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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Beach House]
Steven *opens the windows to watch the sunrise* Everyone’s out. Guess I’m makin' us breakfast.
(Montage sequence of Steven rummaging his kitchen and making breakfast, starting with a stack of waffles with lots of syrup on them)
Steven *knocks on temple door* Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst? Is anyone home? *turns around with a determined look on his face* Hm!
(Steven then microwaves some popcorn and dumps them over the waffles.)
Steven *sitting in front of the Warp Pad* One, two, three, warp in! *falls over to his side and sighs* I guess they’re still out saving the world.
(Steven then sprays a mountain of whipped cream on top of the waffles.)
Steven *looks at the breakfast he just made* Look at you, you are out of control! *opens the front door of the house* Pearl? Garnet?! *goes back inside*
(Continuing to improve the breakfast, Steven takes a strawberry and carefully places it on top of the whipped cream. He then lifts the breakfast up in triumph.)
Steven It’s done! *sets it down on the kitchen, sighs, and flops next to the breakfast* That thing's too good for me to eat alone. It’s a... “Together Breakfast”.
(The Warp Pad suddenly beamed in, startling Steven. Garnet then appears from the warp stream, carrying a scroll in her hand.)
Steven Ah, Garnet, perfect! *picks up the Together Breakfast* Check it out! It’s not exactly healthy, but it’s in a stack, so I guess you could say, it’s a... balanced breakfast?
(Steven strains a smile at his own joke, trying to get a reaction from Garnet, but she didn't.)
Steven You know, like I made us all breakfast. I thought we could eat together. Like, like best buds!
Garnet I can’t stay. There’s business to attend to inside the temple. *shines her gems at the Temple Gate and it opens*
Steven Aw, business? Like what? *sets the Together Breakfast on the kitchen counter*
Garnet I have to burn this. *unfurls the scroll, revealing strange mystic symbols, as ominous whispers are heard*
Steven Cool! *takes a photo of the scroll with his smartphone, and Garnet snatches it away* Ah!
Garnet I have to burn this, too. *leaves into the temple and the Temple Gate closes behind her*
Steven *runs up to the gate* No, my apps! Door! *lifts his shirt and presses his gem against it* Open, door! (Nothing happens.) Aw, you never work when I need it. *walks away dejected*
(Just then, a purple police bursts in through the front door of the house, wielding a water gun.)
Dumb Police Dumb Police! Uhhh, you’re dumb! *shoots the water gun*
Steven *notices the water gun is aimed at the Together Breakfast and jumped in front of it in slow motion* Nooooooo! *gets squirted on his chest*
(The purple police starts laughing and his head shapeshifts, revealing to be Amethyst all this time.)
Amethyst Oh man, I totally got you! You should’ve seen the look on your face!
Steven Aw, I knew it was you. *gets up and walks towards his closet*
Amethyst Pfft, how?
Steven *changes into a new dry shirt* Because that’s a water gun. And I’m not dumb.
Amethyst *points at Steven's shirt* You’ve got something on your shirt.
(Steven looks down and inspects his shirt. Amethyst then squirts another blast of water at him and laughs. Just then, the Temple Gate starts opening.)
Amethyst Hey, that’s my door! *shapeshifts back to normal, drops the water gun and runs towards the gate*
(Pearl is seen exiting the temple through Amethyst’s door with a sword in her hands.)
Pearl *sees Amethyst, annoyed* Oh, Amethyst, there you are. Care to explain what one of my swords was doing in your room?
Amethyst Having a sword party.
Pearl Oh please, you took it!
Amethyst I did not!
Pearl It’s fine. It’s in the past, I forgive you. *swings the sword over her shoulder, as Amethyst groans* Also, I cleaned up your awful, awful mess. You’re welcome.
Amethyst You did what?! I have a system! *runs into the temple and the gate closes*
Steven Amethyst, wait!
Pearl What’s the matter, Steven?
