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Speaker Dialogue
(Steven and Connie are video chatting on his phone together, in his room, and laughing.)
Steven Wow, Connie. You really have all this college stuff figured out.
Connie I've got a whole plan worked out for early admission to the University of Jayhawk, but I'm still not sure if I'm going to major in political science with a minor in sociology, or major in sociology with a minor in poli sci.
Steven Did establishing democracy across the galaxy get your excited about politics?
Connie *chuckles* Maybe. But, as far as long term careers go, I'm thinking more down to earth.
(Steven and Connie both laugh, but stop when Connie's phone vibrates on the other side.)
Connie Oh wow. Fifteen minutes went by fast.
Steven Aww. These study breaks are so short.
Connie I know, right?
Steven Oh, hold on, Connie. *picks up a brochure* You left this brochure at my place last time. Do you need it back?
Connie Thanks, but I've got two more at home, and you know, internet!
Steven Oh, *chuckles* right. But you'll let me know when you want to hang, right?
Connie Of course, silly! Alright, for real now, bye! (hangs up)
(Steven rolls over on his bed, and picks up the brochure.)
Steven Jayhawk, huh? Where's Beach City? *unfolds the brochure, revealing a very far map and distance between both locations* Oh. That's really far. *turns pink and sinks down into his bed*
(Steven walks down from his room and sees Garnet.)
Steven Garnet? You're still home?
Garnet Steven.
Steven *runs over* I could really use your advice.
Garnet Mmm. Come back to me later. I gotta split.
(Garnet unfuses into Ruby and Sapphire.)
Sapphire I'm so sorry, Steven. I'm running late to my lecture on alternate timelines. *takes off her hat and gives it to Ruby* Have a nice day with the scouts, beautiful! *kisses her and rushes out the door*
Ruby *to Steven* Hey, Sapphire's got her thing, but you can still talk to old Ruby! *walks offscreen to pick up a backpack, then goes back to him* Walk and talk, scout! I got things to do. *walks away*
Steven Oh, okay! *runs after her*
Int. Beach City Woods. Ruby is talking to her scouts, Larimar, Zebra Jasper, and Onion
Ruby Okay, everyone! You remember what we learned last week, right? So, today is the day! Brace yourselves, we're gonna sketch nature and animals!
(The scouts excitedly take out their notepads.)
Ruby I'm gonna ask you to feel the beauty of everything that surrounds you. Draw it with your heart! And then, you'll have the honor of receiving this (holds up a badge) "Nature Sketching Badge"! Let's go! No time to waste!
(Larimar and Zebra Jasper excitedly run into the forest. Later, Ruby and Steven walk and talk together.)
Ruby So what did you want to talk about?
Steven Every time I'm talking with Connie, I just realize that she knows exactly what she wants to do with her life, and I don't. When we're Stevonnie, I feel ready for anything. But on my own, I feel lost and stuck. I... *sighs* Ruby, what do I want?
Ruby Wow, that's a tough one.
Steven I know! Connie will probably go far away for college. And I'm gonna stay here, not knowing what to do and so far from her! I want to stay with her, like you and Sapphire. *paus* Wait, all I want to do is be with Connie, so maybe that means that... Connie is my future!
Ruby *excited, running* STEVEN STEVEN STEVEN STEVEN STEVEN- *sees fire under her feet* Woop! *runs offscreen to grab a towel and puts it on the grass, putting it out* Ah! STEVEN! Propose!
Steven What? Propose? Well, Ruby, I'm not-I'm not sure if this is, uh...
Ruby Don't say you haven't thought about it.
Steven *blushes* I...Of course, I have.
Ruby *jumps onto him* Do it!! DO IT!! DO IT!!!
Steven Y-you sure?
Ruby Buddy! It worked for me! And if you do it, you'll have the honor of receiving this... *holds up a badge* proposal badge!! *Steven gasps* If you're not so sure...You should ask someone who can *winks* see the future.
[Ext. On the beach, Sapphire is teaching her class near the water.]
Sapphire Alright, class...
Steven *running over* Sapphire!!
Sapphire Steven, right on time.
Steven Sapphire! I'm sorry to interrupt your class! Ruby says I should propose to Connie, but she said to check in with you and your future vision.
Sapphire I understand. Let's run the numbers, shall we? *walks closer to the sand, where Steven follows* Alright class, using the concepts we've reviewed so far, we're gonna calculate the probability of Steven's proposal to Connie succeeding. *draws in the sand* Let's start with the probability of she will be willing to spend her life with someone. Then we'll multiply that by your differential factor of sociocultural marriage acceptance, which is then multiplied by the happiness potential of your cohabitation, multiplied by the factor for fear of engagement, multiplied by the intensity of the reciprocal love for each other, and finally, multiplied by the robustness of your life plans. *to Steven* Are you following so far?
(Steven looks back at the sand, seeing complicated mathematical equations in the sand.)
Steven N-N-No?
(The tide comes in and washes away the equations in the sand.)
Steven Oh no! Sapphire, your work!
Sapphire And there we have it. *chuckles* Do you understand, Steven? My marriage with Ruby, our fusion as Garnet, eluded my future vision, defied every odd, and changed the course of time! We can write equations in the sand all day, but a wave of chance can just come crashing in and wash it all away. Love-it's unquantifiable! Even with my clairvoyance, I know better than anyone that true love makes the impossible...possible! Do it, Steven. Do it! Do it! Do it!!
