Day Aurelius

aka (Or Stephen)

  • I live in Tennessee
  • I was born on December 27
  • My occupation is College Student- Wannabe Animator (And maybe Illustrator)
  • I am Male

Day Aurelius is a previous staff member of this Wiki who was either voted out, resigned, or asked to leave the staff.
Malachite sticker

Made by Miss Undyne The Undead (Yarana Rouja)

Day Malachite Sticker

Drawn by me, based off Yarana's.

Lapis Rage

Me when Ditto left.

'Sup, my online name is Day. 19 years old, and....that is kinda it. Real name is Stephen. If you wanna chat with me on steam,

If you wanna chat with me on skype, just search "Stephen Ryne" and youll find my skype, its the same profile pic.

I'm even on tumblr, same thing as above. (I dont really do anything on social media sites >.>)

Message me about anything, I love conversations.

I also am a Chat moderator who gets rad tools from Ditto Creeper Bot.

I also like Lapis and Jasper. My favorite fusion is Malachite.

Misc. stuff about me

Malachite Prom
  • Viridian is my favorite color.
  • I basically listen to this guy's music all the time (
  • My first username ever was "DayofKnights', not as a pun but because I love Knights.
  • I have Autism, I will not understand many jokes or references, but I will laugh along and pretend I do anyway.
  • 100 edits achieved on 8/5/2016.
  • 200 edits achieved on 8/7/2016
  • 300 edits achieved on 8/9/2016
  • 400 edits achieved on 8/20/2016
  • 500 edits achieved on 8/(21 or 22)/2016
  • Rollback (8/27/2016)
  • 600 edits achieved on 8/28/2016
  • 700 edits achieved on 8/29/2016
  • 800 edits achieved on 9/02/2016
  • I have stopped caring about my edit count ;p
  • 1000 edits achieved on 9/27/2016 (I lied)

Favorite Users:

  • Ditto Creeper Bot (Ditto)
  • Cheeseskates (Cheese)
  • Knivesforeyes
  • Mecha
  • Peridoork (Peri or Alex)
  • Galacticdreamer (Queen-chan)
  • Dorumin (Magic Man)
  • Miss Undyne The Undead (Yarana Rouja)
  • Lenhi
  • MarshMelon
  • Iudexkoo (Lewdex)
  • Jasper the Quartz Gem
  • SmokyQuartzSU
  • Vloggmus (Bae)
  • Fudgecreep
  • Runeblade Blavier (Art God)
  • FusionGalaxy


Day + Peridoork = Stephoork

Day + Ditto + Peridoork = Perayitto

Day + Galacticdreamer = Day Dreamer


By SmokyQuartzSU


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