Haven't talked to you in a while ;D So you said this in the chat mods suggestion thread. 

To tell you the truth, we need help at every time every day, hence why we've been relying on some temps here and there. If I had to be specific, we need chat mods from roughly 4am to 5pm (both times in GMT). 3am or 4am to 11am covers about when people in the Eastern Time Zone sleep, while 11am to 5pm covers when people are in school.

Obviously, this is a giant feat to acomplish. :P And the staff are not trying to force users into being in the chat at those specific times. But again, we just need chat mods overall of different activity periods, time zones, etc. Hence why we're asking users for their opinions, since a lot of admins are in the Eastern Time Zone or aren't in the chat often.

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