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Once upon a time, the Gem Homeworld was ruled by Diamonds: White, Yellow, Blue, and the littlest Diamond, Pink. While the other Diamonds conquered many worlds across the galaxy, Pink had only one - the planet Earth. One day, Pink fled the comforts of Homeworld. On Earth, she made a new home, new friends, and finally, new life, giving up her form to bequeath her Gem to her half-human son. Without Pink, Gemkind fell into an era of despair. But when Steven Universe learned of his heritage, he reunited with his fellow Diamonds and championed a new era of peace and freedom across the furthest reaches of space.

—White Diamond, Steven Universe: The Movie

This page is dedicated to establishing a general overview of historical or important events that take place before and during the timeline of Steven Universe, Steven Universe: The Movie, and Steven Universe Future.

Ancient History

Up to 20,000 years ago

  • An unknown event splits the Gem Homeworld planet into pieces.
  • White Diamond, acting as the leader of all Gems, constructs the Gem Homeworld's society.
    • White emphasizes the importance of perfection, creates Homeworld's Caste System, bans cross-Gem Fusions, and instills punishments for those who are not deemed "flawless".
    • In order to expand her "perfect" empire White leads The Great Diamond Authority in colonizing planets to create more Gems.
  • Fluorite, Rhodonite, Padparadscha, and the Rutile Twins are considered defective by Homeworld's standards and remain in hiding in a Homeworld Kindergarten underground to avoid other Gems and Shattering Robonoids.
  • At some point during the colonization of the Jungle Moon's planet Pink Diamond demands her own colony from Yellow Diamond but is rebuffed due to her inexperience.[1]
  • Pink Diamond grows a close bond with the other Diamonds, often playing games together at Blue Diamond's Pool Area.
    • Pink also became known for the lavish balls she would throw in celebration of the Great Diamond Authority's achievements.
  • Pink Diamond is given Pink Pearl and the two often goof off in secrecy.
  • Because of Pink Diamond's inability to adhere to Homeworld's rules she was often thrown into a Prison Tower where Blue Diamond would scold Pink, driving her to tears.
    • On one specific occasion, Blue invited Pink to come to a Kyanite colony, a planet inhabited by organic worms. Pink begged Blue to let her take the worms back to Homeworld and when Blue allowed her to do so she unintentionally released them in the Ballroom which displeased White Diamond.
  • Yellow Diamond gifts Hessonite her Light Prism.
  • Pyrope also recieves her own prism, and rules over Blue World 4.

Around 8,000 years ago

  • Tired of asking Yellow and Blue for her own colony, Pink Diamond chose to ask White directly, only to be rejected. In a fit of rage, Pink Diamond damaged Pink Pearl's left eye.
  • Pink Pearl is taken away from Pink Diamond and put under White's control.
  • At some point, Spinel is created as a new playmate for Pink Diamond, and Pearl is given to Pink Diamond as a replacement for Pink Pearl.
  • Sapphire emerges in a Homeworld kindergarten.

Gems at the Lunar Sea Spire.

Around 6,000 years ago

  • Pink Diamond is allowed to colonize Earth after getting permission from Blue and Yellow Diamond. She and her Gems arrive there to begin a new colony. The Moon Base is constructed on the moon for her to check the status of Gem creation.
  • Having "outgrown" Spinel, Pink Diamond leaves her behind at Pink Diamond's Garden to focus on running her colony.
  • By the time the Moon Base is completed, the Gem race has taken control over 43 planetary bodies and two star systems.
  • Nephrite and her crew travel to Earth in an Ancient Gem Colony Ship.[2]

Rose Quartz warning Pearl about the costs and dangers of joining the Rebellion.

Around 5,900 years ago

  • Pink Diamond wishes to be at the Prime Kindergarten to play with the Amethysts. In order to not be scolded by Yellow and Blue Diamond, Pearl gives Pink the idea of shapeshifting into a Rose Quartz soldier to blend in. In her Rose Quartz disguise, Pink and Pearl arrive at the Kindergarten where Pink meets the Amethysts. In order to not draw unnecessary attention Pink and Pearl travel off and Pink becomes fascinated by the beauty of Earth. She soon realizes completing her colony would destroy all she grew fond of.[4]
  • Pink Diamond (as Rose Quartz) and Pearl defect from Homeworld and form the Crystal Gems.[5][6]
    • The cut of Rose Quartz is thereby recognized as a threat and every Rose Quartz is removed from service, specifically Pink Diamond's entourage.[7]
  • Pink Diamond decides to use her alter-ego to make a stand her fellow Diamonds could not ignore, originally intending to use Rose Quartz to scare other Gems away.[5]
  • Pink Diamond tries one more time to persuade Yellow and Blue to end colonization on Earth Moon Base, this time using Rose Quartz as an excuse. The other Diamonds continue to ignore her pleas.[8]
  • Blue Diamond and members of her court arrive on Earth to oversee the removal of the uprisings.[9]

