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This article is about the Season 5 episode. You may be looking for the Season 1 episode.

But my friends are super inspiring! They'll inspire White too! Together we can make a case for Earth!


"Together Alone" is the 27th episode of the fifth season of Steven Universe, the 155th episode overall, and the third episode in the Diamond Days event.

Official Synopsis

Steven throws a party to bring his family together.[2]


Together Alone 014.png

The episode begins with Steven having a dream of the past of his mother's memories in which he as Pink Diamond and a Pink Pearl almost identical to White Diamond's, except for having pink hair and eyes, no cracked eye and a playful personality, are playing together inside his mother's room in her palace. Steven is standing on a bubble when he's juggling bubbles with various random objects inside them, he leaps, lands, and kiss as Pink Pearl applause. When they hear Yellow Diamond opens the door, they went back to their position as the three mirrored vanity appeared. Yellow, with only her very long neck and head stretching into the room, the two-act orderly, and when she leaves, they start laughing. Steven starts to cough up Rose's hair as the dream fades to black void with violet floors in which Pink Pearl is pulled away from him. The bubble pops as dream doorway opens to White Diamond's ship, where White Diamond is watching him while smiling, and he then throws up Rose's hair, causing him to wake up. In the morning, the Gems and Connie are in Pink Diamond's room with him, while the Pebbles are making furniture all night so it resembles Steven's house back on Earth. Steven then goes with Pearl to Blue and Yellow Diamond in the throne room for his meeting about White and asks to plan a ball to bring Homeworld together, and possibly get White Diamond to attend and to get help to heal the corrupted Gems. Blue and Yellow Diamond agree to this plan to talk to White to heal all the corrupted Gems and then give Steven their Pearls to start planning out the ball.

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Steven requests things such as balloons and confetti cannons, but Yellow Pearl says that such things are not allowed. She explains what will happen at the ball and what Steven cannot do. Steven then introduces the Pearls to the concept of "fun", showing that Blue Pearl likes drawing and Yellow Pearl likes modeling. Blue Diamond then enters the room and tells Steven that he's not getting ready and asked that he's going to look like this form also the Gems and Connie cannot enter. However, Steven persist and Blue allows it, but he can only have Connie, Pearl, and Amethyst (if she wears the Limb Enhancers) at the ball, and Garnet, then Blue felt surprised that the fusion of Ruby and Sapphire is named Garnet, and have with other Garnets at the ball: Demantoids, Hessonites, Pyropes. She will have to unfuse into Ruby and Sapphire. Garnet resists, but eventually, as seen during the ball, complies.

Together Alone 231.png

The ball commences, and Steven is shown greeting the Gems that come up to him, even taking some extra time for Amethyst with her new limb enhancers. Yellow and Blue Diamond show up as their Pearls introduce them. White Pearl appears and she is shown to be introducing White Diamond, but instead reports that White Diamond is busy with other matters and that she will observe the ball in her place. Steven starts to get bummed out that White didn't attend until Connie asks him to dance. They start dancing, much to the surprise of every Gem present, but fuse into Stevonnie and only notice when Yellow Diamond points it out.

Together Alone 332.png

Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond are enraged, and Blue tells them to unfuse. But instead, Ruby and Sapphire fuse into Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst fuse into Opal, and two Jades (who fuse into Lemon Jade) stand with Stevonnie. Yellow Diamond angrily poofs Lemon Jade, Opal, and Garnet. Yellow grabs Stevonnie and throws them in a room to let them think about what they've done.






Instrumental Songs


  • This is the last episode to air in 2018.
  • Steven's dream hints that White Pearl originally belonged to Pink Diamond.
  • The title of this episode is the reverse of the Season 1 episode "Alone Together". Both episodes feature Stevonnie.
    • In "Alone Together", Steven was the first to ask Connie to dance with him. Whereas in this episode the roles were reversed.
  • As of this episode, Yellow Diamond has poofed ten Gems on-screen.
  • Blue Diamond remarks that the ball would mark the beginning of Era 3 on Gem Homeworld due to Pink's return. This confirms that Era 2 was a direct result of Pink Diamond's supposed shattering.
  • This episode confirms that Fusion Gems exist as individuals in Homeworld as previously stated in the podcast, as Blue Diamond indirectly reveals that there are other Garnets on Homeworld.
  • While the names of the Gems who fuse are not mentioned onscreen, it was revealed in the credits of "Together Alone" that Aparna Nancherla voiced characters known as "Jades".
    • The name of their fusion, "Lemon Jade", was confirmed by Rebecca Sugar in a Crewniverse Reddit AMA.[3]

Cultural References

  • The first few seconds of music when Yellow Diamond enters during Steven's dream are based on the "Ballet of Unhatched Chicks" theme in Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition.


  • This episode continues from "Familiar".
  • Blue Pearl shows the drawings she drew during "The Trial".
  • In Steven's dream, Steven was shown to be juggling, which was stated to be a talent of Pink Diamond's in the previous episode.
  • Steven's phone is still with Fisto, the Pebble that took it from him in the previous episode.


Pearl's uncolored waist ribbon.

  • When Connie wakes up the hand Pebble who snatched Steven's phone in the previous episode is seen using it, but her gem is on the wrong hand, holding the phone with the one that should have the gem. Furthermore, her gem is seen on the other hand and wrongly colored the same color as her shirt.
  • While Steven talks to the Diamonds, in the first shot Yellow Diamond has once again pale yellow sclera as opposed to her white on model ones. This error is repeated a couple more times when the same shot appears.
  • In the scene where Garnet says she won't go to the ball, Blue Pearl's gemstone is missing.
  • When Steven leaps up to greet Amethyst with her Limb Enhancers, Pearl's ribbon is not colored for three frames.
  • When White Pearl begins to give the announcement of White Diamond's absence, she appears to be half as big as the Diamond-sized curtains in the background (instead of just taking up a fraction of the curtains).
    • This could just be due to the perspective of the shot.
  • When Ruby looks up at Sapphire when they see Connie and Steven dancing, her ring is shown to be silver instead of copper.
  • When Steven and Connie spin in a circle, they are shown spinning in opposite directions between the first and second shot.
  • In the scene where the Jades fuse, the blue-green striped Jade's appearance is erroneously that of a "chest gem" version of her same kind, including the gem placement.
    • For the rest of the episode (e.g. when the Diamonds enter the ball), the blue-green Jade's appearance is corrected and her gemstone is in the correct location. When fused, her gemstone is in the correct location as well.
  • In that same scene, the three Rubies shown display the old uniform from "The Answer", when it was previously seen they wore the modern outfit. Furthermore, by the positions they were in, if they maintained them from previous shots, one of them has the wrong coloration, needing to be more reddish.
    • Moreover, in the same shot, the cheek gem Sapphire has her gem on the wrong cheek.
  • When Garnet shrugs after witnessing the new Lemon Jade fusion, both of her gemstones are missing.
  • When Ruby and Sapphire fuse, they begin to fuse before hitting each other.
  • Garnet's gemstones glow yellow while being poofed by Yellow Diamond, but Opal's and the Jade fusion's do not.
  • Garnet's rings disappear when she poofed.
  • When Garnet is poofed by Yellow Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire's gemstones switch colors.
      • The same error also happened in "The Return" when she was destabilized by Jasper before being poofed.
        • Also, when Garnet was poofed Ruby's gem stays the same deep red instead of turning back to bright red.


View the episode's transcript here.


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  2. – Cartoon Network
  3. Rebecca Sugar in [1]
    "The two Gems who fuse are both Jades, but different types of Jade, belonging to different courts. Their fusion is Lemon Jade."
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