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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Pink Diamond's Palace]
(Steven is seen balancing on a bubble, juggling three smaller bubbles containing MC Bear-Bear, Chaaaaps, and his ukulele. A pink Pearl watches in amazement and claps for Steven. Steven jumps off the bubble and lands gracefully, blowing a kiss and smiling to Pink Pearl as she continues to clap. Just then, Yellow Diamond appears at the doorway and stares in anger, watching Pink Pearl getting Steven ready for the ball. She extends her neck in a comically way over to them, Pink Pearl does the Gem salute and Steven waves at her. Yellow Diamond smiles and leaves the room shortly. Steven glares at Pink Pearl for a moment, mocking Yellow, and they both start to laugh. Steven then starts coughing and a piece of Rose's hair comes out of his mouth onto his hand. The background turns black as Pink Pearl gets pulled away from Steven, and the bubble he was standing on pops. Steven looks up and sees White Diamond staring at him with a deranged smile. Steven continues to cough and throws up more of Rose's hair.)
[Trans. Int. Pink Diamond's Palace]
(Steven wakes up abruptly in a cold sweat, back in reality.)
Pearl Steven? Are you okay?
Steven Yeah. I just had a really weird nightmare.
Pebble Pink's moving again!
(The Pebble runs up to Connie, who begins to wake up too, while another Pebble uses Steven's phone nearby.)
Connie Oh hey! Good morning.
Amethyst It's something with four legs and a lot of cushions on top!
(The Pebbles construct a couch-like piece of furniture in the room to Amethyst's specifications. Amethyst leaps onto it and gives a thumbs-up.)
Pearl The Pebbles have been working all night. What do you think?
A overview of Pink's room, now with furniture constructed by the Pebbles.
Steven It almost feels like home.
Garnet Almost...
(Garnet stares out the balcony at White Diamond's bust ship in unrest.)
[Trans. Int. Diamond Throne Room]
(Steven and Pearl proceed to have an audience with Yellow and Blue Diamond in the throne room.)
Yellow Diamond A ball? We haven't had a ball in 6,000 years.
Blue Diamond We haven't had Pink in 6,000 years!
Steven Yeah! When White Diamond shows up, we can tell her why we need her help on Earth!
Blue Diamond And, this can also mark the beginning of Era 3.
Yellow Diamond You're right, it's brilliant.
Steven Thank you, Yellow! Thank you, Blue!
Blue Diamond If White is going to be there, everything has to be perfect! Pink, can you manage this on your own? Our Pearls can help you get started.
(Blue Pearl warps into the room, doing the Gem salute.)
Blue Pearl At your service, Pink Diamond.
(Yellow Pearl also warps into the room, doing the Gem salute too.)
Yellow Diamond Make sure you go through all of our customs with Pink, since she has so much trouble recalling her past here on Homeworld.
Yellow Pearl Yes, My Diamond.
Pearl Era 3! Steven, you're already changing the world!
Steven Yeah! Come on, party Pearls!
Yellow & Blue Pearl We are at your command, Pink Diamond.
Steven Just call me Steven!
Yellow & Blue Pearl Whatever you command, Pink Diamond.
[Time-Skip; Afternoon]
(The Crystal Gems are gathered around the steps to Pink Diamond's throne, as Steven begins planning the ball with Yellow and Blue Pearl.)
Steven Balloons everywhere! Confetti cannons too!
Amethyst Dibs on being the confetti cannon!
Yellow Pearl Cannons are forbidden inside palace walls. These "balloons", you're referring to, are unprecedented and therefore out of the question.
Steven So what is precedented and therefore in the question?
Yellow Pearl You are to sit on your elevated throne, while the members of your court indicate to you that they are present.
Amethyst Yikes, this sounds pretty dry.
Yellow Pearl Liquids are forbidden in the ball room.
Steven All right.
(Steven proceeds to jumps up the steps to Pink Diamond's throne, along with Yellow Pearl.)
Yellow Pearl From here, you can accept or reject the members of your court at your leisure. My Diamond will do the same. As will Blue Diamond, and if we are so lucky, all of us will enjoy the impeccable judgement of White Diamond.
Steven So when she gets here, I'll just hop up there and talk to her?
Yellow Pearl Oh, stars! No! I forgot how silly you can be. Everyone stays where they belong.
Steven Oh, so... *hops off the throne onto the floor* I'll just wait until I get a chance to talk to her on the dance floor!
Yellow Pearl Pink Diamond! Your subjects will do the dancing for you! Why would a Diamond want to dance?
Steven Because dancing's fun!