Around 5,750 years ago

  • Pearl learns the human concept of being a knight at the Ancient Sky Arena.[10]
  • Sapphire is sent to Earth along with three Rubies at the request of Blue Diamond.[9]
    • Rose and Pearl lead a direct attack on Blue Diamond's court.
    • Ruby and Sapphire accidentally fuse into Garnet for the first time. She inadvertently serves as a distraction helping Rose and Pearl to escape.
    • Blue Diamond tells Ruby she will be shattered for fusing with Sapphire and allowing the rebels to escape despite protecting her assigned higher Gem.
  • Sapphire flees with Ruby to Earth's surface.
  • Rose tells Pearl how fascinated she is that two completely different Gems fused. Pearl attempts to fuse with Rose but fails. Rose and Pearl run into Garnet where Rose tells her to never question who she is, recruiting her to the Crystal Gems.

Around 5,600 years ago

  • Lapis Lazuli is poofed by Bismuth while visiting Earth during its colonization.
    • Other Homeworld Gems, believing Lapis to be one of the Crystal Gems trap her gemstone in a mirror to interrogate her.
  • Pink contacts the other Diamonds to tell them that she does not wish to complete the colony and instead wants to preserve the life on Earth.
    • Yellow tells her to finish what she started.
    • Blue creates a human zoo for Pink and she and Yellow kidnap humans from their families to store them inside.

Around 5,500 years ago

  • The Rebellion officially begins.[11]
  • Some of the first battles in the Rebellion take place at the Ancient Sky Arena.[10]
  • Bismuth is recruited to Rose's cause and begins outfitting the Crystal Gems with weapons.[12]
  • Hessonite and her Nephrites fight on Earth under Pink Diamond.

Around 5,300 years ago

  • Bismuth presents Rose with the Breaking Point, a weapon designed to shatter Gems, specifically the Diamonds. Disagreeing, Rose poofs and bubbles Bismuth, keeping her fate hidden from the other Crystal Gems.
  • A battle occurs at the location which would later become the Gem Battlefield. Many Gem Warriors fall and Rose's scabbard is lost.[6]

Around 5,200 years ago

Around 5,050 years ago

  • After attempts to end the rebellion fail and many disagreements with Yellow and Blue, Pink Diamond and Pearl plan a ruse to stage Pink Diamond's shattering. Pearl, armed with Rose Quartz's sword and shapeshifted into Rose, poofs Pink Diamond, who had swallowed fake gem shards, thereby creating the illusion that Pink Diamond was shattered. [5]
    • Homeworld enters into Era 2.
    • From then on Pink Diamond permanently identifies herself as Rose Quartz and continues leading the Crystal Gems.
    • "Eyeball" is fighting for Homeworld in Facet 6 and witnesses the "shattering".[13]
  • Earth is deemed non-viable as a colony by Homeworld, commencing experiments to create Cluster Gems using the gemstone shards of fallen Crystal Gems.[14]
    • The Cluster is planted inside Earth's mantle as a last resort to make use of the planet.
  • Homeworld Gems are commanded to evacuate Earth.[2]
    • During a battle between Rose Quartz and Hessonite, Hessonite loses the Light Prism and has no other choice but to leave it due to the Corrupting Light the Diamonds unleash.
    • Hessonite is transferred into Yellow's court.
    • Jasper is evacuated from Earth and adopted into Yellow's court as the only successful Beta Kindergarten Quartz.
    • Lapis Lazuli's mirror is abandoned at the Galaxy Warp and her gemstone is trampled over and cracked during the evacuation. Many Homeworld Gems such as Nephrite and her crew get left behind.[15]
  • The Corrupting Light is initiated by the three remaining Diamonds, corrupting all Gems caught in it.[4] The only known Gems on Earth who were unaffected are Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz, Pearl, Garnet (protected by Rose's Shield), Amethyst (not emerged yet), Bismuth (bubbled) and Lapis Lazuli (trapped in the mirror).

Less than 5,050 years ago

  • Fallen gems gradually reform, corrupted.
  • The Pyramid Temple is constructed.
  • Aquamarine emerges.
  • Demantoid emerges.
  • Demantoid is gifted a Light Prism.

Around 5,000 years ago [citation needed]

  • The Galaxy Warp becomes inactive.[16]
  • Blue Diamond takes over Pink Diamond's Zoo in her absence.
  • Amethyst emerges after the Rebellion, 500 years later than any other gem in the Prime Kindergarten.

Around 4,500 years ago [citation needed]

  • Hessonite becomes known as a war hero amongst Homeworld Gems.
  • Amethyst is found by the remaining Crystal Gems.

