Bloodstone (The Fusion)

aka Stalker

  • I live in Beach City.
  • I was born on January 12
  • My occupation is Writing fanfiction and other stories.
  • I am He/Him pronouns
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Sdcc 2016 signing card
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"Turn Left To Go Right. Guess what? I tried it, and this crazy thing happened. I went left!"

"What if there is 32 days in March, and April 1st was just a prank?"

"I ship RubyXSapphire, StevenXConnie, and LapisXPeridot."

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"Do not take life so seriously, you will never get out alive."

"If I had choice of what I do the rest of my life, it would be stay in bed and watch Steven Universe.

The diamond authority by ladyheinstein-daepvxe
SU-Episode LXXIV-THE ANSWER-opening~
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