Steven Yeah. Yeah! *to the class* Alright, friends! Take a good look at this guy while you can, cause today may be his last day as Steven Quartz Cutie Pie DeMayo Diamond Universe! (Class cheers)
(Transitioning scenes where Steven begins humming, picking up a cake that says "Together Forever" from Spacetries. He then buys flowers from Crazy Lace Agate. In his room, he twists Connie's Glow Bracelet to reignite it, packs the cake into a picnic basket, then dresses in a blazer and dress shirt in the mirror.)
[Int. Connie's Room at the Maheswaran Residence.]
Connie *hears a roar outside her room* Huh? *walks over and opens her window looking down, seeing Steven and Lion*
Steven Hey, Connie! How you doin'?
Connie Steven? What are you doing here?
Steven You're gonna have a fifteen-minute break in...two minutes, right?
Connie *checks her phone* Whoa! Spot on.
Steven Connie, let's go for a walk. I'm sure you could use some fresh air.
Connie I would love to! But um...
Steven No, no, no! Don't worry! We'll go with Lion, and I promise you'll be back in fifteen minutes!
Connie Okay! Let's do this!
[Ext. Beach. Steven and Connie are walking near the water.]
Steven You remember the first time we met?
Connie You mean when you were trying to ride your bike on the sand, and you ran away screaming?
Steven *laughing* Exactly! I was trying everything to get your attention!
Connie *laughing* I'm pretty sure I was totally focused on my book and didn't see anything!
Steven Well, that all happened right here!
(Steven gestures to a picnic, at the exact same spot where they both met years ago.)
Connie *surprised* Steven! This is...
Steven *runs over* I remember it like it was yesterday!
Connie *blushing* This is so cute.
Steven Connie, there's something very important that I want to say to you today. *picks up a guitar*
(Connie looks in awe as Steven begins singing I'd Rather Be Me (With You).)
Steven I'd rather be tall,
I'd rather be smart,
I'd rather be sure you know I care.
Wherever you go,
Whatever you start,
I'd rather be sure you know I'm there.
I'd rather I always be apart of whatever you do.
I'd rather be me, with you.
Wherever we go,
I already trust,
I'd know what to do if it were us.
I'd know what to say,
I'd know how to be,
I'd know your entire syllabus.
I can't think of any other thing in the world I would rather do...
If I could be,
I'd rather be me, with you...
Connie *claps* Steven, that's so beautiful!
(Connie pauses, seeing Steven get down on one knee and hold up her glow bracelet.)
Connie S-Steven?
Steven Connie... will you marry me?
Connie What?
Steven Let's get married and live as Stevonnie!
Connie What?! *chuckles* Steven, maybe we should talk about this first?
Steven I know you might think I'm being sentimental, but this makes sense! For example, I don't know what you've been studying, but Stevonnie does! We can go to college together!
Connie Steven, come on, we're really young!
Steven You... You don't want to be Stevonnie with me?
Connie Of course I do. But I want to be my own person too.
Steven Well, yeah. But... *closes his hand on the bracelet* (Connie goes over to hug him.) Is-Is it a "no"?
Connie It's a "not now", Steven.
Steven But if we're sure that we're gonna spend our lives together, why not say it now?
Connie *holds his hands* We've got plenty of time. Don't worry.
Steven I'm not worried, I'm just happy to be with you, that's all.
Connie I'm happy to be with you too. It's just that- *phone alarm rings* Oh no! My alarm! *turns it off* Forget studying right now, it doesn't matter.
Steven Yes, it does. It's important to you.
Connie You're important to me!
Steven I'm fine! We'll talk about it later. Lion's waiting for you.
Connie Steven, a-are you sure?
Steven Yeah.
Connie *hugs him* I'll call you tomorrow at lunchtime.
(Connie waves to him as she goes home on Lion.)
Steven Good luck studying!
(After Connie leaves, Steven falls on his back, turning into his pink form again, and starts an explosion of the things around him, leaving him in a crater, tears in his eyes. Spending the entire afternoon in the crater, Steven later gets up with tears in his eyes, and notices Garnet sitting right next to where he was, with the picnic blanket. They both walk home on the beach together.)
Steven I don't get it. Ruby and Sapphire said I should go for it.
Garnet You can't trust love advice from those two hopeless romantics.
Steven Then why didn't you stop me?
Garnet There was no future where you didn't propose to Connie.
Steven Of course.
Garnet *hugs him on the side* Your soulmate is your complement, not your missing piece. Ruby and Sapphire love being together, but they each have their own individual lives. Whatever hole there is in your life, Steven I want you to understand that Connie-Stevonnie won't be able to fill it.
(They sit on the stairs outside the Beach House together.)
Steven It's just that y-you make it look so easy! I mean, *takes picnic basket* I hate to say it, but this is kind of your fault for being so... so perfect!
Garnet I know you're upset, Steven.
Steven Well-Well maybe shoving this adorable cake in my face will make me feel better.
(Steven opens the cake box and is surprised to see the cake is in pieces.)
Garnet It really, really won't.
Steven *shoves a piece in his mouth* *tearfully* I'm doing it anyway!
Garnet I know.

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