Deyvan Salez

aka Deyvan Salez

  • I live in Hell, Norway
  • My occupation is being a Pokemon Manga fan.
  • I am Male.

stuff below is mostly outdated.

Discord username is Deyvan Salez (Mage of Breath)#2503

Welcome to my profile, why are you even here?

I'm Deyvan Salez, creator of Steven Universe 2019. You could call me anything. Ilike to be called Devin though, it's a nice name. I prefer to be nice to people, but I could be mean, an too honest at times. I get easily annoyed by some people, but sometimes i'm calm.

also I really like Homestuck

I like steven universe. I'm fan of many things. Also I like organizing. I have been known for making terrible jokes and, uh, falling down stairs multpile times(I WARNED YOU ABOUT STAIRS BRO!). Also I cant spell. I'm pretty dumb and..

Yeah that's pretty much it.

Favorite games

  • Pokemon Pearl- My first Pokemon game that made me fall in love with the series. Still kinda nostalgia blind
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky- One of my first exposures to a good RPG story, and made me fall in love because of it.
  • Megaman Starforce 1-3- Yes I like it better than BN don't crucify me. I liked it for the gameplay and what not.
  • Rune Factory 2-4- People really like Harvest Moon, and I also like Harvest Moon except with swords. Addicting, and fun to farm, for some reason.
  • Dragon Quest V- I dunno why I like this so much.. Maybe it's because it's just really good in general?
  • Live a Live- A RPG that lets you choose from different time periods. Very underrated.
  • The World Ends With You- I like the music, I like the gameplay, and I like the story. It isn't click the button to win:THE RPG, and it uh.. It's just good okay!? PLAY IT!
  • Mother 3- I cried.

Wikia history

I did nothing of real significance

Why I joined this wikia

Well, I joined this wikia because...

I dunno, just kinda appealed to me at that time.


  • Bismuth

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