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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Steven's Room]
(The screen is filled with static until Steven is seen, as he sets up a camera up to film himself.)
Steven Getting in focus... okay. Hey, I'm Steven, and this is my first unboxing video. I've been a long time fan of the novelty bag community, as you can tell by my... Cheeseburger Backpack!
(Steven reaches up and reveals his backpack to the camera. He then holds it close to the camera to reveal a stain in the backpack.)
Steven It's kinda dirty, but that's because I love it so much. *puts the bag away* Anyway, I ordered a brand new novelty bag. Let's take a look, together!
(Steven blows a raspberry as a star iris closes onto his tongue. The star iris opens with Steven holding the camera at the front door.)
Steven *opens the door* So, the package should be here any second now...
Jamie *facing away* Is the camera ready?
Steven *whispers* Yeah.
Jamie *inhales* Special, delivery! *turns around and shifts his sunglasses* Can I get a copy of this for my reel?
(The screen is filled with static again, and Steven is seen inside the house, opening the box with a pair of scissor while imitating royal horn sounds.)
Steven Bum pa da bum, bum bum bum bum bararam bum bum bum bum, bummm! *points the camera to himself* It's the highly anticipated Hot Dog Duffel Bag! *turns the camera back at the bag* Now this is a particularly momentous occasion. Cause this is Wacky Sacks's first duffel bag in their line of sacks!
Pearl Steven, are you ready to go on the mission?
(Steven points to the camera upwards, showing the Crystal Gems standing by the Warp Pad.)
Steven Oh! Uh-uhh, I can't! I'm doing a video review.
Amethyst Of a box?
Steven No, of a bag!
Pearl Ooooh, alright. Well, have fun with your bag!
Amethyst *points down* Looks like Lion is already "helping".
Steven Wha- Lion!
(Steven points the camera down to see Lion chewing on the box containing the duffel. The star iris closes on Lion, and reopens to Steven in his room with his duffel bag.)
Steven *panting* Ok, looks about... 6-and-a-half hot dogs long, and for all you international viewers that's about... 7-metric bratwursts. *touches the bag* Hmm, the bun fabric is really soft. *pulls the hotdog part* The hot dog part feels kinda scratchy and stiff. *turns the camera onto himself* My dad likes it when the hot dog skin is all crispy and snappy because he thinks it tastes better. I don't think there is such a thing as a bad dog though, only bad chefs. *laughs a little*
(The Temple Gate is then heard activating in the background.)
Pearl *shouting* Don't let it into the house! No!
(Growling is heard as Garnet summons her gauntlets off-screen.)
Steven *laughs nervously* Sorry for the audio issues, dudes.
Amethyst Waaauggh!
(Amethyst is seen thrown across the room behind Steven, and the screen fills with static again. It quickly cuts back to Steven as he continues reviewing the bag, while fighting and chaos are heard in the background.)
Steven *holds the bag* There are three pockets which is really nice, cause sometimes you need more than two! Wacky Sacks is just really thoughtful like that-
(A splat of ink suddenly splashes onto Steven's hand and the bag.)
Steven Aggh! Ugggh. *looks at his hand, and wipes the bag* Hey, good goo resistance! Bonus!
(The screen cuts to static again, showing Steven covered in ink all over his body.)
Steven Overall, I'd say this is a pretty good bag, especially if you like hot dogs.
Pearl Steven!
Steven *smiles nervously* Hey! So thanks for watching, please make sure to subscribe to my channel. Umm, have a nice day and... I love you, bye!
(Just then, the Slinker's tentacles are caught on tape.)
Pearl *shouting off-screen* Steven! Stop filming and hel-
(The screen cuts to static for a final time.)

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