Yellow Pearl What is... "fuh-un"?
Connie You know, it's when you do something you wanna do, just because it feels good.
Yellow Pearl *exchanges looks with Blue Pearl* I don't think we do that here.
Steven Well, is there something you really like to do?
Yellow Pearl Oh! *chuckles* Of course not! My feelings are irrelevant.
Blue Pearl I like to draw.
Yellow Pearl W-w-w-what?!
Steven Can I see some of your stuff?
Blue Pearl Um, here. *pulls out a screen with her drawings* My Diamond allows me to draw during court proceedings. They're nothing much.
(Blue Pearl shows a drawing of Yellow Diamond zapping someone with her electric power.)
Yellow Pearl Let me see that! You can't share these; they're highly confidential!
(Yellow Pearl scrolls through Blue Pearl's drawing and sees a drawing of herself.)
Yellow Pearl Hmm... Not bad. *hands the screen back to Blue Pearl* Try a different angle. *poses elegantly*
Steven *giggles* That's it! *to Yellow Pearl* You like being a model! *to Blue Pearl* And you like being an artist!
(Yellow Pearl starts laughing proudly, when Blue Diamond enters the room, and the Pearls quickly stand in attention.)
Blue Diamond Pink! Why aren't you getting ready?
Steven I guess I am ready, if all I have to do is sit in a chair.
Blue Diamond Are you really going to look like this?! Even at the ball?
Steven I can't really help it.
Blue Diamond You weren't thinking of inviting your "Earth friends", are you?
Steven Why wouldn't I?
(Blue Diamond places her palms between Steven and the Crystal Gems, and separates him from them.)
Crystal Gems Steven!
Steven They can't come? Aren't they my... court or whatever?
Blue Diamond Pink, quit fooling around! White Diamond is going to be there! We have to present her with our best possible selves, just as our Gems have to present us with their best possible selves. A ball is a chance to inspire everyone!
Steven But my friends are super inspiring! They'll inspire White, too. Together we can make a case for Earth!
Blue Diamond Very well, you can bring your Pearl, of course, and your pet.
Steven Uhh, pet?
Connie I think she means me.
Blue Diamond As for this faulty Amethyst...
Amethyst Oh boy, here it comes.
Blue Diamond She'll need limb enhancers to meet her height requirements. The Sapphire will need to enter with the other Sapphires of course, and the Ruby will need to enter with the guards.
Steven Woah, woah, woah. Are you talking about Garnet?
Blue Diamond Garnet? Does "that" call herself a Garnet? Haha! What would you have her do? Enter with the Demantoids? The Hessonites, the Pyropes? Pink, I'm being very generous, but you can't expect me to-
Garnet I won't go.
Steven Garnet?
Blue Diamond At least the Sapphire in there has some sense.
Garnet Grrr!
Steven Ummm...
Blue Diamond Pink! Are you going to ring in the ball?
Steven What?
Blue Diamond Ugh. I'll take care of it. I'll take care of everything. Come, Pearls!
(Blue Diamond walks off as Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl run after her.)
Steven Garnet...
Garnet I'll find you when it's over.
Steven *tears up and hugs Garnet* I thought we'd get to do this together!
Garnet Steven, this is your chance to talk to White. She's not going to listen to me but she might listen to Pink.
Steven And she'll listen when I tell her about you! Once I talk to White Diamond, I'll change everything. I promise.
[Time-Skip; Night-time]
(Loud mechanical-like music is heard as the ball commences. Steven is seen sitting on his throne, with Pearl and Connie on his sides, while various Homeworld Gems are gathered in the throne room. He looks up and sees a statue-like Gem singing the ballroom music.)
Pair of Gems #1 Pink Diamond! It's wonderful to be in your presence.
Steven Uhh, thank you!
Pair of Gems #1 Wow! So radiant and sparkly!
(The pair of Gems leaves, and another pair arrives, looking identical to the previous one.)
Pair of Gems #2 Pink Diamond!
Steven That's me! Your ding-dang Diamond!
Pair of Gems #2 Wow! So radiant and exquisite! *leaves*
Pearl Steven! You're doing great! White Diamond will be very impressed.
Steven Well she better be.
Amethyst Yo! My Diamond!
(Amethyst, now wearing purple limb enhancers, arrives before Steven.)
Steven Amethyst! *turns to Pearl* Is it okay if I say hi?
Pearl We're starting soon, but if you're quick about it-
Steven Thanks Pearl! *hops off the throne*
Pearl Steven! Your manners!
