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I made you to bring us together! Not to tear us apart!

—Steven to the Together Breakfast

"Together Breakfast" is the 4th episode of the first season of Steven Universe, and the 4th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Steven attempts to get the Crystal Gems to take part in his special breakfast tradition, but instead finds himself tumbling through the magical rooms of the Crystal Temple.[2]


Together Breakfast 051.png

The episode begins in the morning, where Steven looks for the Gems but discovers the house empty. Regardless, he decides to make breakfast and starts by stacking a tower of waffles. He continues preparing the meal by piling on numerous toppings — syrup, whipped cream, popcorn-completing the breakfast with a strawberry garnish on top. After several additional attempts to gather the Gems, Steven gives up, upset that he made a meal he calls "Together Breakfast" that he cannot share with the others.

Together Breakfast 085.png

Garnet suddenly warps into the room and Steven asks if she would like to have some of his Together Breakfast. She declines because she has to go into the Crystal Temple to burn something. She shows him a scroll with strange patterns and voices emanating from it. Intrigued by it, Steven takes a picture with his phone but Garnet quickly snatches it from him, saying she now has to burn that too and goes into the Temple. Steven tries to open the temple door with his gem. He is unable to and dejectedly goes back to the table. Suddenly, the front door of the Beach House opens. A shape shifted Amethyst as a policeman called the "dumb police" starts yelling that he is dumb. She then squirts a water gun at the Together Breakfast and Steven quickly jumps in front to save it, getting drenched in the process. Steven tells Amethyst that he knew of her disguise the entire time. He puts on a new shirt which Amethyst squirts with her water gun again.

Together Breakfast 198.png

Pearl comes out of the Temple using Amethyst's door and is mad at her for taking one of her swords. Amethyst claims she did not, but rushes back in after Pearl mentions that she cleaned her room. Steven asks if they would like to have his Together Breakfast with him, but they both had gone back inside. Steven quickly follows Pearl through her door without her noticing. He sees Pearl on top of her waterfall dancing with her sword collection and putting everything back in place. When Steven calls out to her, she gets mad at him for being in the Temple, but Steven ignores her and tries to swim over. Pearl warns him to stop, but Steven accidentally swims toward a long waterfall and falls over the edge.

Together Breakfast 249.png

Steven lands in Amethyst's room with the breakfast still intact. Amethyst notices him and complains that Pearl always accuses her of taking her things, but in reality, they always fall down the waterfall into Amethyst's room. She then proceeds to mess up her room again to her standards. Steven says that it still looks pretty messy, which pleases her. Then she notices Steven's breakfast and she insists on eating it. Steven starts running, telling her that it is for everyone, but she still chases him through the Temple.

Together Breakfast 315.png

Steven eventually jumps onto a red glowing pole. Pearl comes in and starts panicking because he is on the Crystal Heart, a glass heart that is connected to the most dangerous areas of the Temple. She tells him to hold still and to not look down but Steven does so and panics, falling down into the depths of the Temple. He eventually slides to a stop above the Burning Room. Then he sees Garnet standing by a pool of lava where she breaks his phone and tosses it in. She begins burning the scroll when the other Gems arrive, whispering to Steven that they should leave. Instead, excited that they are all finally in the same room, he calls out to Garnet, distracting her. The Smoke Monster escapes from the scroll and expands into a large dark cloud.

Together Breakfast 369.png

The Crystal Gems attack the cloud, trying to force it back. The monster rushes at Steven and takes refuge in the Together Breakfast. The breakfast mutates, growing larger, and attacks the Gems. Utilizing the powers of a breakfast, it breaks Pearl's spear and traps her with syrup and whipped cream. It then squashes Garnet and Amethyst with a waffle. It rushes at Steven, but he is able to lift and force the Together Breakfast into the lava pool.

Together Breakfast 398.png

The others walk over to Steven and he apologizes, saying that all he wanted was to have breakfast with them. Later, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl help Steven make another Together Breakfast which is bigger and better so they can all share it. They finish it and get ready to eat it, but then they realize that they do not have the appetite to eat it as a result of the morning's events, so they decide to order a pizza. Garnet remarks that "It did try to kill us" as the iris closes on her.






Instrumental Songs


  • This is the first episode where Steven's enhanced strength ability is shown, as he was able to force the Together Breakfast in its mutated state into the lava pool without the other Crystal Gems' assistance.
  • Despite not liking food, Pearl doesn't object to the creation of a Together Breakfast nor ordering pizza. This is most likely an oversight.

Cultural References


  • When Steven is sliding down the pole, he briefly passes through Rose's room; he slides down the same pole again to get to the basement in the episode "Catch and Release".


Note: Time is displayed in [mm:ss]; [00:00] refers to the point after the title card is displayed and before the episode's start.


  • [03:27] When Amethyst runs into her room, the door is heard closing, but it does not move. The closeup of Pearl's face following this shows that the door is closed behind her shoulder.


  • [04:12] When Steven enters Pearl's Room and looks at Pearl arranging her swords, her eyes are black instead of light blue.
  • [05:11] Steven refers to his slippers as shoes as he was about to enter the pool in Pearl's room.
  • [10:04] When the Crystal Gems help Steven make another Together Breakfast, Garnet's right gem (Sapphire's) disappears when she is toasting the waffles.


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