Ancient History


4900 B.C.

Around 3900 B.C.

2900 B.C.

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Unknown Time Period

  • The Galaxy Warp goes inactive.
  • The Crystal Temple is constructed.
  • Ruby and Sapphire have decided to stay fused as Garnet.
  • Amethyst was discovered at the Kindergarten and joins the Crystal Gems.
  • Lapis is trapped in the mirror.


  • "Nearly 200 years ago", Captain William Dewey and his crew are attacked by a gem monster and rescued by the Crystal Gems. Dewey goes on to found Beach City.[3]
  • In the summer of 1862, William Buford Buchanan, Beach City's most notorious arsonist, sets a record 335 fires. He drowns after diving into the ocean trying to evade police.[4]


  • In 1937, the Beach City Gremlin supposedly caused the Beach City Blimp Explosion.[5]

Recent History

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  • Ocean Town is abandoned after an unspecified catastrophe.[6]
  • Greg drops out of community college to become a professional musician and tour the country. He records Space Train to the Cosmos. [7]
  • Roughly two decades before Year 1, Greg falls in love with Rose Quartz and decides to stay in Beach City. [7]
    • Several months later, Greg records a music video with the Crystal Gems, learns about fusion and unsuccessfully attempts to fuse with Rose Quartz.[8]
  • Greg starts growing a beard and records Let Me Drive My Van into Your Heart. [9]
  • Over a decade before Year 1, Rose Quartz records a video for Steven. [10]
    • Over a decade before Year 1, Rose Quartz gives up her physical form and to give birth to Steven Universe.
  • Roughly 5 years before Year 1, the Aqua-Mexican restaurant goes out of business.
  • Roughly 1 year before Year 1, Connie Maheswaran and Steven see each other for the first time at the Boardwalk Parade.[11]
  • A year before the events of Steven and the Stevens, Steven performs naked at Beachapalooza.

Present Events

Year 1

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The stolen ocean.

Year 2

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Onion Friend 102

Level 2 Canon



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    Original intended airing order for Season 1

    Ian Jones-Quartey posted the original intended airing order for Season 1.[15]


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