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Topazes are large Gems who were strong and elite bodyguards on Homeworld. All known Topazes have been voiced by Martha Higareda.


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Topazes are high-ranking soldiers in Homeworld's military. They appear to be above even the highest Quartzes, who make up the bulk of Homeworld's army on a multirank system, and Rubies, who are the lowest known military rank.

When not in battle they serve as bodyguards for the Diamonds and other elite gems, guarding areas where they are present. They are also used on recovery missions as their large size allows them to trap captured targets inside their fusions.

Topazes are among the few types of gem that were allowed to fuse before Era 3, but this was only allowed for when it serves a purpose. The fusion of Topaz seems to serve the purpose of challenging larger foes, increasing their already great strength (including their Gem weapons) and the aforementioned use of allowing them to encapsulate smaller targets, as well as increasing the length of their legs and being large enough to be a throne for a small Gem like Aquamarine.

Physical Characteristics

Topazes are very large muscular gems, standing taller than Quartzes. So far they have been shown to come in the shades of yellow and white, the latter being corrupted and bluish.

Despite being higher up in Homeworlds caste system, Topazes show little individuality between each other and remain silent while in the presence of other gems. This may be expected of all soldiers, Topazes just being at the top of the line.

All Topazes shown in the present keep their hair in a flat-top buzz-cut style and wear an orange visor. They wear a slightly different uniform than other gems, with the diamond insignia collar being the same, but with a mahogany top underneath, and dark brown bottoms that cover their feet.

The only Topaz shown to not have short legs was seen in a flashback in "Now We're Only Falling Apart" in Blue's arena; possibly hinting that all others seen are Era 2, which further implies them deemed not to need limb enhancers, unlike undersized Amethysts and Peridots.

Main Topazes

Other Topazes

Yellow Diamond's bodyguards

Two Topazes appear multiple times serving as Yellow Diamond's bodyguards. The first is in "Familiar" where they are shown guarding Yellow Diamond's extraction chamber, and the second time is "Change Your Mind" where they are now guarding Yellow Diamond's bubble chamber. They appear to have traveled with her, and still may serve the same purpose. They've been shown to wield axes.

Image Gemstone Physical Information Other Info
Topacio (4) by RylerGamerDBS.png
Bodyguard Topaz Gem.png

Topaz's gemstone is located on her navel.

Topaz has yellow skin, orange-brown eyes, and light yellow hair. She was a bodyguard for Yellow Diamond.
Topacio (5) by RylerGamerDBS.png
Bodyguard Topaz Gem.png

Topaz's gemstone is located on her chest.

"Now We're Only Falling Apart"

Two Topazes appear, non-speaking, in a flashback in "Now We're Only Falling Apart" alongside Pearl, Rose Quartz, and ready to fight them along with three Amethysts. One can clearly be seen, while the other is on the edge of the camera. They are taller than average, and appear to be Era 1 sized.

Image Gemstone Physical Information Other Info
Topaz naval.png
Topaz Sternum Gem.png

Topaz's gemstone is located on her sternum.

Topaz has light yellow skin, dull brown eyes, and light yellow hair. She was seen ganging up on Rose Quartz and Pearl.


Two more are seen in the episode guarding Blue Diamond's pool chamber, each holding a mace visually identical to that of . Interestingly, despite guarding a room belonging to Blue Diamond, their outfits are marked with a yellow diamond, if a different shade. Their gem placements are the same as the Topazes guarding Yellow Diamond's sauna, though possibly an animation error.

Image Gemstone Physical Information Other Info
Blue Diamond Topaz 1.png
Blue Diamond Topaz Gem 1.png

Topaz's gemstone is located on her navel.

Topaz has light chartreuse skin, dull olive eyes, and dull olive hair. She is one of Blue Diamond's bodyguards.
Blue Diamond Topaz 2.png
Blue Diamond Topaz Gem 2.png

Topaz's gemstone is located on her chest.

Topaz has chartreuse skin, dull olive eyes, and dull olive hair.

Steven Universe: The Movie

Two yellow Topazes can be seen in Steven Universe: The Movie watching Steven's message to the universe.

Image Gemstone Physical Information Other Info
Topaz (Back Gem).png
Topaz Back Gem.png

Topaz's gemstone is located on her upper back.

Topaz has bright yellow skin, unknown colored eyes, and light yellow hair. She was seen in the beginning of Steven Universe: The Movie.

Topaz Fusions

  • Topaz - The fusion of the two topazes sent to Earth with Aquamarine. She helped capture humans for Pink Diamond's Zoo.
  • Bubble Chamber Guard - A fusion with a gemstone on both of her upper arms is briefly seen guarding one of the entrances of Yellow Diamond's bubble chamber. Her weapon is an axe, like Yellow's other Topaz guards, but with a much longer handle.


  • The Topazes seen guarding Aquamarine and Blue Diamond have pointed maces, whereas Yellow Diamond's four known guards have been seen to have axes.
    • This suggests not only that Topazes are picked and chosen meticulously, but also that their weapon selections are/were uniform to certain sects of Homeworld, given that Aquamarine and Blue Diamond's guards have the same weapon.

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