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Suitcasesam wrote: They don't identify as female. They've been stated to be genderless a whole lot by the Crewniverse and by Rebecca herself.

Hm, how about we omit the female category from their pages, but have the gender pronouns on the template. (wait, don't we already have that?)
I don't understand what you mean—? Is this a legitimate question, or a snarky comment?

If it's a legitimate question, that's what I was trying to do, they certainly use she/her, but they're genderless, and she/her does not mean female, given Gems aren't female, by virtue of being genderless.

Using female pronouns=identifies as female? They have no sex, but do have a gender.

Sorry, I wasn't aware that my comment sounded snarky, I was merely asking a question.

By virtue of being genderless, they can't really have a gender. There are human beings in the real world who don't identify as female but use feminine (she/her) pronouns, so they can be genderless without using an explicitly gender-neutral pronoun. In the world of Steven Universe, they probably just picked one of the human pronouns and picked she/her, as no gender-neutral pronouns were really used in the past, so it was easier to just pick one!

(also, you didn't sound snarky, I just wondered if it was like "oh wait we already have that, ha-ha! we don't need to do anything at all!")

Did you just call the gems human beings?

No, I was saying that in the real world, humans that don't identify as female use she/her, so in the Gem world, they could not be female but use she/her too!

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