Ancient History


Over 6000 years ago

6000 years ago

Over 5000 years ago

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Unknown Time Period

  • The Galaxy Warp goes inactive.
  • The Crystal Temple is constructed.
  • Ruby and Sapphire decide to stay fused as Garnet.
  • Amethyst is discovered at the Kindergarten and joins the Crystal Gems.

19th century

  • "Nearly 200 years ago", Captain William Dewey and his crew are attacked by a gem monster and rescued by the Crystal Gems. Dewey goes on to found Beach City.[3]
  • In the summer of 1862, William Buford Buchanan, Beach City's most notorious arsonist, sets a record 335 fires. He drowns after diving into the ocean trying to evade police.[4]

Recent History

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  • Ocean Town is abandoned after an unspecified catastrophe.[5]
  • Greg drops out of community college to become a professional musician and tour the country. He records Space Train to the Cosmos. [6]
  • Roughly two decades before Year 1, Greg falls in love with Rose Quartz and decides to stay in Beach City. [6]
    • Several months later, Greg records a music video with the Crystal Gems, learns about fusion and unsuccessfully attempts to fuse with Rose Quartz.[7]
  • Greg starts growing a beard and records Let Me Drive My Van into Your Heart. [8]
  • Over a decade before Year 1, Rose Quartz records a video for Steven. [9]
    • Over a decade before Year 1, Rose Quartz gives up her physical form and to give birth to Steven Universe.
  • Roughly 5 years before Year 1, the Aqua-Mexican restaurant goes out of business.
  • Roughly 1 year before Year 1, Connie Maheswaran and Steven see each other for the first time at the Boardwalk Parade.[10]

Present Events

1st Year

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The stolen ocean.

2nd Year

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Onion Friend 102
  • In Onion Friend, there's a schedule showing when Yellowtail will be home. Based on the crossed out dates on the chart, Onion Friend takes place at some point in June, before Yellowtail's expected return on the 25th.

Level 2 Canon



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    Original intended airing order for Season 1

    Ian Jones-Quartey posted the original intended airing order for Season 1.[14]


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