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Pearl's Flag Stance

Hello! I'm 50000cal, but you can just call me Cal for short. You can usually find me in the chatroom during late hours (UTC -5), or reshooting entire galleries for the benefit of Pearl. I write the wiki review blogs, so be sure to come back every first day of each month! Last, but not least, Pearl is best gem.

I'm an editor on the wiki, with heavy emphasis on image and gallery maintenance. If you ever have questions about images or pretty much anything else, you could ping me in chat or write me on my message wall, but you'll probably get answered by someone else before I get the chance.

In memory of my greatest victory, her promotion, and our apprenticeship.

7,095 images uploaded as of June 5, 2017
30 reshoots completed (1 short, 1 supported, 4 collabs, 24 self shot)
Favorite Reshoots: An Indirect Kiss, Rose's Scabbard
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