Hello. I'm Evie and welcome to my page. I'm not really active on Wikia, especially this one. My favorite characters from SU are Amethyst and Peridot, I also really like characters such as Ruby, and Bismuth. I only really ship about four things? I used to ship more, but as of now I really only ship rupphire, connverse, pearlmethyst, and amedot. They're all really cute.

I also obviously like other shows/cartoons, but like this is the Steven Universe wiki. Anyways, if you want to reach me, I'll list my other social media sites and that down below..

What are my other social media sites?

  • Tumblr - @evieisyourqueen
  • Art Tumblr - @augustariver
  • Instagram - @augusta.river
  • Twitter - @evie02984352
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