Steven I wanted us all to have breakfast together. So I made Together Breakfast. *points to the breakfast* But everyone keeps leaving.
Pearl Ah, that’s nice. *opens her door of the Temple Gate, revealing waterfalls in her room, and walks and sinks into the water*
Steven Oh no, not you too! I can’t let this become "Together Brunch"!
(Steven picks up the Together Breakfast and runs towards the door, managing to keep it from closing with his arm, and slips inside Pearl's Room.)
[Trans. Int. Pearl's Room]
(Steven sees Pearl emerging from the top of a waterfall, as she performs a short ballet dance and summons her sword collection. She then replaces the missing sword back into its scabbard.)
Pearl Hmm, there we go. *adjusts it upright* Ahh...
Steven *shouts* Hey, Peaaaarl!
Pearl *notices Steven, as her sword collection sinks back into the waterfall* Steven, what are you doing in here? You know it’s dangerous for you inside the temple. *reopens the Temple Gate back to Steven’s room*
Steven We’re gonna have a nice together breakfast, even if I have to get my shoes wet. *steps into Pearl’s waterfall pool and sinks into it up to his chest*
Pearl WHAT?! Get out of there!
Steven *holding the Together Breakfast up high* I’ll swim it over to you. *starts swimming* See, doggy paddle, forward. *notices the water descending, as he gets pulled towards the waterfall* Oh gosh, wait! Doggy paddle, reverse! Reverse!
Pearl Steven!
[Trans. Int. Amethyst's Room]
Steven *panicking while falling, before noticing the waterfall bends in odd angles* What the...?
(Steven keeps riding on the gravity-defying waterfall, bumping through several waves, until he reaches the bottom.)
Steven Whoa! Keep it Together Breakfast! *splashes into the water below*
[Trans. Int. Amethyst's Room]
(Steven washes up on shore of Amethyst’s room, with the Together Breakfast still intact in his hand. He slowly gets up and sees Amethyst, examining Pearl's organisation of her room.)
Amethyst *flips over a pile of organized junk* Better...
Steven Amethyst.
Amethyst Oh, hey, Steven. Did you come down the waterfall? Pearl gets so mad that I have her junk, but it's always falling down here.
Steven Junk like what?
Amethyst Junk like... you! *picks up Steven, laughing* Imma throw you in the junk pile! *tosses him onto the pile* Isn’t it awful? Pearl organized everything.
Steven Still looks messy to me.
Amethyst Aw, thanks. I try. BOOM! *kicks away a small junk pile and notices the breakfast Steven is carrying* Oh, what’s that Steven?
Steven It’s a Together Breakfast.
Amethyst Alright, snacks! *reaches to grab it*
Steven No! *pulls it away* It’s for everyone to eat together. That’s the essence of Together Breakfast.
Amethyst Oh... Gimme, gimme!
(Amethyst attempts to take it and chases Steven into a cavern corridor.)
[Trans. Crystal Temple corridor]
Steven *running* We have to eat it together! *running through the twisting corridor which turns him upside down* Huh? (The Together Breakfast begins to fall due to gravity.) Woah! *manages to catch it, before the corridor turns back upright again*
Amethyst You can’t outrun me, we both have short legs!
(Steven comes to the end of the corridor and see a room full of floating platforms, forcing him to stop for a moment.)
Amethyst *still running after him* Steven! I’m hungry!
Steven *start hopping between platforms* Just... hold... on! An exit! Woo! *leaps down towards the final platform, causing the Together Breakfast to fall apart, but manages to catch all of it in order* Skills!
Amethyst *jumps after Steven* Get back here!
Steven *running* You’re completely missing the point of this! *jumps and clings onto a crystal pole*
Amethyst *alarmed* Hey, wait a second!
Pearl *entering from other side* Steven! There you are!
Steven Pearl, sweet! Two out of three.
