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Unknown Gems are Gems who have been visually shown through holograms, drawings, named, or other methods, but have not been identified by their name or Gem type.

"Cheeseburger Backpack"

"Serious Steven"

"Steven the Sword Fighter"

"Sworn to the Sword"

"Keeping It Together"

"Historical Friction"

In Steven and Jamie's play, "Beach City or Bust", props for a Crystal Gem fusion and Corrupted Gem Monster can be seen. Not strongly resembling any other fusions, this is a fusion between some (or all) of the Crystal Gems. This fusion fights off a Corrupted Gem resembling both the Centipeetle Mother and the Big Bird.

"When It Rains"

There are holograms of many unknown Cluster Gems in the Prime Kindergarten Control Room in "When It Rains".

"The Answer"

There are many unknown Gems (represented in silhouettes during Garnet's flashback) in "The Answer". These Gems make up Blue Diamond's court.

Image Color Gemstone (Shape, Location) Other Info
The Answer - Unknown Gem 2
Dark Burgundy Oval; Right Elbow She has a head shape similar to that of Topaz.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 3
Teal Tear Drop; Chest She has pointy hair and a knee length dress. Her outfit and gem shape resemble Aquamarine's.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 5
Sky Blue Tear Drop; Chest Her hair and gemstone placement are similar to that of Yellow Diamond. However, her dress, gem cut, and color in the picture are different. She also resembles an unknown Gem that appeared in "Cheeseburger Backpack". Her hair and dress resemble one of the Jades.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 10
Deep Blue Tear Drop; Back Her body, hair, outfit, gemstone, and gemstone placement are extremely similar to that of Lapis Lazuli, presumably being of the same Gem type.
The Answer 024
Blue Unknown She has a broken knee length dress. Details about her body, hair, and gemstone are unknown.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 9
Cerulean Rectangle; Collar She has poofy hair in a bun, and she is wearing a dress. She is very similar to another unknown Gem that appeared in "Cheeseburger Backpack"
The Answer - Unknown Gem 11
Gray-Blue (Initially Navy Blue) Upside-Down Tear Drop; Chest Her hair is similar to that of Dr. Maheswaran, and is also similar to an unknown Gem seen in "Cheeseburger Backpack".
The Answer - Unknown Gem 13
Light Pink Hexagon; Navel Her hair is similar to that of Rainbow Quartz and she has a pointy nose; this unknown Gem is very similar to one seen in "Cheeseburger Backpack".
The Answer - Unknown Gem 17
Pink Square; Navel Her hair resembles an upside-down comma, similar to that of the defending Zircon.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 8
Burgundy Rhombus; Right Eye Her body, hair and gemstone shape are extremely similar to that of a quartz.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 7
Pink Rhombus; Right Eye Her body, hair and gemstone shape are extremely similar to that of a quartz.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 15
Burgundy Circle; Chest She is bald and very bulky, muscular, and large. She was poofed by Pearl. Her gem shape and physique bear resemblance to Topaz.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 16
Hot Pink Circle; Chest She is bald and very bulky, muscular, and large. She was poofed by Pearl. Her gem shape and physique bear resemblance to Topaz.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 14
Carnation Pink Circle; Chest Her hair is in a pointed "swoop", and she is wearing a robe.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 4
Lavender Unknown Her hair is similar to that of Padparadscha and is the only Gem whose silhouette does not contain defined hips and hands. Her gemstone's shape and location are currently unknown.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 6
Mauve Oval; Left Elbow She has hair pointed to the left and a muscular build similar to that of a Quartz. Her hair, however, is very short, a characteristic not yet seen in any Quartzes except "Skinny" Jasper (and Amethyst in Greg's flashback in "We Need to Talk").
The Answer - Unknown Gem 1
Salmon Oval; Chest She has hair in two buns. Her body shape is similar to that of Garnet.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 12
Lavender Triangle; Chest Her hair is pointed in two triangular buns and is wearing a floor length dress. This gem (except her gemstone's cut) bears a strong resemblance to that of Holly Blue Agate.

"Message Received"

In "Message Received", Yellow Diamond states that Peridot has a manager.

"Same Old World"

There are a few unknown Gems featured in Lapis' flashback.

"Monster Reunion"

There are a few unknown Gems featured in Nephrite's flashback.

Nephrite, upon being briefly uncorrupted in "Legs From Here to Homeworld", mentions her Hessonite commander.


These are the "other Crystal Gems" who were mentioned by Bismuth, except for Nephrite, who is most likely a Homeworld Gem. They appear to be her close friends. Their statuses and physical appearances are unknown.