Around 4,000 years ago

3,000 years ago

  • Peridot emerges, and is assigned to Warp and Kindergarten Maintenance on old colonies.

Recent Events

19th century

  • Rose Quartz begins traversing the Desert with a pride of lions.[18]
  • William Dewey and his crew are attacked by a Corrupted Gem and rescued by the Crystal Gem fusion (Obsidian). Dewey goes on to establish Beach City.[19]
  • Buddy Buddwick leaves Dewey's crew to begin his career as an explorer and author.[18]
  • Lion dies and Rose Quartz resurrects him.
    • At some point, Rose decides to store valuable and sentimental items, including Bismuth's gemstone in Lion's Dimension unbeknownst to the rest of the Crystal Gems.[12]
  • In the summer of 1862, William Buford Buchanan, Beach City's most notorious arsonist sets a record of 335 fires. He drowns after diving into the ocean trying to evade police.[20]

20th century

Greg at the end of his tour.

  • Ocean Town is abandoned after an unspecified catastrophe involving fire.[22]
  • Greg Universe's family gathers annually at the Barn for a feast.[23]
  • Greg drops out of a community college to become a professional musician and tour the country.
  • A friend gave him a CD with a song by Kerry Moonbeam that makes Greg who he is.[24]
  • He changes his surname from DeMayo to Universe and forms a partnership with Marty.
  • Greg's family began moving away from each other leaving Andy DeMayo alone to explore the world in his plane.[23]
  • Greg records Space Train to the Cosmos.[25]
  • Greg falls in love with Rose Quartz and decides to stay in Beach City at 22 after cutting ties with Marty.[25]
  • Greg begins working at It's a Wash, eventually becoming the owner.[26]
  • Greg records "Let Me Drive My Van (Into Your Heart)".
  • Greg attempts a fusion with Rose Quartz and proves that pure human-gem fusion isn't possible.[27]
  • 40 years prior to Mirror Gem, Pearl finds Lapis Lazuli's mirror at the Galaxy Warp and stores it in her gemstone.
  • A mud tornado, nicknamed a "Mudnado" hits Beach City.
  • Lars Barriga, Sadie Miller, Ronaldo Fryman, and the Pizza Twins (along with The Cool Kids) were born.[28]

21st century

  • Rose Quartz records a video for Steven/Nora.
  • Rose Quartz gives up her physical form to give birth to Steven Universe.
  • Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl kidnap Steven and steal Greg's Van temporarily to try to find out who or what Steven is. Greg and the Gems eventually agree to help Steven grow up together.[29]
  • Construction begins on the Beach House.[30]
  • The restaurant Aqua-Mexican goes out of business.[31]
  • Sadie starts working at the Big Donut as a summer job.[32]
  • Connie Maheswaran and Steven see each other for the first time at the Boardwalk Parade.[33]

Present Events

Season 1

The stolen ocean.

Season 2

The smoking wreckage of Peridot and Jasper's Gem Warship.

  • The citizens of Beach City begin repairing damage caused by the Gem Warship.
  • Steven attempts to keep the Gem Warship incident away from Connie.
  • Steven discovers Peridot's escape pod in an abandoned field.
  • Jamie returns from Hollywood, Kansas after his acting career goes south.
  • Amethyst reforms after being poofed multiple times by the Slinker.
  • Connie takes on sword fighting lessons from Pearl.
  • The Crystal Gems discover Peridot's location. After she escapes, Garnet and Steven discover a nest of forced fusions created from pieces of shattered gems.
  • Greg tells Steven of the time he recorded a music video with the Crystal Gems, met Rainbow Quartz, and attempted to fuse with Rose.
  • Steven discovers his ability to enter the consciousness of other individuals and learns that Lapis Lazuli is suffering under the ocean.
  • Garnet and Pearl fuse to form Sardonyx to destroy the Homeworld Communication Hub after Peridot rebuilds it. Amethyst and Steven learn that Pearl has been lying to Garnet about subsequent repairs to the Communication Hub, presumably done by Peridot, to keep fusing with her.
  • Ruby and Sapphire open up about their feelings over Pearl's betrayal during a trip to a motel.
  • Garnet and Pearl forgive one another and work together to capture Peridot, who eventually escapes.
  • Connie's mother discovers her daughter's secret sword fighting lessons. Connie and Steven save a hospital from an infestation of Gem mutants.
  • Peridot is poofed and captured by the Crystal Gems; Steven eventually befriends her and she takes shelter in the Beach House's bathroom.
  • Peridot reveals to Steven that a massive cluster composed of millions of shattered gems is incubating below the earth and is due to form and destroy the planet.
  • The Crystal Gems use Greg's family barn as a base to build a machine that can stop the cluster.
  • Steven turns 14.
  • Garnet tells Steven the story of how Ruby and Sapphire met and formed Garnet.
  • The Crystal Gems travel to a Homeworld base on the moon where Peridot reveals the Homeworld's original plans to colonize and drain the earth of its natural resources.
  • Peridot confronts Yellow Diamond and defects from Homeworld, becoming an official member of the Crystal Gems.

