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This is a transcribed copy of "Three Gems and a Baby". Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Beach House]
(It is snowing heavily outside. Steven is watching the snow through the window from inside the house.)
Steven It's amazing. The snow just keeps falling and falling! I'm glad you're staying here with us, Dad.
(Steven walks over to join Greg and the Gems lounging around the living room.)
Greg Yeah, me too buddy. It's way too cold to stay in the van during this blizzard. Besides, the heater in the van hasn't worked since I got that sweet mini disk player installed. Which I do not regret.
Steven I've never seen it snow like this before.
Garnet That's not entirely true.
Steven Really?
Pearl You mean back when- *starts laughing* That was about fourteen years ago. There was a snowstorm happening just like this around then.
Steven Fourteen years... Hey, I'm fourteen years!
Greg That's right, little man. You were only a few months old and it was snowing so hard, I thought we were going to become "Snowman" and "Snowman Jr., son of Snowman."
(Pearl gets up to heat a kettle of water on the stove, while Greg continues talking.)
Greg But Vidalia was out of town visiting family, so she let us crash at her place for a while. It was the first time you-
Steven *suddenly shouts* DAAAAD!
Greg I'm not that far away Steven.
Steven Don't forget our... arrangement.
Greg Good gravy.
(Greg reaches for his guitar when Pearl returns.)
Steven That's what you get for teaching me to love music!
Greg Luckily, I have a song for this story already.
(Greg begins to play "I Could Never Be (Ready)", singing about the struggles that he faced while raising baby Steven alone.)
[Flashback; Trans. Int. Vidalia's house]
Greg ♪ I could never be, / I could never be, / I could never be ready for this. ♪
(Greg rushed through the heavy snowstorm into the house, holding groceries and baby Steven. He looked at the baby swaddle and was shocked to see bread inside, but became relieved to find Baby Steven in the grocery bag instead.)
Greg ♪ I could never be, / I could never be, . I could never be ready. ♪
(Greg ate a sandwich while boiling a baby bottle. Baby Steven grabbed onto his hair, distracting Greg as the water boiled over the pot to his shock. He quickly dropped his sandwich and moved the pot away from the stove.)
Greg ♪ Things start and things end, / And isn't it lovely in theory but, ♪
(Greg brought baby Steven over to the couch with the baby bottle and began bottle-feeding him. Greg started feeling cold and used his foot to turn on a heater nearby.)
Greg ♪ I could never be, / I could never be, / I could never be ready. ♪
(As the song concludes, baby Steven finished his bottle, yawned and went to sleep. Greg set the bottle on the table and noticed a photo of Vidalia, Yellowtail, and young Sour Cream. He looked at it in somber as he began to fall asleep on the couch as well.)
(Time passed. The snowstorm outside seemed to worsen. Baby Steven and Greg are still sleeping when baby Steven suddenly started crying and struggling in his swaddle, waking up Greg as well.)
Greg Hey, schtu-ball. You doing a lot of dancing in there. You wanna get out of there and show me your moves?
(Baby Steven continued crying and struggling around, until his swaddle unraveled and his onesie unbuttoned.)
Greg Hey now. You unbuttoned all your buttons I buttoned up. *blows a raspberry at baby Steven, causing him to laugh* Let's get you buttoned back up. *lies baby Steven down and buttons his onesie back up* Ookie pookie. There.
(Baby Steven cooed uncomfortable and unbuttoned his onesie again himself, exposing his gemstone.)
Greg Huh- What? Does your... gem need to breathe?
(Baby Steven's gemstone shimmered.)
Greg Hmm... How about... this?
(Greg buttoned up the top buttons, leaving an unbuttoned area in middle to expose baby Steven's gemstone. Baby Steven cooed in delight, when there was a knocking at the door. Greg opened the door and found Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl outside, each holding gift boxes.)
Greg Oh! Um, heyyy ya'll.
Garnet Hello.
Amethyst Yo Greg, check it out! We brought gifts for little Rose!
Garnet *sets her hand over Amethyst's head* Amethyst. We've gone over this. Steven is a...
Amethyst *sadly* ...Human baby.
Garnet And Steven is...
Amethyst Not Rose.
