Hello and thanks for visiting my page! Just a few things about me:

I have every episode of SU, as it's the only show that's ever come close to dethroning Avatar as my favorite TV series (according to iTunes, I've watched Jail Break 28 times). I love discussing theories about the show, I listen to "I Am Lapis Lazuli" when I draw fanart, Pearl's fighting style is my favorite, Frybo terrifies me, and Malachite is my favorite fusion. Square Mom forever!

My Non-canon Headcanon: Jasper cosplays as Inuyasha


Unpopular Opinion Time:

-I think Sadie deserves way better than Lars, if you're prepared for a debate ask me why!

-Ronaldo is a great character

-Onion is NOT a Gem!

-I love the Homeworld Gems


Things I'd Love to See or See More of

  • Stevonnie
  • Warrior Mom/Rose during the war
  • Ruby and Sapphire
  • Garnet and Pearl's fusion
  • Malachite
  • Space Dorito and Big Buff Cheeto Puff
  • Vidalia
  • Centipeetle Mother's uncorrupt form
  • Homeworld!!
    Rose's Scabbard 130

My Top 10 Favorite Episodes

  1. Jail Break
  2. Keystone Motel
  3. Keeping It Together
  4. Alone Together
  5. Rose's Scabbard
  6. On the Run
  7. Chille Tid
  8. Cry for Help
  9. Giant Woman
  10. Beach Party

Characters I Relate To

  • Lion - Don't touch me or my polymorphic sentient rock babies
  • Pearl - I am a huge perfectionist, it's hard for me to let the past go sometimes, and I love seeing history restored (seriously I'm still upset over the Lunar Sea Spire)
  • Space D- ahem, Peridot - Don't touch my stuff!
  • Nanefua - I haven't played volleyball in ages but I bet I could whoop all your butts!
  • Connie - I nerd out over book series, fan theories, and TV shows

Favorite Song

Favorite Quote

The children are playing swords. Sorry, playing with swords. They're bleeding. Oh no, they are dead. Don't call again.

—Garnet, Fusion Cuisine
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