aka Ayth

  • I live in Earth, MW, Universe
  • My occupation is Art, Making Video Games
  • I am Human

Gem Placement: Back of hands.

Weapon: Dual swords, I take fencing classes and I think that swordfighting is an art, so yeah.

Weapon Summoning: Flicks wrists upwards and swords appear above his hands, then he grabs them.

Gem Animal (like Steven's lion): A dragon.

Special Ability: Can bring drawings to life.

Room contains: Torches on the walls, Artist Drafting table, fencing piece and lounge(with an aracade/TV).

Relationship with other gems: Acts like a brother to Steven and always wants to hang with him. Great friends with Amathyst and pearl, spars with pearl and likes to talk about stuff with her, and likes to play games with Amythyst, (Pearl is my favorite character). Keeps his distance from Garnet, but respects her, her seriousness sometimes interferes with his creative juices.

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