on my iPad. I'd normally do this on the computer but as my fan isn't working I've been doing stuff here.

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