Frequently Asked Questions

What is the song playing on your profile?

"I'll Keep My Light In My Window" by Mylene Cruz and the Soul Madonnas from The Get Down.

What is the song playing on your message wall?

The song playing on my message wall is a fan rendition of "In the Rain" from Miraculous Ladybug.

Who is your icon?

My butterscotch queen Mylene Cruz from The Get Down

How do you categorize an image?

Please refer to our lovely admin 50000cal's categorization blog. Or refer to our lovely buro Lenhi's simplified version.

What are your favourite tv shows?

Steven Universe, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Sense8, The Get Down, The Bold Type, The Good Place, Superstore, and The 100


Pearlmethyst (Pearl and Amethyst - Steven Universe), Kabby (Kane and Abby - The 100), Bellarke (Bellamy and Clarke - The 100), Peraltiago (Jake and Amy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Nomanita (Nomi and Amanita - Sense8), Blueski (Will and Riley - Sense8), Kalagang (Kala and Wolfgang - Sense8), Herlito (Hernando and Lito - Sense8), Zylene (Zeke and Mylene - The Get Down), Thizzee (Dizzee and Thor - The Get Down), Kadena (Kat and Adena - The Bold Type), Elehani (Eleanor and Tahani - The Good Place), Eleaidi (Eleanor and Chidi - The Good Place).

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