Season 3

  • The Crystal Gems defeat Malachite on Mask Island and rescue Lapis Lazuli. Meanwhile, Steven and Peridot travel to the Cluster and successfully contain the weapon.
  • Steven helps Lapis adjust to life on Earth. Lapis reluctantly moves into the Barn with Peridot, but eventually warms up to her.
  • A squad of Rubies arrive on Earth to retrieve Jasper but are tricked into leaving following a baseball game with the Crystal Gems.
  • Steven develops his mother's floating abilities.
  • Greg becomes a millionaire after reuniting with Marty.
  • Greg and Pearl settle their differences regarding Rose.
  • Peridot develops metal manipulation powers.
  • Steven's mental powers are further developed with help from an unwilling Lars.
  • Steven resolves a feud between the Fryman and Pizza families.
  • Steven uses his dream abilities to help Kiki overcome a family affair.
  • Steven learns more about the Gem War and reunites Nephrite with her own kind.
  • Jasper returns.
  • Connie goes on her first mission with the Crystal Gems and encounters Jasper for the first time. Jasper begins building her own army of Corrupted Gems.
  • Amethyst is promptly defeated by Jasper and nearly shattered until Stevonnie intervenes.
  • Amethyst trains with Steven to become stronger, with both learning new tricks and bonding over their insecurities.
  • Steven accidentally releases Bismuth from her bubble inside Lion's mane. Bismuth reconnects with the surviving Crystal Gems and provides upgrades for their weapons. Steven learns the reason for Bismuth's imprisonment and is forced to bubble her again. Afterward, he explains her imprisonment to the others.
  • Steven, Amethyst, and Peridot track Jasper to the Beta Kindergarten. They discover Jasper's origins along with what has happened to the Corrupted Gems.
  • Amethyst and Steven form Smoky Quartz  for the first time while fighting Jasper. Jasper becomes corrupted after fusing with a Gem Monster. Before she is finally defeated by Peridot, Jasper reveals her reasons for coming back to Earth.
  • The Rubies return to Earth. Amethyst (disguised as Jasper) convinces them to take herself and the other Crystal Gems to the Moon Base. Upon arrival, "Eyeball", as a firsthand witness, confirms that Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond. Eventually, Amethyst's deception is discovered and the Rubies attack. Sardonyx knocks the Rubies (and Steven, by accident) into space.
  • Steven and the Rubies become stranded in deep space. Steven finds "Eyeball" and rescues her, eventually revealing Rose's gemstone. Believing Steven is Rose Quartz, "Eyeball" attempts to shatter Steven, forcing him to eject "Eyeball" back into space. After some time, Steven is saved by the Crystal Gems, having hijacked the Rubies' Roaming Eye ship. On the ride back to Earth, the Crystal Gems confirm and justify Rose's actions toward Pink Diamond.

