aka Klara

  • I live in Sweden
  • I was born on December 1
  • I am Female
Hiya! Steven Universe is my all-time favourite TV show, and I'm here to contribute to the Wiki best I can.

I'm also an editor on Azumanga Daioh Wiki, Scott Pilgrim WikiOne Piece Encyclopedia, Harry Potter Wiki and a few others that I have made minor edits to!

Favourite characters (in no particular order)


  • I'm also a fan creator for the show. I've posted fan art on my deviantART page (though only one picture so far), made several gifs on my Tumblr, and I make Swedish fandubs of most of the songs that I've uploaded to my YouTube channel! All the lyrics in the videos are translated by me. I also make SU-themed joke videos from time to time.
  • My favourite song in the series, no contest, is Here Comes a Thought.
  • The storyboarder whose style I like the most is Raven Molisee.
  • Blue Zircon was the first of my birthstones to ever appear on the show, though I'm still hoping for turquoise!
  • I feel like I'm one of the only people in the fandom who doesn't hate Ronaldo.


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