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This article is about the Homeworld fusion and her component Gems. You may be looking for another Topaz.

They're always sending me on these miserable missions. I'm always pretending I'm fine with it. I have to pretend I'm fine.

—"Stuck Together"

Topaz is a Homeworld Gem and the fusion of two Topazes who made her debut in "Are You My Dad?". She was sent to Earth with Aquamarine to retrieve humans for Yellow Diamond to take to Pink Diamond's Zoo. As of the start of Era 3, Topaz now happily resides fused and on Earth, being enrolled in Little Homeschool.


Topaz's gemstones are on both sides of her head, where ears would be. Her components are identical albeit shorter (roughly half the size), one with her gemstone on the left side of her head, and the other with her gemstone on the right.

Topaz has light yellow hair in a short, flat top-like fashion, yellow skin, and a tinted orange visor that covers her eyes and the sides of her head. Her eyes appear to be brown, though it is unclear due to the orange tint of her visor.

Her outfit consists of a maroon vest with Yellow Diamond's insignia, a mahogany top underneath, and dark brown bottoms that cover her feet. She has a large, broad, and muscular build with relatively short legs and large, powerful arms. She has a square head and chin with a strong and boxy jawline.



Topaz is silent and aloof, possibly symbolized by her gems covering her ears. She is an obedient soldier, clearly respecting the Gem hierarchy. She obeyed all of Aquamarine's orders instantly, wordlessly, and without question (despite being insulted by her constantly). She is described by Rebecca Sugar to be "particularly powerful."[2] She is also originally seen as somewhat ruthless towards humans, almost going through with following Aquamarine's orders to kill Jamie to get the Crystal Gems to tell them where "My-Dad" was. She is also not above fighting dirty, using Steven's friends to protect herself from Garnet's attacks.

However, in "Stuck Together", Topaz shows an emotional side of herself, starting to cry after hearing Steven and Lars' conversation. She speaks to the humans for the first time, revealing that (while she appears fine with her role) she is unhappy with how she is treated. However, while originally willing to defy Aquamarine (and, by extension, the Diamonds), she changed her mind after being reminded that her components would be separated and shattered for rebelling. After Steven dismantled the Gem empire, Topaz seems happy to finally be free.

Component Gems

Both of the Topazes, like their fusion, are silent, and willing to fulfill their assignments. They have been together for a long time, as implied by Aquamarine, who states, "that's the problem with you fusions. Sooner or later, you all become sentimental." Because of their time together, the Topazes seem to have grown a close relationship together, perhaps even a romantic one as the fused Topaz states "I don't know what Topaz would do if she didn't have Topaz. I've always wanted to tell me how I'm helping me through this, but there's always someone between us!". It is clear that the Topazes really care for each other since when Aquamarine states how they would be separated and shattered, the Topaz fusion quickly falls back in line.


Topaz has been serving Homeworld for an unspecified amount of time, going on missions that always have someone between them. Topaz was sent to Earth with Aquamarine personally by Yellow Diamond to retrieve specific "variations" of humans for Pink Diamond's Zoo. These specific humans are the ones mentioned by Steven in his first interaction with Peridot in "Marble Madness".

"Doug Out"

Topaz and Aquamarine chase down Onion at Beach City Funland during the middle of the night. Once Doug, Steven, and Connie leave the scene, Topaz and Aquamarine approach Onion and capture him.

"The Good Lars"

Topaz and Aquamarine capture Lars while he is running away from the Cool Kids' party. After the party, the duo captures Sadie while she is walking home.

"Are You My Dad?"

Topaz and Aquamarine capture Jamie when he is out delivering Steven's khakis. Later in a forest, Aquamarine calls out for Topaz when she finds Connie. Topaz approaches, making the ground shake with each step that she takes, and is shown to have each missing human inside of her body. Topaz unfuses, her components hold hands and charge at Connie and re-fuse, engulfing her in the fusion and making her part of the body with the other humans. After incapacitating Steven, Topaz and Aquamarine then leave the forest to find the last human, "My Dad".

"I Am My Mom"

Topaz and Aquamarine hide at Funland where Steven and the Crystal Gems find them. At some point, the Crystal Gems begin attacking the duo, but Topaz is easily able to fend off Garnet and Amethyst on her own. When Aquamarine gets annoyed by the fight and threatens to kill the humans if they do not tell her where "My Dad" is, Topaz grabs Jamie's head to emphasize the threat. Once Steven claims to be "My Dad", Topaz unfuses. The two topazes engulf Steven when they re-fuse.

On Aquamarine's ship, Steven causes Topaz to unfuse by forming a bubble from within her, freeing all of the humans in the process. Following Aquamarine's orders, the two individual Topazes summon their maces and attempt to recapture the humans. One Topaz has difficulty attacking Steven and Connie due to Steven's bubble and shield and is shown to be on par with Connie's sword fighting. Another Topaz picks up Sadie but lets her go when Sadie bites one of her fingers. The Topazes fuse again at some point but are still unable to recapture the humans. When Steven later gives himself up, Aquamarine, Steven, Topaz, and Lars fly to Homeworld.