Season 4

  • While cleaning up Jasper's mess at the Beta Kindergarten, Peridot manages to poof and bubble her first Corrupted Gem.
  • Steven and Amethyst reveal Smoky Quartz to the other Crystal Gems. Sardonyx attempts to evaluate Smoky, ultimately realizing they are special in their own way.
  • Steven and Connie discover a journal by Buddy Buddwick.
  • Steven overcomes his regrets with help from Connie.
  • With help from Steven, Mr. Smiley reconnects with his old friend and partner Mr. Frowney.
  • Steven meets Onion's summer friends.
  • Andy DeMayo reconnects with his estranged cousin Greg over a family dinner with Steven and the Gems.
  • Steven investigates a strange dream he is having, despite frequent warnings from Garnet. After Blue Diamond abducts Greg in Korea, Steven, and the Crystal Gems travel to Pink Diamond's Zoo to rescue him. Lapis, Peridot, and Connie are charged with protecting Earth in their stead.
  • Despite issues with the Roaming Eye's gravity drive, the Crystal Gems arrive at Pink Diamond's Zoo. While Holly Blue Agate gives Sapphire, Ruby, and Pearl a tour of the facility, Steven is inserted into the Human Zoo and reunites with Greg.
  • Despite a comfortable existence inside the Zoo, Greg ultimately rejects the "choosening" ceremony of the other humans. Steven and Greg are subsequently captured by the intervening Amethyst guards.
  • Brought to the guard quarters, Steven and Greg are surprised that Amethyst has quickly befriended her sisters, both for their common heritage and mutual dislike of Holly Blue Agate. While Holly Blue browbeats the guards into preparing for Blue Diamond's surprise return, Steven and Greg take refuge in a large room full of bubbled Rose Quartzes, hiding when Blue Diamond arrives to pay her respects. Yellow Diamond enters immediately after, attempting to convince Blue to move on. Afterward, Steven and Greg sneak back out while Sapphire stalls Holly and the Diamonds for time. Upon entering the hangar, Holly catches Steven and Greg attempting to escape. She tries to stop them but is thwarted by Garnet and the others. The Crystal Gems and Greg successfully escape the Zoo.
  • While Steven and the Gems are away, Connie, Lapis, and Peridot protect Beach City, with disastrous results.
  • The Crystal Gems and Greg return to Earth. The car wash's sign is replaced afterward.
  • Steven resolves his mother issues inside Rose's Room.
  • Ronaldo temporarily joins the Crystal Gems.
  • Steven and Amethyst officially retire from Beach City's underground wrestling scene.
  • "Navy" crash-lands on Earth. Posing as a defector, she eventually steals back the Roaming Eye and escapes into space.
  • Steven discovers another of Rose's secrets with help from Lion.
  • The Light Prism returns, still in its Steven form, and Steven tells Connie the story of their previous adventure. Suddenly, the Light Prism leaves the Beach House; Steven and Connie chase it to Greg Universe's It's A Wash. Above the car wash Hessonite's Warship floats and then crashes down.
  • Hessonite then forces the light prism to go with her. 
  •  In the end, there are two endings. the first ending is where the prism goes to explore the Earth. This is considered to be the good ending. The second ending is where the prism goes with Hessonite. This is considered to be the bad ending.
  • Steven and Connie do a stakeout with Mr. Maheswaran, though the culprit is not who they suspect.
  • Steven, Sadie, and Lars are invited to a party hosted by Buck and company. On the night of the party, however, Lars is nowhere to be found.
  • Steven, Connie, and the Gems investigate several mysterious disappearances. Steven encounters Aquamarine and Topaz for the first time, and Connie is captured in the process.
  • Steven and the Crystal Gems confront Aquamarine and Topaz, with the former explaining their reason for visiting Earth. In order to save his friends, Steven reveals his mother's gemstone and turns himself in, departing Earth for Homeworld.
  • "Eyeball" somehow returns to Homeworld during this time, possibly rescued by "Navy".