Steven Oh! Right. *floats and lands elegantly* Amethyst, it is good to see you.
Amethyst Good to see you! My Diamond.
Steven Sorry you have to wear those limb enhancers.
Amethyst I'm not sure how Peridot put up with these things but, I'm getting used to it. Yo, check out this cool party trick I taught myself!
(Amethyst maneuvers one of her enhancer fingers to touch her nose and then floats it over to Steven.)
Steven *laughing* Amethyst, come on!
Amethyst I know, this is a serious party. Anyway, I'm going to go mingle with some Quartzes. *struggles to walk properly* Hi! How's it going?
Steven *hops back to the throne* I really hope this works out, Connie. *gasps* Ruby and Sapphire are here!
(Ruby and Sapphire arrive separated, alongside with other Homeworld Rubies and Sapphires.)
Steven When I told Garnet I still wanted her to come, I-I hope she didn't think I meant I wanted her to split.
Connie I'm sure she just wants to support you in any way she can.
Yellow Pearl Everyone, behold! The daunting, beauty and elegance that is, Yellow Diamond!
(Aquamarines pull back the curtains, revealing Yellow Diamond, sparkling her radiance as she enters the throne room. A Jade tries to take a peek, but another Jade nudges her back into position.)
Yellow Diamond Not a bad turnout, Pink.
Steven I appreciate your attendance, Yellow.
Blue Pearl Ahem, everyone prepare yourselves emotionally for the overpowering elegance that is, Blue Diamond.
(Blue Diamond dazzles her radiance and enters the room. The Jade previously starts to cry, and the other Jade rolls her eyes at her.)
Blue Diamond You're doing great!
Steven Thank you, Blue.
(Suddenly, the ballroom turns completely dark. A pair of spotlights shine upon White Pearl in the room, and all the Gems watch on in awe.)
White Pearl To those in attendance of the Era 3 ball, White Diamond... has more important things to attend to.
Steven WHAT?!
(White Pearl encases herself in a white bubble, sinks into the floor and appears on White Diamond's throne.)
White Pearl Therefore, I will be here to observe in her place. Welcome, to Era 3!
Steven Gah!
(The Gems in the ball start to dance in a mechanical manner, while White Pearl observes, smiling derangedly.)
Steven *sighs* I made everyone do this and it's so... miserable.
(Amethyst tries to dance with her limb enhancers, alongside the other Quartzes, but slips and falls.)
Connie *jumps up and sits beside Steven* Steven.
Steven *defeatedly* Don't you mean "Pink Diamond"?
Connie Of course I don't! Come on, do you wanna dance?
Steven Yeah... But, I'm not supposed to.
Connie It's your party.
Steven But White expects me-
Connie She's not here.
(Steven and Connie jump off the throne and onto the dance floor, catching the attention of Sapphire, Ruby and several Homeworld Gems.)
Steven Everybody's staring!
Connie Since when does that bother you? *spins around*
Steven I'm sorry everyone, uhh!
Connie Steven? We're gonna be okay; I'm here. Look at me, we'll get through this together.
(Connie holds Steven's hands and they begin laughing and dancing together. White Pearl's smile quickly turns into a frown, as the pair accidentally fuse together in their dance. Yellow Pearl watches in horror and Yellow Diamond immediately stands up in rage.)
Yellow Diamond Pink, what are you doing?!
Stevonnie I was just dancing! Huh!?
(Stevonnie realized that they have fused, and everybody in the ball stares at them in total shock.)
Blue Diamond Pink, this is completely unacceptable! Unfuse or I'll make you!
(Ruby and Sapphire quickly rush in and fuse back into Garnet.)
Garnet You'll have to go through me!
Pearl *gasps* And me! *runs over to Amethyst*
Amethyst Yeah!
(Pearl scoops Amethyst up and they fuse into Opal, joining Stevonnie and Garnet. The two Jades earlier quickly fuse together too.)
Lemon Jade And me!
(Opal and Stevonnie look at Garnet, and she shrugs.)
Lemon Jade I knew it! I knew I couldn't be the only one! AAHHH!
(Yellow Diamond zaps the Jade Fusion, Opal, and Garnet in quick succession with her electric powers, causing them all to destabilize and poof back into their gems.)
Stevonnie Opal! Garnet!
Yellow Diamond Pink! You've gone too far, even for you!
(Yellow Diamond grabs Stevonnie and throws them into a dark room.)
Yellow Diamond Stay in here and think about what you've done!
Stevonnie No, wait!
(Yellow Diamond shuts the door, leaving Stevonnie alone in the pitch-black room.)

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