  • "Crazy Lace" - A former Crystal Gem mentioned by Bismuth. She is presumably a Crazy Lace Agate.
  • "Snowflake" - A former Crystal Gem mentioned by Bismuth in. She may be a Snowflake Obsidian, a type of volcanic glass.
  • Other Amethysts - Former Crystal Gems mentioned by Bismuth.
  • Nephrite - A Homeworld ship pilot, mentioned by Bismuth to Pearl.


Many Corrupted Gems are seen trapped in cages in the Beta Kindergarten. Their bodies are hidden by shadows and only their glowing yellow eyes can be seen.

Additionally, Peridot mentions a Carnelian whose hole is misshaped in the Beta Kindergarten, later assumed to be Carnelian, a member of "the Famethyst" in "That Will Be All". Amethyst refers to one Gem with a thin exit hole as "skinny", later assumed to be a "Skinny" Jasper, a member of "the Famethyst" who debuted in the same episode as Carnelian.


Another Corrupted Gem can be seen in a cage. Only her two eyes and large six-clawed hand can be seen.

"Adventures in Light Distortion"

File:Unknown small gem.png

When Steven is adjusting the Roaming Eye's form calibration system for the Crystal Gems, a small type of Gem, possibly a Pebble, can briefly be seen on the panel, which subsequently alters the Crystal Gems' forms to be small.

Adventures In Light Distortion 163

Also, a large type of Gem, presumably Quartz, Topaz, or Bismuth can be seen.

"That Will Be All"

That Will Be All 060

A countless number of Rose Quartz gems appear bubbled in a room of Pink Diamond's Zoo.

"The Trial"

The defending Zircon states that Pink Diamond's entourage did not contain any Rose Quartzes and was instead composed of several Agates and Sapphires.

"Off Colors"

Various pieces of old statues can be seen at the beginning of the episode. One appears to be a fusion of two unknown Gems, while the head of a large statue has a gemstone with the same cut as a Rose Quartz's on its forehead.

File:Morganite ok large.png

Rhodonite's components are an unknown Ruby and Pearl, while Fluorite's components are six unknown Gems.

The Rutile Twins mention in that the moment they emerged, the other Rutiles who saw them run away out of fear because of how they looked.

Morganite, an unknown Gem, is mentioned by Rhodonite. She was in charge of the two halves of Rhodonite (a Pearl and a Ruby) before she replaced them after she found out that they had fused.


Steven Universe Gemcation 149

During Garnet's brief flashback of the Rebellion, two unknown Gem silhouettes appear fighting Pink Diamond alongside Garnet, Pearl, and Bismuth.

  • On the left of the image there is a Gem with short hair around the same height of Pearl. She appears to have a thin build. Her hair is similar to the Rutile Twins' or the prosecuting Zircon's.
  • On the right of the image there is a short Gem. She resembles one of the unknown Gems in "The Answer".

"Lars of the Stars"

A group of sixty-seven elite Citrines is mentioned by Emerald to have guarded her fastest ship, the Sun Incinerator, on the docking bay of the planet Klavius 7. Lars and the Off Colors are able to successfully sneak past all of the guards in order to steal the ship. Emerald also mentions that one of the crimes Lars and the Off Colors are accused of is impersonating imperial officers in a cosmic jubilee. While pursuing the Off Colors in her Destiny Destroyer, Emerald commands her crew, who remain offscreen, to fire on the Sun Incinerator's nova thrusters.

File:Jungle Moon – Priyanka (Yellow Diamond) calls a Nephrite?.png

"Jungle Moon"

In Stevonnie's dream, the name shown on Dr. Maheswaran (who represents Yellow Diamond in the dream)'s phone is Nephrite-XJ Cut-763. She seems to have been reluctant to begin colonizing the planet due to the presence of organic life, causing Yellow Diamond to demand her to do her job, threatening to shatter her and her crew herself otherwise. According to the silhouette on the phone, she has spiky hair.

Yellow Diamond also attempts to contact the leader of the fleet, however, Pink Diamond interrupts her, so the leader's name and appearance are never shown.

"Your Mother and Mine"

During the flashback, many Quartzes belonging to Pink Diamond appeared, emerging from their incubation in the ground alongside Rose Quartz. The silhouettes of other Quartzes, whose purple coloring suggesting they are Amethysts, are also shown working in the kindergarten. Unknown Crystal Gems also appeared in the flashback, standing alongside Rose and fighting unknown Homeworld Gems at the Ancient Sky Arena.

Near the end of the episode, Rhodonite said there will be Agates on one of Yellow Diamond's Asteroid Mines that they were heading towards.