Season 5

  • Steven discovers that Lars is still on the ship. Nevertheless, Aquamarine and Topaz escort them to Homeworld. Topaz tries to help Steven and Lars escape but to no avail.
  • Put on trial for Rose Quartz's crime of shattering Pink Diamond, Steven (represented by a blue defending Zircon) goes up against the Diamonds (represented by a yellow prosecuting Zircon). Steven learns that his mother may not be responsible for the shattering. Both Zircons are poofed by Yellow Diamond.
  • Lars and Steven escape the Diamonds and meet a group of rogue "off-color" Gems (Padparadscha, the Rutile Twins, Rhodonite, and Fluorite). Lars is killed by an explosion while protecting the group from a pack of Robonoids.
  • Steven revives Lars with his tears, causing him to turn pink and gain powers similar to Lion. Steven uses Lars' pocket dimension to return to Earth, while Lars and the Off Colors stay behind to search for an alternate way home.
  • Connie gets mad at Steven for not working together to save their friends and him giving himself up in the fight against Aquamarine and Topaz, and leaves with an equally upset Lion. Mayor Dewey resigns from his post, allowing Nanefua Pizza to take his place.
  • Greg and the Crystal Gems take Steven to a place called Cool Ranch to help him relax, thinking that he is upset about space. Steven eventually confesses to them his falling out with Connie and failed attempts to make amends and they assure that things will be al.
  • Lapis Lazuli leaves Earth once again and takes the Barn, not wanting to get caught in the middle of another war with the Diamonds. Peridot subsequently moves back into Stevens bathroom.
  • Peridot, Steven, and Amethyst return to the Kindergarten to turn it into an actual garden in order to cheer Peridot up but instead encounter a Flower Monster. Peridot gets over the fact that Lapis left her.
  • Sadie quits her job and joins a band with Buck, Jenny, Sour Cream, and Steven.
  • Kevin returns and invites Steven and Connie to his party. At the party, Steven has a tense reunion with Connie and Lion, who is revealed to have stayed with her for the past few weeks, and when the former two finally talk, it is revealed that Connie has been trying to get in touch with Steven to reconcile this entire time, but was unable to due multiple circumstances. Connie and Steven make amends and leave on Lion as their relationship is finally recovered.
  • During this time, Lars and the Off Colors escape from Homeworld and become a rebel cell against the Homeworld Gems.
  • Steven and Connie visit Lars and the Off Colors, only to be shot down by an Emerald while protecting Lars' new ship.
  • Stevonnie gets stranded on a nearby planet and learns more about Pink Diamond's past.
  • Lars and his crew rescue Stevonnie off of the Jungle Moon and Steven and Connie return to Earth, presumably unfused.
  • Steven introduces Garnet to the Off Colors.
  • Garnet tells Lars and the Off Colors the origins of Rose Quartz and the Rebellion.
  • Steven records a documentary for "Sadie Killer and the Suspects".
  • Greg becomes the manager of "Sadie Killer and the Suspects".
  • Steven and Garnet adopt a one-eyed stray kitten and name it "Cat Steven".
  • Steven sends a letter to Lars about what's happening in Beach City.
  • Nanefua organizes emergency protocols for the town in case of another Gem invasion.
  • Pearl buys a cell phone.
  • Jamie starts an improv group. Peridot and Amethyst are among the members.
  • Big Donut is reopened after Bill Dewey begins working there.
  • During this time, Lars and the Off Colors struggle to repair the Sun Incinerator and return to Earth and decide to raid one of Yellow Diamond's mining facilities for supplies.
  • Ronaldo spots the Moon Base and the Barn on the Moon and informs Steven. Steven travels to the Moon on Lion to search for Lapis. Steven meets Lapis again and Lapis explains why she left Earth. Though Steven at first convinces her to return, Lapis seemingly abandons Earth for good after Steven tries and fails to explain another dream about Pink Diamond.
  • Steven goes inside Pearl to find her phone and discovers that Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond, shocking Garnet, and Amethyst.
  • Garnet unfuses and Sapphire becomes mad at Ruby, believing that Rose Quartz lied to them and leaves, upset. Steven and Pearl check on Sapphire and Pearl tell Steven and Sapphire the story of how Pink Diamond became Rose Quartz before eventually returning home, only to find that Ruby is not there.
  • Sapphire reads the letter that Ruby had written, causing her and Pearl to break down crying about Ruby. Steven and Amethyst go out to search for Ruby. Amethyst reveals that she was trying to cheer Steven up after Steven tries to stop her from fleeing. Steven and Amethyst discover that Ruby is at Greg's van with Greg.
  • Steven and Amethyst find Ruby and learn that she was with Greg all along. Ruby becomes her own person and dresses like a cowboy as they go on an adventure. Eventually, Ruby reunites with Sapphire and proposes to her.
  • Steven, Pearl, Amethyst, and Peridot set up a wedding for Ruby and Sapphire. Steven releases Bismuth and after telling her the truth about Rose Quartz, eventually convinces her to come to the wedding. Bismuth, in turn, gives Ruby and Sapphire two wedding rings.
  • Steven invites everybody to the wedding. Ruby and Sapphire are married and Garnet returns. Yellow and Blue Diamond appear and invade Beach City. The Cluster is unleashed but fights alongside the Crystal Gems. Lapis Lazuli returns to Earth and joins the Crystal Gems. Peridot and Lapis are poofed into their gems. In an out-of-body experience, Steven confesses to Blue and Yellow Diamond that his mom is Pink Diamond. Steven wakes up and everybody, including Blue and Yellow Diamond, becomes glad as they finally learn the truth about Pink Diamond.
  • Blue and Yellow Diamond are relieved to be reunited with Pink.
  • Steven shows Centipeetle to Blue and Yellow Diamond because they thought their Corrupting Light destroyed all Gems. Steven, Yellow, and Blue combine their powers to temporarily reverse the corruption effects, revealing Centipeetle to be a Nephrite. They decide that in order to permanently heal corruption, they need White Diamond as well. Steven, Connie, and the Gems (excluding Bismuth) board Pink Diamond's old ship to travel to Homeworld. There, Gems cheer for the return of Pink Diamond and White Pearl takes Steven to White Diamond. White welcomes Steven back home and transports him to Pink Diamond's Palace.
  • Steven befriends the Pebbles that live inside Pink Diamond's Palace.
  • Steven is reunited with Pearl, and they are taken to Yellow Diamond's Extraction Chamber by Yellow Pearl. Steven vents his frustrations about White, but Yellow Diamond soon leaves on a mission.
  • Blue Pearl takes Steven and Pearl to Blue Diamond's Extraction Chamber, where Steven learns that the Diamonds used to be very close and often played games with Pink. Blue soon leaves as well.
  • The Pebbles recreate Pink's outfit for Steven.
  • Pearl brings Garnet, Amethyst, and Connie to Steven, and he decides to throw a party for the Diamonds like his mother used to and invite everyone on Homeworld. He plans on making a case for Earth.
  • Instead of attending the party where the other three Diamonds are present White Diamond sends White Pearl who announces that Era 3 has begun.
  • Stevonnie fuses, along with Garnet, Opal, and a Homeworld Jade fusion. While Yellow Diamond poofs the latter she throws Stevonnie into a small room of their own.
  • Steven possesses a Watermelon Steven and tells Bismuth that the Crystal Gems need help.
  • Blue Diamond releases Steven and Connie out of the Prison Tower and takes them to the Bubble Chamber to get the gemstones of the Crystal Gems that Yellow Diamond bubbled. Blue and Yellow Diamond engage in a major fight over Steven (Pink Diamond)'s punishment until Steven convinces Yellow Diamond to help them.
  • When the Crystal Gems, Yellow and Blue Diamond get to Pink's Ship, White Pearl stops them as White Diamond flies her ship to Pink's and controls it. Yellow and Blue's ships come and knock down the Diamond Mech, piloted by Bismuth and a reformed Peridot and Lapis. Yellow and Blue try to talk to White, but instead, she uses her power to control them. Steven fuses with Amethyst's gem into Smoky Quartz and reveals that Steven can pull Gems from regeneration through fusion. Steven fuses with Pearl to make Rainbow Quartz 2.0 and then Garnet to make Sunstone. All four gems fuse to make Obsidian climb to White's ship. Bismuth gives Connie a new sword. The main 4 Crystal Gems get to White's ship and confront her, but she possesses Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl. Connie arrives but is contained as White Diamond removes Steven's gem expecting Pink Diamond to reform. Instead, a Pink Steven is created and refuses with the weaker human Steven to bring back regular Steven, which angers White. White Diamond blushes pink and releases all the gems from her control, including Pink Pearl. Steven comforts White for her flaws.
  • During Sadie Killer and the Suspects’ Concert, the Diamonds and Crystal Gems return to Earth with the Diamond Mech. The Sun Incinerator arrives on Earth with the Off Colors. Lars and Sadie reunite with each other after a long time. Steven and the Diamonds heal all the corrupted Gems using Rose's Fountain. The Diamonds return to Homeworld, leaving Pink Diamond's Ship.

