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Topazes are are high-ranking soldiers in Homeworlds military. They appear to be above Quartzes, who make up the bulk of Homeworld's army, and Rubies, who are the lowest military rank. When not in battle they serve as bodyguards for the Diamonds and other elite gems, guarding areas where they are present. They are also used on recovery missions as their large size allows them to trap captured targets inside their fusions. Topazes are among the few types of gem allowed to fuse, but this is only allowed for when it serves a purpose.

Physical Characteristics

Topazes are very large muscular gems, standing taller than Quartzes. So far they have only been shown to come in the same shade of yellow. Despite being higher up in Homworlds caste system, Topazes show no individualtiy between each other, and remain silent while in the presence of other gems. All Topazes shown keep their hair in a flat top buzz-cut style, and wear an orange vizor. They wear a slightly different uniform than other gems, with the diamond insignia collar being the same, but with a mahogany top underneath, and dark brown bottoms that cover their feet..

Main Topazes

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Other Topazes

"Now We're Only Falling Apart"

Two Topazes appear, non-speaking, in a flashback in "Now We're Only Falling Apart" alongside Pearl, Rose Quartz, and three Amethysts. One Topaz has her gemstone on her navel, while the other's gemstone placement is unknown.


Four more are seen in the episode, "Familiar". The first two are seen guarding Yellow Diamond's extraction chamber and the other two are seen guarding Blue Diamond's pool chamber, each holding a mace.

"Change Your Mind"

Three Topazes appear in "Change Your Mind", two of which having previously guarded the extraction chamber in "Familiar" now guarding Yellow Diamond's bubble chamber and a Topaz fusion with a gemstone on each arm.

"Steven Universe: The Movie"

Two Topazes can also seen in Steven Universe: The Movie: one Topaz has her gemstone on her upper back, while the other's gemstone placement is unknown.


  • Despite only being shown to be yellow, two corrupted gems with the same cut as Topaz have been shown in dark navy and pink, possibly indicating that there are other coloured Topazes.
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