"A Single Pale Rose"

While Steven is in Pearl's gemstone, he presumably discovered her memories of the abandoned Gem Battlefield the second Pearl sent him to. There when he fell, he saw gemstones of inactive Gems in the sand. Later in the scene when Steven comes back from Pearl's gemstone, there are many Gems that witnessed Pink Diamond's shattering. In a following scene, there is a flail-wielding white Gem that Garnet poofs, and a Gem with a sword that Pearl fights.


"Now We're Only Falling Apart"

Three blueish-purple Quartzes (resembling Amethysts) appear in a flashback alongside Pearl, Rose Quartz, and two Topazes. They have large hair covering their eyes and a Blue Diamond insignia on their uniforms.

"The Question"

Ruby mentioned being surrounded by other Rubies before meeting Sapphire.

"Made of Honor"

After Bismuth is unbubbled in the Burning Room, she reveals the names of several bubbled (and presumably corrupted) former Crystal Gems.

  • "Tiger's Eye" - A corrupted former Crystal Gem mentioned by Bismuth, currently bubbled in the Burning Room. She is presumably a Quartz.
  • "Larimar" - A corrupted former Crystal Gem mentioned by Bismuth (nicknamed "Little Larimar"), currently bubbled in the Burning Room. Her nickname implies that she is of short stature.
  • "Beryl" - A corrupted former Crystal Gem mentioned by Bismuth, currently bubbled in the Burning Room.
  • "Serpentine" - A corrupted former Crystal Gem mentioned by Bismuth, currently bubbled in the Burning Room.

"Legs From Here to Homeworld"

Upon the arrival of Pink Diamond's ship, many Gems are seen cheering for the Diamonds. Among the Gems seen in the close-up of the crowd are a group of green Gems (possibly Peridots), a group of short pink Gems, a group of pale blue Gems, and a group of flying Aquamarines.


Yellow Diamond is mentioned to be checking up on Citrine production reports.

Blue Diamond mentions that Pink Diamond used to call a batch of Pyrite "Fool's Gold".

There are several polygonal yellow Sentient Walls (presumably Gems or Gem-powered objects) that seem to make up the wall in the hallway leading to Yellow Diamond's Extraction Chamber. They all have a rhombus-shaped yellow gemstone on their forehead.

There is also a statue of a woman making up part of the entryway to Blue Diamond's pool chamber. It blinks and has a round gemstone on its forehead, so it seems to be a Gem or a Gem-powered object like Lapis's mirror.

"Together Alone"

Various types of Garnets — Demantoids, Hessonites, and Pyropes — are mentioned by Blue Diamond when she taunts Garnet. In addition, many unknown Gems can be seen attending the Era 3 Ball. In addition to various Aquamarines, Amethysts, Rubies, and Sapphires, several gray, pink, purple, orange, yellow, and green Gems also attend the Ball.

There seems to be two more groups of Gems: various metallic-colored Gems whose attires resemble gears seen from above, and various yellow/green Gems.

There are three different types of Gems with metallic colors and cog-shaped dresses (round-headed Gems with cylindrical headwear, Gems with pear-shaped heads and pointy hair, and Gems with square-shaped heads and hair in buns), all coming in four different color sets with defined gem placements.

Image Gemstone Physical Information Other Info
Blue Gem by RylerGamerDBS

The silverish-purple Gems of this type (that are seen in "Together Alone") have their gemstones on their necks.
These round-headed Gems have hairdo/headwear resembling a sideways cylinder. They have rounded shoulder puffs. Their skirts resemble hexagonal cogs seen from above.

They are colored in:

  • silverish-purple (neck gems),
  • orange (chest gems),
  • magenta pink (chest gems), and
  • grayish-blue (with unknown gem placement).
Many Gems of this type are seen at the Ball, greeting "Pink Diamond" and later dancing together.

The captions refer to these Gems as "Jades", so this could possibly be their Gem type as well.

Orange Gem by RylerGamerDBS

The orange Gems of this type (that are seen in "Together Alone") have their gemstones on their chests.
Pink gem

The magenta pink Gems of this type (that are seen in "Together Alone") have their gemstones on their chests.
Blue gem
The grayish-blue Gems of this type (that are seen in "Together Alone") have unknown gemstone placements.

The periwinkle blue Gems of this type (that are seen in "Together Alone") have their gemstones on their foreheads.
These Gems have pear-shaped heads and pointy conic hairdos. They have pointy shoulder puffs and cylindrical skirts with protruding eight edges that resemble an 8-tooth cog from above.

They are colored in:

  • perwinkle blue (forehead gems),
  • grayish-purple (nose gems),
  • pink (chest gems), and
  • purple (unknown gem placement).
Many Gems of this type are seen at the Ball, greeting "Pink Diamond" and later dancing together.

The grayish-purple Gems of this type (that are seen in "Together Alone") have their gemstones in place of their noses.