Unleash the Light

  • Era 3 anarchists Demantoid and Pyrope refuse to give up their prism weapons. Steven and the Crystal Gems will make them, even if it means fighting. 

Steven Universe: The Movie

  • Steven helps dismantle and demilitarize Homeworld's empire.
  • Little Homeworld is constructed on Earth.
  • The Beach House is renovated and expanded.
  • Steven turns 16 during this time.
  • After helping dismantle most of Homeworld's territory, Steven announces his plan to return to Beach City to the dismay of the Diamonds.
  • Connie leaves for space camp.
  • Just as Steven and the Crystal Gems are settling into their new life, Spinel arrives on Earth, intent on destroying Steven and his home. Spinel incapacitates Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, wiping their memories in the process, before being subdued by Steven, who has also lost his powers.
  • After the Crystal Gems reform, Steven learns of Spinel's identity and more about her technology.
  • Spinel accidentally destroys part of Little Homeworld, causing Ruby and Sapphire to become Garnet once again.
  • Steven and Spinel help Amethyst restore her memory.
  • Steven and Greg form Steg for the first time while helping Pearl regain her memory.
  • Steven returns home to find Spinel in his conservatory and sends Lion to retrieve Connie.
  • Steven learns about Spinel's history with Pink Diamond, restoring her memory in the process.
  • Connie and Lion return to help Steven.
  • Steven convinces Spinel to shut down the injector. After hearing about his lack of plans for her, however, Spinel turns against Steven and reactivates her injector. Spinel takes Garnet hostage and goads Steven into attacking, but when he refuses, Garnet regains her memory and helps fight Spinel.
  • While Connie and the Crystal Gems protect Beach City's citizens from the effects of the bio-poison, Steven confronts Spinel atop her injector. Steven regains his powers and fights Spinel destroying her injector in the process.
  • The Diamonds arrive on Earth, having decided to live with Steven but quickly change their minds after seeing the damage Spinel has caused. After meeting Spinel, the Diamonds invite her to live with them on Homeworld and she accepts.
  • Steven and his allies repair Beach City.