(Greg let the Crystal Gems entered the house and closed the front door.)
Greg Can I get you guys anything? We've got water, old... plates. Uh... how about some tea?
Pearl *coldly* No. We're just here to drop off these gifts.
Greg Right. Sure.
Garnet *hands her box to baby Steven* Here you go.
(Baby Steven cooed in joy.)
Greg You'll probably have to open that up for him.
Garnet It's just a box made to look like it's been carefully wrapped. *opens the lid of the box* Ta-da!
(The inside of the box revealed to be a razor and Greg quickly swiped it away.)
Greg Whoa! Thanks Garnet, but I don't think he needs this.
Garnet Oh, he'll need it. In the future.
Amethyst Let's open mine next! *rips her gift open*
Greg Wow! Diapers! This is so practical! Wait! Are these adult diapers? They're way too big for him.
Amethyst So tell him to make himself bigger. You can do that! Right, Little Greg? *ruffles baby Steven's head*
Greg You can call him "Steven". That's the name Rose and I liked the most.
Pearl Well, whatever you call him, you'll need this. *holds out her gift*
Greg Uh, thanks. *takes the gift* This some kind of kid's book? *tears it open* Oh. A dictionary.
Pearl Obviously, it's the best gift for a being that can't yet communicate.
Greg Well, maybe you guys could use it to look up what a baby is. These gifts are great, but Steven's just too young for this stuff. Nowadays he's really into this. *holds out a set of car keys and jiggles it around* ♪ Carabiner! Carabiner! ♪
(Baby Steven starts giggling in joy.)
Amethyst Whoa, he loves it! *takes the keys and jiggles it* Hey little... Steven!
Pearl Hmm. He's certainly captivated with those things.
Garnet Well next time, we'll just bring a big box of keys for Steven.
(Baby Steven kept giggling and his gemstone began to glow, gaining everyone's attention.)
Amethyst Whoa!
(Greg gasped in surprise.)
Garnet Ooh!
Pearl Wha!?
Greg What's happening to him?!
Garnet It's... Rose!
Pearl Is that possible?
Greg Is he gonna turn into a laser?!
Amethyst Relax, y'all, I got it all figured out. Rose is trying to shapeshift back to her old self!
Greg What?!
Pearl She can't shapeshift, because she's trapped in a baby!
Greg Trapped in a baby?!
Pearl Rose? Rose, it's me, it's Pearl. Are you in there? Glow twice for yes.
(Steven giggled as he grabbed Pearl's nose.)
Pearl Baby, please. I'm trying to talk to Rose.
Garnet Rose hasn't shapeshifted, and she isn't trapped. Steven is a fusion. Rose could be trying to unfuse.
Greg Whatever Steven is, something's happening, and I- What can I do to help?
Pearl Well, what do you do with a human baby when it glows?
Greg First off, human babies don't glow. And letter number B... What if they do?! Okay. Vidalia has some books on babies I've been reading. They'll help us figure something out.
(Greg entered the kitchen to retrieve Vidalia's guide book.)
Pearl Well, what do you do with a human baby when it glows?
Greg Calm down. You got this. Guys, if this is anything like a fever, then we should...
(Greg returned to help the Gems, and baby Steven, gone, and the front door left wide open.)
Greg Uh... Guys? Guys?!
(The flashback abruptly returns back to the present.)
Steven You kidnapped me!?
Amethyst Eeeeeyep!
Garnet Some of our actions were a bit regrettable.
Pearl At the time, we thought it'd be better to handle things our way.
Amethyst Nah, we straight-up 'napped you.
(Back in the flashback, Pearl started up Greg's Van and drove off with it. Greg walked outside with a blanket and began to give chase.)
Greg Steven! My van! Give me back my babies!
Amethyst *looking back in the passenger seat* He looks mad.
Pearl He'll thank us later.
Garnet *holding baby Steven* Greg was doing his best up to this point. But the situation has changed. Steven is clearly a Gem.
Amethyst Good thing we left without any explanation.
(The van began driving out of town.)
Amethyst All right, Rose. *approaches baby Steven* We saw that glow. So why are you still a baby? Is it... really fun or something? *shapeshifts into a baby* Garnet. Hold me.