Pearl *noticing what he’s clinging to, worried* Oh, oh! Steven, be careful!
Steven Why? Wha? *looks up and sees a heart-like structure, making beating noises* Whoa...
Pearl You really shouldn’t be in here, this is the Crystal Heart. Oh! It’s connected to the most dangerous areas of the temple! Hold on tight, and don’t look down.
Steven *looks down, sees a dark abyss and starts panicking* Aaah! *loses his grip and starts sliding down*
Pearl and Amethyst No!
Steven *screaming as he slides past a bright room with pink clouds; the music briefly changes to a more serene track* Oh hey, this isn’t so bad. *continues sliding into a darker room with jagged walls; the serene music stops* Ah, nevermind!
[Trans. The Burning Room]
(Steven eventually comes to a halt when the pole bends horizontally. He looks around and see Garnet, walking towards a pool of lava. She takes out Steven's phone, snaps it in half, and drops it into the lava.)
Steven Aw...
(Garnet then unfurls the scroll, dips it into the lava and begins to burn it within a bubble. Steven slides off the pole, and Amethyst and Pearl joins him from above.)
Pearl *whispering* Steven, we’re getting you out of here.
Amethyst *whispering* Come on.
Steven *yelling* Ah, this is great! We’re all together!
(Garnet gasps at Steven's presence. The smoke inside the bubble tries to escape, but is stopped by Garnet.)
Steven We can finally eat! (Pearl and Amethyst run towards Garnet) I mean, we don’t have any forks, but we can use our hands! I’m not gonna judge.
Garnet *trying to contain the visibly-struggling smoke in the bubble* Steven, go!
Steven Okay, want to meet in the kitchen?
(Garnet gets distracted and the bubble pops. The smoke begins to expand and attack the Gems. The Gems then summon their weapons.)
Garnet It’s trying to escape! Force it back!
(The Gems begins to fight the smoke monster, physically hurting it while Steven backs away. The smoke monster then dashes towards and hits Steven.)
Gems Steven!
(The smoke monster seeps into the Together Breakfast.)
Steven Ugh... (The breakfast begins to move on its own.) Together Breakfast?
(The Together Breakfast transforms into a massive grotesque monster, made of the breakfast's ingredients, and wraps Steven in syrup. Pearl hurls her spear at it, drawing its attention.)
Pearl It’s taken refuge in organic matter! (The monster attacks Pearl and sticks her to the wall with a mix of whipped cream and syrup.)
Garnet Now it has all the power of a breakfast, we have to destroy it.
Pearl *surrounded by whipped cream* AAH!!! It’s horrible!
(The monster snaps Pearl's spear in two. Garnet tries to punch the monster, but her gauntlet gets stuck in whipped cream. Amethyst tries to pull Garnet away.)
Steven I didn’t want this! *pushes against the weight of the monster with the breakfast plate* I just wanted to eat together like, like best buds!
Garnet Steven, you’ve got to get away.
Steven But my breakfast!
(The monster launches a giant waffle at Garnet and Amethyst, smashing them into a wall.)
Steven That’s... enough! *starts pushing the monster with great strength* I... don’t care if you... are the most important meal of the day! *shoves the monster towards the lava pool* I made you to bring us together! Not to tear us apart!
(Steven shoves the monster all the way into the lava, burning and destroying it for good. The Gems escape from the monster's previous attacks and gather around Steven at the lava pool.)
Steven I’m sorry, guys. I guess I dreamed too big.
[Trans. Int. Kitchen]
(Montage of the Crystal Gems recreating Steven’s original breakfast, but twice the size of his)
Steven It looks great! It’s even more together and even more breakfast!
(Steven and the Gems stare at it with great concern and unwillingness to eat it.)
Steven I don’t think I can eat this.
Amethyst Let’s order a pizza. (Steven and Pearl agree.)
Garnet It did try to kill us.
(The star iris zooms in on Garnet as she speaks, ending the episode.)

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