Hey If you stumbed upon my page... Hello! You probably won't see me here... I usually pop up on the We Bare Bears Wiki... so you could go check me out here.

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I wumbo. You wumbo. He- she- me... wumbo. Wumbo; Wumboing; We'll have thee wumbo; Wumborama; Wumbology; the study of Wumbo. It's first grade, Spongebob! -Patrick

I'M THE NEW RUBYTHEGEM! Hello... I am a person.

About Me

I love cartoons, films etc.. I enjoy watching Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Clarence, Adventure Time, Star Wars Rebels, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I am active on wikia a decent amount getting the latest news about my favorite shows and stuff.

Other Places You Will Find Me

I am an Buro on the We Bare Bears Wiki and an Admin on the StevenUniverseTheoryZoneWiki. I am also active on the Clarence Wiki mainly, But I do get on the Star Wars Rebels Wiki and The Clone Wars wiki sometimes.

Top 10s (and 5s)

Top 10 Favorite Shows

  1. Steven Universe
  2. Gravity Falls
  3. Over the Garden Wall
  4. We Bare Bears
  5. Adventure Time
  6. Clarence
  7. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  8. Star Wars Rebels
  9. Young Justice
  10. Harvey Beaks

Top 5 SU Episodes

  1. Alone Together
  2. Too Far


Top 10 SU Characters

  1. Ruby
  2. Amethyst
  3. Peridot
  4. Steven
  5. Pearl
  6. Lapis
  7. Garnet
  8. Sapphire
  9. Peedee
  10. Connie
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