(Garnet holds Amethyst in her other hand.)
Amethyst All right, I get it. This rules. But it's been so long, like months! *shapeshifts back to normal* That's longer than I was a toilet! C'mon, Rose! You have to change back! *shapeshifts back and forth between her normal form to baby* Baby, normal! Baby, normal! Baby...
(Baby Steven giggled in joy as Amethyst shapeshifted back and forth.)
Amethyst Mmm... it's so easy! Why can't she do it?
Garnet Because it's not shapeshifting, it's fusion.
(The van drove to the outskirts of the town.)
Garnet Steven, I understand Greg is part of you and you don't want to unfuse in front of him. That would be very rude. But he's not here now. It's just us! You can take a little break. Here, I will too!
(Garnet handed baby Steven to Amethyst and unfused into Ruby and Sapphire. Baby Steven, suddenly confused and frightened by Garnet's sudden disappearance, began to cry. Ruby and Sapphire looked at each other in surprise, and they quickly fused back into Garnet.)
Garnet I'm here! You know me! You know them, too! *sits down in sorrow* I don't understand!
(Pearl then decided to stop the van at the roadside, while Greg continued to chase after his van from far behind.)
Greg Steven! Steven! How am I gonna catch up with them?
(Greg looked over at a snowy hill, where a younger Jenny and Buck were playing on a sled and a dog nearby.)
Greg Dog. Sled. Dog. Sled. Dog sled. Hey! Hey, you kids! *runs over to Jenny and Buck*
(Back in the van, Baby Steven was still crying. Pearl turned off the van engine and went into the back, joining the other Gems.)
Pearl Everyone calm down. *picks up baby Steven* Look. We can all see her. She's right there! She just can't reform because... she has this... baby around her. Rose, I know you're in there. I can let you out. We'll be... together... again.
(Pearl reached her hand towards baby Steven's gemstone, ready to pull it out of baby Steven's navel, when he suddenly began laughing, startling Pearl.)
Pearl I can't. *starts tearing up* I can't! She wanted this so much. I just... don't... understand... why! Everything should grow, and everything should change, and isn't it so great how it comes so naturally to humans? Well, it's not natural for us! It's not natural... for me.
Garnet It will be, for him.
(The Gems stood in a somber silence.)
Amethyst ...What about Rose?
Garnet This isn't about Rose. From now on, everything has to be about Steven.
(Barking and screaming were then heard outside, as Greg was seen being chased by the dog from earlier, with the sled tied to it.)
Greg Help! Help!
(Garnet opened the back door of the van, and Greg jumped in.)
Greg Ugh, thanks. *looks at Pearl, still holding baby Steven* Hey, wait a minute! Why did you take Steven on a joyride in the middle of a blizzard? *takes back baby Steven* What's the big idea?
Amethyst It wasn't really a big idea... Just a bunch of small ideas that never came together.
Garnet My apologies, Greg. We thought we knew what Steven was, but we didn't.
Greg Honestly, I'm not sure if I do, either. I never glowed when I was a kid.
Pearl We never were kids.
(Baby Steven cooed and tugged on Greg's blanket.)
Greg I don't know how we're gonna figure this out, but I think we'll have a better shot if we do it together.
(Everyone smiled as they looked at baby Steven, and the flashback concludes. Back to the present, the kettle starts whistling, and Pearl heads back to the kitchen to retrieve it.)
Steven Wow. You guys were wrong about everything.
Pearl Well, that was a- Haha, really long time ago, wasn't it?
Amethyst Cut us some slack, will ya?
Garnet *takes off her visors* We couldn't have known what to do. Even me.
Greg Especially me.
Steven No, I mean, about changing and growing.
(Pearl hands a mug of tea to Greg. She picks up the tea bag and gives it to Amethyst to eat.)
Steven And how it doesn't come naturally to you? But look at you now! I know you'll never stop missing Mom, but I bet she would've loved this. I do.
Everyone else Hear, hear!
Pearl It wasn't such a big deal when that teenage girl kidnapped Steven.
Greg That was his babysitter. She took him to the park! You really scared her when you threw that jungle gym at her.
(Everyone laughs as the star iris closes on the exterior of the Beach House, ending the episode.)

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