"Stuck Together"

While on Aquamarine's ship, one Topaz holds Steven while the other finds Lars hiding on the ship's staircase. They fuse, containing Steven and Lars in their fusion's form, so they can fly the ship to Homeworld. At some point, the ship's engine fails, so Topaz walks down to the ship's engine room to repair it. While repairing it, Topaz listens to Lars and Steven's conversation and is deeply touched by how, even though they are in serious trouble, they find comfort in each other. Topaz begins to cry, explaining how she has to pretend to be okay with her job, secretly hating it, as someone always comes between her component Topazes.

Topaz then elects to help Lars and Steven, and they ask for them to contribute to escape the ship. She activates the escape pod but is stopped by Aquamarine. Topaz, with the support of Steven, tries to explain what they were doing, but Aquamarine destroys the escape pod. After being threatened by Aquamarine, Topaz grabs one of the Gem Destabilizer weapons and pins Aquamarine to the engine. Aquamarine explains how Topaz will be "rewarded" for her actions by being separated and shattered for rebelling, bringing Topaz back to her senses. She releases Aquamarine, and they all agree to never talk about this incident again. Once they reach Homeworld, Topaz unfuses and her components take Steven and Lars to different places.

Steven Universe: The Movie

Topaz is briefly seen during Steven's part of the song "Happily Ever After" alongside Aquamarine and several other Gem enemies Steven had to deal with in his past.

"Little Homeschool"

Topaz, now residing on Earth, attends Garnet's yoga classes, seemingly happy to finally be free.

"Homeworld Bound"

Topaz partakes in Aubergine Pearl's tour on Homeworld.

"Everything's Fine"

Topaz is seen playing baseball alongside Amethyst and other Gems.


Topaz possesses standard Gem abilities, most prominently fusion, and is an extremely powerful Gem. Her power is emphasized during her debut, where each step she took made the ground shake. Due to her incredible strength and stature as a fusion, Topaz can easily take on multiple enemies at once with little trouble. Topaz has even been able to easily launch Garnet into the air with one of her attacks, a Gem that gave Jasper trouble. Topaz is one of the most physically imposing Gems seen thus far, besides the Diamonds.


Topaz fusing to capture several humans.

  • Fusion Engulfing: Topaz's components are shown to be extremely proficient in unfusing and re-fusing rapidly around an enemy, engulfing and imprisoning them inside of their fusion.

Topaz's speed when swinging her pugil stick.

  • Mace/Pugil Stick Proficiency: Topaz wields a long crystal-headed pugil stick as a weapon. When apart, her components summon one-handed mace-like variants. The constituent Topazes, as well as their fusion, are exceptionally deft with their weapons, able to put considerable strength and speed behind each of their strikes.



Topaz was inferior in rank compared to Aquamarine, and as such, Topaz obeyed her orders without hesitation and did not speak back, despite Topaz's recessed opinions. After being defied and attacked by Topaz, Aquamarine showed mercy and decided to pretend the ordeal never occurred. By the time of Steven Universe Future, the two appear to have cut ties for good.

Steven Universe & Lars Barriga

During her mission on Earth, Topaz initially appeared stoic, carrying out her mission to capture humans, and later to escort Steven after he claimed to be Rose Quartz, without speaking or expressing any emotion. After hearing Steven and Lars' heart-warming conversation on Aquamarine's ship, Topaz is moved by their words and decides to help them escape from Aquamarine using an escape pod on the ship. They are immediately caught by Aquamarine, and, after being reminded of the consequences of rebelling, Topaz rethinks her actions and returns to her previous allegiance to the Diamonds.

Yellow Diamond

The full extent of their relationship is unknown but it can be assumed that Yellow Diamond holds Topaz in high regard, as Pearl surmises that Yellow Diamond must have personally sent Topaz on her mission.

Episode Appearances


  • When asked why she paired Topaz and Aquamarine together, Rebecca Sugar said it was to show both sides of the very high ranking types of blue and yellow Gems on Homeworld.[2]
    • This indicates that Topaz has a high ranking on Homeworld, but not as high as Aquamarine's.
      • In "I Am My Mom", Steven asks Pearl if Topaz and Aquamarine are a "big deal", and she confirms that they are, stating that Blue and Yellow Diamond must have sent them personally.
  • In "Stuck Together", it is made clear that Topaz is capable of hearing despite having both her gems being where her ears would be.
  • The existence of Topaz proves that perma-fusions are indeed legal on Homeworld, provided the components are of the same type. Although given the role of fusions as weapons/tools, it's very likely reserved for certain Gem castes (e.g. soldiers).
  • Topaz in real life is thought to help energize the body and help people understand what is truely important in life. 


Image Description
Topaz's gemstones are located on both sides of her head, corresponding with her two components' gemstone locations (on the left or right sides of their heads). Her gemstones have triangular facets and a circular center facet. These gemstones resemble that of White Topaz, with the only difference being the color.


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