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Pilot Pilot
Season 1 A: Gem Glow β€’ Laser Light Cannon β€’ Cheeseburger Backpack β€’ Together Breakfast β€’ Frybo β€’ Cat Fingers β€’ Bubble Buddies β€’ Serious Steven β€’ Tiger Millionaire β€’ Steven's Lion β€’ Arcade Mania β€’ Giant Woman β€’ So Many Birthdays β€’ Lars and the Cool Kids β€’ Onion Trade β€’ Steven the Sword Fighter β€’ Lion 2: The Movie β€’ Beach Party β€’ Rose's Room β€’ Coach Steven β€’ Joking Victim β€’ Steven and the Stevens β€’ Monster Buddies β€’ An Indirect Kiss β€’ Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem

B: House Guest β€’ Space Race β€’ Secret Team β€’ Island Adventure β€’ Keep Beach City Weird β€’ Fusion Cuisine β€’ Garnet's Universe β€’ Watermelon Steven β€’ Lion 3: Straight to Video β€’ Warp Tour β€’ Alone Together β€’ The Test β€’ Future Vision β€’ On the Run β€’ Horror Club β€’ Winter Forecast β€’ Maximum Capacity β€’ Marble Madness β€’ Rose's Scabbard β€’ Open Book β€’ Shirt Club β€’ Story for Steven β€’ The Message β€’ Political Power β€’ The Return/Jail Break

Season 2 Full Disclosure β€’ Joy Ride β€’ Say Uncle β€’ Love Letters β€’ Reformed β€’ Sworn to the Sword β€’ Rising Tides, Crashing Skies β€’ Keeping It Together β€’ We Need to Talk β€’ Chille Tid β€’ Cry for Help β€’ Keystone Motel β€’ Onion Friend β€’ Historical Friction β€’ Friend Ship β€’ Nightmare Hospital β€’ Sadie's Song β€’ Catch and Release β€’ When it Rains β€’ Back to the Barn β€’ Too Far β€’ The Answer β€’ Steven's Birthday β€’ It Could've Been Great β€’ Message Received β€’ Log Date 7 15 2
Season 3 Super Watermelon Island/Gem Drill β€’ Same Old World β€’ Barn Mates β€’ Hit the Diamond β€’ Steven Floats β€’ Drop Beat Dad β€’ Mr. Greg β€’ Too Short to Ride β€’ The New Lars β€’ Beach City Drift β€’ Restaurant Wars β€’ Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service β€’ Monster Reunion β€’ Alone at Sea β€’ Greg the Babysitter β€’ Gem Hunt β€’ Crack the Whip β€’ Bismuth β€’ Steven vs. Amethyst β€’ Beta β€’ Earthlings β€’ Back to the Moon β€’ Bubbled
Season 4 Kindergarten Kid β€’ Know Your Fusion β€’ Buddy's Book β€’ Mindful Education β€’ Future Boy Zoltron β€’ Last One Out of Beach City β€’ Onion Gang β€’ Gem Harvest β€’ Three Gems and a Baby β€’ Steven's Dream β€’ Adventures in Light Distortion β€’ Gem Heist β€’ The Zoo β€’ That Will Be All β€’ The New Crystal Gems β€’ Storm in the Room β€’ Rocknaldo β€’ Tiger Philanthropist β€’ Room for Ruby β€’ Lion 4: Alternate Ending β€’ Doug Out β€’ The Good Lars β€’ Are You My Dad? β€’ I Am My Mom
Season 5 Stuck Together β€’ The Trial β€’ Off Colors β€’ Lars' Head β€’ Dewey Wins β€’ Gemcation β€’ Raising the Barn β€’ Back to the Kindergarten β€’ Sadie Killer β€’ Kevin Party β€’ Lars of the Stars β€’ Jungle Moon β€’ Your Mother and Mine β€’ The Big Show β€’ Pool Hopping β€’ Letters to Lars β€’ Can't Go Back β€’ A Single Pale Rose β€’ Now We're Only Falling Apart β€’ What's Your Problem? β€’ The Question β€’ Made of Honor β€’ Reunited β€’ Legs From Here to Homeworld β€’ Familiar β€’ Together Alone β€’ Escapism β€’ Change Your Mind
Shorts Lion Loves to Fit in a Box β€’ The Classroom Gems: What Are Gems? β€’ We Are the Crystal Gems β€’ The Classroom Gems: How Are Gems Made? β€’ Unboxing β€’ The Classroom Gems: Fusion β€’ Cooking with Lion β€’ Gem Karaoke β€’ Steven Reacts β€’ Video Chat β€’ Steven's Song Time
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