The pink Gems of this type (that are seen in "Together Alone") have their gemstones on their chests.
Together Alone pointy gem purple
The purple Gems of this type (that are seen in "Together Alone") have unknown gemstone placements.

The lavender purple Gems of this type (that are seen in "Together Alone") have their gemstones on their chests.
These Gems have square-shaped heads with curly hairdos in a high bun. They have winged shoulder puffs, and their skirts resemble an 8-spiked star or gear from above. Colored periwinkle (gem on the chest), pink (gem on the forehead), mauve (gem on the nose) and salmon (unknown gem placement).

They are colored in:

  • lavender purple (chest gems),
  • hot pink (nose gems),
  • grayish-pink (forehead gems), and
  • salmon (unknown gem placement).
Many Gems of this type are seen at the Ball, greeting "Pink Diamond" and later dancing together.

The hot pink Gems of this type (that are seen in "Together Alone") have their gemstones in place of their noses.

The grayish-pink Gems of this type (that are seen in "Together Alone") have their gemstones on their foreheads.
The salmon Gems of this type (that are seen in "Together Alone") have unknown gemstone placements.

The green/yellow Gems (shown with the Jades who fuse) have very distinct appearances but they all seem to share basic body shape and elements.

  • Yellow Gems with what seem to be pigtails. Pointy shoulder pads and an inverted triangle shape along the skirt. Appears to wear cuffs. Can either have an inverted triangle gem on the right eye (more greenish) or on the chest (more yellowish).
  • Green Gems with pear-shaped head. Shawl similar to Holly Blue Agate's, short gloves and horizontally striped dress alternating light and dark green with white lines in between. Can either have a rounded gem on the chest (lighter variation) or the left cheek (darker variation). One of the two types designated as "Jade", sharing the same type as one of the Gems who fuses.
  • Similar Gem to the first yellow one, has two spikes on the hair instead of pigtails. Pointy shoulder pads, plain skirt and inverted triangle on the chest. Long sleeved gloves. Can have an inverted triangle gem in place of the nose (more yellowish), or a rounded gem in the right cheek (more greenish). One of the two types designated as "Jade", sharing the same type as one of the Gems who fuses.
  • Yellow Gem with similar hair to Yellow Pearl's. No shoulder pads, top of the dress resemble warrior uniform sans dark colored border nor diamond insignia, and the shoulders drape slightly over the arms. The lower vertice connects with the tip of a triangle that covers the whole front of the skirt. Inverted triangle gem on the chest, presents no color variation.
  • Taller green Gem than usual, with long turtleneck and long head. No shoulder pads, long wide sleeves. The skirt has an open overskirt that drapes over, forming a triangle. Can either have an emerald cut gem on the forehead (lighter variation) or on the back of her left hand (darker variation).

In addition:

  • There is a green statue-like Gem (or Gem-powered object) with a disco ball contained within it. Whether or not if this disco ball is this Gem's gemstone or not is currently unknown. This Gem appears to be floating. This gem has large green hands with nails coated in green.
  • There also seems to be various identical statue-like Gems (or Gem-powered objects) surrounding it, holding trumpet like instruments. The size of these Gems appear to be tiny, possibly smaller than the sizes of an average Aquamarine.

Other Media

Steven Universe: The Movie

An unknown reddish-pink Gem is shown in the teaser trailer for Steven Universe: The Movie, presumably serving as the film's antagonist. She has her gemstone, which appears to be heart-shaped, on her chest.

Heap of Trouble

There are some unknown Gems in Heap of Trouble.

Attack the Light

There is an unknown Gem from Steven Universe: Attack the Light.

Save the Light

During a flashback to Hessonite's past, several unknown Gems are seen during the war.

Gems mentioned to be Citrines by Garnet can be heard guarding a door on Hessonite's warship, but they're not seen. The same Citrines believe the sounds they're hearing are the result of a Nephrite drill.

Steven Universe Comics

There are some unknown Gems from the Steven Universe comics.


  • The unknown Quartz warrior in "Sworn to the Sword" is voiced by Michaela Dietz, implying she may be an Amethyst.
  • The mineral classification of the inactive Crystal Gems are as follows (as mentioned by Bismuth):
    • "Crazy Lace" is a variety of agate
    • "Tiger’s Eye" is a variety of quartz.
    • "Beryl" is a rock type that includes the gems aquamarine, emerald, and morganite.
    • "Serpentine" refers to different gems that come from the rock Serpentinite.
    • "Larimar" refers to a variety of pectolite.
    • "Snowflake" is a type of obsidian.
  • Pink Diamond calling the Pyrites "Fool's Gold" is a possible tie to the nickname given to that rock in real life.

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