Steven Universe Future

  • Steven heals Cherry Quartz and introduces her to life in Beach City and Little Homeworld.
  • After learning about a Gem who refuses to join Little Homeworld, Steven discovers Jasper living alone in the woods. He tries and fails to convince her to join him to the point of fighting her, unleashing a destructive new power in the process.
  • After learning that Amethyst has given all the Gems of Little Homeworld jobs similar to their previous occupations, Steven tries to get them out of their comfort zones by assigning them different tasks, sending the Boardwalk into chaos.
  • The Zoomans take over Pink Diamond's Zoo and arrive on Earth. The Rose Quartzes are also unbubbled, and Steven and the Crystal Gems have an awkward sleepover with three of them.
  • Steven tries to heal Pink Pearl's injury, learning that Pink Diamond was responsible for her missing eye. Steven, Pearl, and Pink Pearl travel to The Reef to heal her, only to learn that her scar is a psychological wound caused by one of Pink Diamond's temper tantrums. Fed up with the controversy surrounding his mother, Steven angrily destroys part of The Reef, causing Shell to trap both Pearls in an attempt to reprogram them. Pearl and Pink Pearl form Mega Pearl for the first time and escape The Reef with Steven.
  • Bluebird Azurite arrives at the Beach House and befriends the Crystal Gems (and Greg). She betrays the Gems but is defeated by Alexandrite and forced to defuse into her components, Aquamarine and "Eyeball", who depart.
  • Steven and Lapis go to an alien planet where they find two Lapis Lazulis who are still terraforming planets. They are Nice Lapis and Mean Lapis. Steven tells both Lapis Lazulis about Little Homeschool and by the episode's conclusion, Nice Lapis shows up and joins the school.
  • Steven throws a graduation party for the graduating class in Little Homeschool, but his feelings of anxiety about his friends moving on in their lives without him trigger his pink state and he involuntarily traps him and his friends in a dome-shaped bubble. However, after a pep talk from his friends, Steven realizes he needs to let his friends live their own lives and deactivates the dome.
  • Steven takes up gardening after he quits his position as a teacher at Little Homeschool, and accidentally brings his cactus to life using his phytokinesis. The cactus (later named Cactus Steven) copies what others say, and when Steven starts to dump his emotional baggage on him, he starts becoming more negative and deformed in the process. After a fight between Cactus Steven and the Crystal Gems, Steven apologizes to Cactus Steven putting his negative emotions on him, and Cactus Steven leaves Steven's house on good terms but destroys part of the house.
  • Steven and Peridot watch a reboot of Camp Pining Hearts but aren't satisfied with the result. After discovering he can alter the program through his dreams, Steven and Peridot attempt to exploit this, with nearly fatal results due to Steven's underlying trauma.
  • Steven, Connie, Bismuth, and Pearl go roller skating, culminating in a skating contest won by Stevonnie. Pearl and Bismuth begin a relationship, and Steven is awkwardly introduced to Connie's other friends.
  • After getting separate advice from Ruby and Sapphire, Steven proposes to Connie. However, she turns him down due to their current age and her plans for college but promises to save the question for another time, leaving him somewhat heartbroken.
  • Steven goes to the doctor for the first time in an attempt to learn more about his new powers. Unfortunately, his insecurities and recent rejection cause him to destroy much of Dr. Maheswaran's office.
  • Steven and Greg go on a road trip, during which Steven learns more about his paternal grandparents. Realizing that his mother and father have too much in common, Steven angrily destroys Greg's van.
  • Steven seeks out Jasper to learn to control his powers. After three days of intense training, Steven fights Jasper to the point of shattering her. Upon being revived, Jasper finally recognizes Steven as a Diamond, but he isn't too happy about it.
  • In desperation, Steven goes to the Diamonds to learn how to control his powers, reuniting with Spinel along the way. After nearly shattering White Diamond when she allows him to control her, Steven realizes how dangerous he is and quickly leaves.
  • Once back on Earth, Steven attempts to help out around Little Homeworld, but only ends up making things worse. Connie, Greg, and the Crystal Gems have an intervention, but Steven doubles down on his insecurities, finally transforming him into a monster.
  • Steven's friends and family work together to bring his new corrupted form under control and eventually succeed by giving him unconditional love, with Connie sealing the deal with a kiss. After returning to normal, Steven finally breaks down, letting out years of held-in emotions.
  • Steven gradually heals from his meltdown over the next few months with the help of his family and friends, as well as a therapist. He also finally upgrades his relationship with Connie from best friends to romantic couple.
  • Steven leaves Beach City to see the world, but not before wishing everyone close to him a heartfelt goodbye.

Level-2 Canon

Level 2 Canon Section
This section contains informations on a subject that is considered "level 2 canon" and may be contradicted by the TV series.

"Level-2 Canon" refers to events that occur in Steven Universe media outside TV releases that present a narrative that takes place within the TV show's timeline. Such narration is considered to be canon until the TV series overwrites such canon with its own. This section lists the events that have not been overwritten so far.

Ancient Events

Over 4,500 Years Ago

  • The Gem Homeworld no longer sees Earth as a viable colony.
  • The Crystal Gems emerge victorious.

4,000 Years Ago 

  • All of the events that occur during this time span in the TV timeline occurs.

Present Events

All of the events that take place in the show before and after the games occur in this timeline.[34]

The Phantom Fable

  • The Book was inside of the Lion's mane and it takes Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, while separated in other places before Steven bubbled up the Book.

Steven Universe comic series


"Don't worry, bro. None of this is canon."
This section contains information on a subject that is not considered canon in Steven Universe.


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