I beat uni, but I plan to go back. I wanna tackle an honours degree in psychology, as it will then lead me down a path into becoming a provisional and then a registered psychologist. I also plan to look for a job and some soft-skill advice in the meantime, but this is difficult due to self-confidence issues and covid-19.

Unlike other times, I'm now able to give some time to looking at the wiki's activity logs, though this may change as I begin on-campus study where I travel for about an hour to and back per day (depending on the university's plan). I'm still free to be pinged on Discord or messaged on the site, per usual, though when my semester begins, there may be blips where I cannot be available.

If I'm to talk about something else, I'm also having some confidence issues as to if I can continue being a help on this wiki. I have been available for pings, but I do not receive them often, and when I do, it's for every wiki staff member. This basically tells me that the wiki is doing well without me, and I couldn't be happier. I'm going to reflect and see if remaining a patroller is the best decision for me and the wiki, especially as I'm facing various other obligations such as welfare payments, dealing with covid-19, finding a job, and juggling that with study and questions to my future career that still haunt me.

Either way, I have been doing well so far, and I'll continue to be thankful of the experience I have had here over the years.

Staff Type

Cheeseskates is granted the tools to keep articles and talk pages on the wiki safe from vandalism and other rule violations. In addition to possessing the rollback tool, they are able to edit and delete comments, pages, blogs, and files.

Stuff I want to do

  1. Work on The Phantom Fable page because I like studying and writing about games

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